Is There An Afterlife? by John Cali

One of our readers recently sent us a question about the afterlife. Here’s her letter (which I’ve partially edited to omit unrelated information):

 “Lately I’ve been wondering if there really is an afterlife, a creator….My brother died about a month ago, and my thoughts have turned to what happens when you die. I have so much doubt right now. Maybe we are just an accident of the universe.”

 Here’s Spirit’s reply:

 There are no accidents. There are no coincidences. We—all of us in spirit and all of you in physical—are eternal. We have no ending, no beginning. In fact, there is no difference between spirit and physical. The two are simply different aspects of the eternal beings we all are.

 When someone “dies” they merely change from one form to another. But even that is not an accurate description of what is really happening. They simply take on another aspect of their greater being, which is always growing and evolving.

 It’s really a matter of focus. If your focus is in the physical—as the focus of those of you reading this is—you “see” your physical bodies, and all the other physical aspects of your planet.

 We, in spirit, on the other hand, do not “see” the same way you do. We perceive only energy, vibration—or frequencies, if you will.

 Even when your physical bodies “die” they continue to exist, albeit in changed form—a “lighter” form, if you will. Everything is eternal, never-ending. Nothing that has been created ever ceases to be.

 Our point is, again, you are eternal.

 Your brother did not die. He’s still there with you, in an even closer, more intimate way than when he was “alive.” In fact, he is more alive now than ever. He is right there beside you. He did not go anywhere. He wants to communicate with you now more than ever. He’s telling you he is fine, he loves you, and will always be with you.

 All you have to do is be open to him, in the same way you were when he was physically with you. You never lose those you love.

 The afterlife is very real, more real than the physical life you are experiencing now. The creator is real. You are the creator. You create it all, “life” and “death.” All is well.


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21 Responses

  1. Conshana

    Dear John,
    I hope I don’t climb on my soapbox and pontificate as I am wont to do at times~!
    But there are some points that I’d like to bring up, that many in the “metaphysical” arena don’t seem to really understand, and become quite militant about,,, The Christ was actually the FIRST of the New Age Generation, and if one will read and KNOW the depth of Luke 17:21, and the 14th Chapter of the Gospel of John, one can see this in its clarity~!
    Another thing is, as has been noted WE ARE ETERNAL, and while I don’t fully understand what I am about to express, I feel its truth: We are living both Linearly and Simultaneously as far as our “past lives” are concerned,,, How that works, I don’t fully understand.
    And the point of past lives and their memories is to assist us in dealing with issues today, that we have dealt with or come in contact with in prior incarnations ! What we WERE has NO meaning, per se, but the LESSONS we can apply today mean everything~!
    Yet, even THAT concept pales, in relation to LIVING TODAY, and not living in the time of the Ancient Pharaohs, as I have seen myself, even,,, But I have to live, TODAY, to teach others that I meet that “Love is all there is”, as Shirl above mentioned,,, For we have lost and forgotten the relationship between Genesis 1:26-27, John 4: 23-24. John 10:34, and Psalms 82:6,,, they tell us our REALITY, even as Genesis 2:7 tells us our physicality in this dimension,,,
    When I can look at you, and tell you that “I Love You !”, and you can accept it with your God-Beingness, Then, and only then, will the Kingdom of God within us shine forth in all its Glory, and we can utilize, and with maturity, the power within US, that flung the Galaxies in their courses~!

  2. Robin Becker

    I feel I am very tuned in with my Inner Being…I can ask a question and have it answered in a dream, hear a voice or be inspired to read a book or watch a DVD and within them hear my question and the answer. I think one of the best ways for those not sure if there is life after death is to meditate more. The more they can do this I feel they will start to feel the connection to their higher self. I understand too that to be able to connect to them you have to be at the right vibration or frequency. Those mourning the loss of a loved one probably won’t feel them around but if they can understand that their loved one is there and is eternal, and think about good memories they shared, they have a good chance at feeling their presence.
    Thank you so much John for these thought provoking topics and a place to feel comfortable talking about them in.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Robin, for your wise comments. I’m sure many of our readers will benefit from your insights.

      I agree with all you said. I especially like what you said about meditation. Meditation is such a powerful tool for many things, including — as you said — connecting to those in spirit. After a daily meditation practice of over 30 years, I cannot imagine my life without it.

      Thanks again.


  3. Micki

    Hi John,
    I have always believed that we continually evolve and the ones we associate with each life be it animal or human or whatever for that matter, will always be with us as we are with them.
    Life is wonderful now…
    Huge hugs and love,

  4. Jerry

    When I first departed from the religious world, I was reading many books on Near Death Experiences (NDE) and also some movies like Moody’s. I also found a group called IAND’s that met monthly in my area with guest researchers and people who had the NDE. It is interesting to see the different types of experiences with the different backgrounds of people.

    I really liked the books the dealt with children who had NDE’s because there was much less religious bias. I feel this type of information really assist’s people to cross over in an easier manner.

    Thanks, John and Spirit for a Great Job!
    I love the Oracle cards, too, they really give me a boost!!

