One of our readers recently sent us a question about the afterlife. Here’s her letter (which I’ve partially edited to omit unrelated information):

 “Lately I’ve been wondering if there really is an afterlife, a creator….My brother died about a month ago, and my thoughts have turned to what happens when you die. I have so much doubt right now. Maybe we are just an accident of the universe.”

 Here’s Spirit’s reply:

 There are no accidents. There are no coincidences. We—all of us in spirit and all of you in physical—are eternal. We have no ending, no beginning. In fact, there is no difference between spirit and physical. The two are simply different aspects of the eternal beings we all are.

 When someone “dies” they merely change from one form to another. But even that is not an accurate description of what is really happening. They simply take on another aspect of their greater being, which is always growing and evolving.

 It’s really a matter of focus. If your focus is in the physical—as the focus of those of you reading this is—you “see” your physical bodies, and all the other physical aspects of your planet.

 We, in spirit, on the other hand, do not “see” the same way you do. We perceive only energy, vibration—or frequencies, if you will.

 Even when your physical bodies “die” they continue to exist, albeit in changed form—a “lighter” form, if you will. Everything is eternal, never-ending. Nothing that has been created ever ceases to be.

 Our point is, again, you are eternal.

 Your brother did not die. He’s still there with you, in an even closer, more intimate way than when he was “alive.” In fact, he is more alive now than ever. He is right there beside you. He did not go anywhere. He wants to communicate with you now more than ever. He’s telling you he is fine, he loves you, and will always be with you.

 All you have to do is be open to him, in the same way you were when he was physically with you. You never lose those you love.

 The afterlife is very real, more real than the physical life you are experiencing now. The creator is real. You are the creator. You create it all, “life” and “death.” All is well.


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