Oneness and Separation

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How can you become one again if you do not first become fully aware of the many illusions of separation you have imposed upon yourselves?

Yes, you certainly are undergoing some serious and heavy challenges on your planet today. Challenges on every level—physical, emotional, economic, spiritual.

You should rejoice you are undergoing such challenges and changes!

The physical manifestation of that new energy flow may still, for a time, appear to you as pain. But your experience of it will be much lighter—and even joyful.Read more

Respect For Others’ Opinions

We’re living in a contentious era of disrespect and disregard for others’ opinions, especially if they do not agree with ours. Do you have a hard time talking with someone who does not agree with you?


Although this is rapidly changing, many of you still struggle with speaking with those whose ideas, lifestyles, and opinions are different from yours.

Today we’re asking you to ask yourselves why this is. And what you can do about it. We’ll give you a few of our ideas here.Read more

Is Oneness Possible? By John Cali

In one of our last posts, The Web of Life and Our Global Community, we talked about the oneness of humanity. We’re taking that idea a step farther today.

In the Tuning In movie my spirit guides said God is all that is—literally everything that exists, human and non-human, is God. That, obviously, includes plants, animals, oceans, mountains, etc.

As we said in the above article, “We’re gaining a greater awareness of what our spiritual teachers and guides have been telling us forever—we are all connected.Read more