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Jerry! I think all who, like Dr. Moody, are helping people move beyond their fear of death are doing all of us a great service.


  5. Mikala

    Although I was punished for mentioning it as a child, I have always seen those on the “other side” of the veil. I thought it was natural, but I did stop talking about it to anyone. Because of this, I have always known that it is not a matter of “after” or “before” life, but just the “total” of living and progressing throughout an eternal journey. Technically, human life is one of our “after” lives. We didn’t begin here.

    What might sound strange to some is that there are times now when I’m not certain which side I am on. Certain meditations take you outside your usual perception and I feel I slip into that other space. For that reason, I do not really see an ending and beginning to leaving this planet and the human experience. My best analogy is that it is more like waking and sleeping, just a different mode of being.

    Is there an afterlife and Creator? I seriously cannot fathom or imagine any answer except ABSOLUTELY. I’m not saying this out of trust or faith, I KNOW it.

    Blessings to all,

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Mikala, for your wise comments. Like you, as a child I was often seeing “beyond the veil.” But no one understood me. In hindsight I see that I, as a child, wasn’t always sure of which side of the “veil” I was on. Now I am. Now I know there are no sides. It’s all one — WE are all one.


      • Chuck

        Wow! Its amazing to read these experiences. I am really fascinated by these topics of us being eternal and contact from other sides or basically there are no sides etc. Thanks John for this website.

  6. Silvy

    How beautiful and comforting this is! I always wondered if I could talk to my ‘dead’ father and for some reason, religion … that says we CAN NOT ‘bother’ dead souls and blah, blah …I felt so confused , though I always refused to believe in that! But now, after reading this short and powerful message, I have more clarity, I feel free to talk to my Dad, because I believe now that whenever I think about him is because he is trying to communicate with me …
    My appreciation to Spirit and John for ‘downloading’ it/him/them 🙂 <3


    P.S: I so LOVE the Oracle Cards!!

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Silvy, for your comments and kind words.

      I’m delighted you enjoy the cards!

  7. Stephanie

    A wonderful book about this subject that was also channeled and gives the reader tremendous peace and insight about what happens after we die .. is entitled … Conversations with Jerry and other people I thought were dead.

    It expands on what SPIRIT said above … providing detailed conversations with those who are on the other side of the veil.

    I have given this book as a gift to a few who have loved ones who have recently made their transition.

    As always .. thank you John for your delightful and thought-provoking posts …

    Sincerely .. Stephanie

  8. LaTanya

    Hi John:
    After reading Spirit’s response is so comforting. My mother made her transistion 5 years ago and my father 7 years ago. I think of them almost everyday and yet they still feel like they are with me. But I did have a thought, when it is time or they chose to re-embody or take a physical vehicle is it their Inner Being or Higher Spirit I feel communicating with me.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, LaTanya. To answer your question — my opinion only — our Inner Being (Abraham’s term) or higher self, spirit, whatever name we choose — is the entity we are communicating with. That entity is eternal and can exist in various physical vehicles, even at the same “time.” As Chief Jospeh and my other spirit guides say, we never lose those we love. They are always with us.

  9. Shirl

    Well. . .been there done that. . .as we all have many times in other expressions of physical life on 3D planet earth.

    I have never been one that was driven to know or feel the need to know about previous, other or as we call them here, past lives. But a couple of times when I have experienced overwhelming connections to some person I have just met, I have asked Archangel Michael about the why of it. I have been very blessed to have made a strong connection to Michael rather early on in my spiritual seeking and his energy has been my ever present and constant companion for many years now.

    While asking him about a person I had just met and why our connection to each other was so stunning he assisted me in recalling a life experience the two of us had in early Egyptian times when those aspects of us were incarnated and had a very dear and loving relationship. In fact, we were married to each other and had three small children together.

    I won’t go into all the details of this life experience but the loving relationship we had was outstanding and my (my aspect) life in that time was focused on being a spiritual “Crusader” and pointing out corruption in the priests and system that was currently in place. That part of it did not end well for my young warrior aspect self. Nor did it end very well for my spouse.

    I saw/felt these things as if I was living it all over again in the present moment. It was extraordinarily painful. I cried for a week. Michael spent a great deal of time consoling me and reminding me “That was then, this is now.”

    The other experience was wanting to know who one of my first guides actually was. She was a wonderfully wrinkled and wise Native American Elder that I called, The Wise One. I so loved her warm but stern manner in assisting me along my spiritual path. I really wanted to know who she was. This had a great but very surprising outcome. I was told that she was an aspect of me (my higher self) who had lived during that time frame. That was amazing to even comprehend that even a part of me was somehow this wonderfully wise and loving person that was so helpful to me along the early days of my spiritual journey.

    I promised myself not to explore any more previous aspect lives again. It was very overwhelming to experience in such a real and potent way. And after all, “That was then, this is now.” Now is the only “time” in which we can make a difference.

    It is not just the substance of what we call previous lives that reveals to us how eternal we are. I have had visits from my mother since her passing in 2000, and my older brother who passed in 2003. They are wonderful, loving visits just to drop in to say hello and that I am loved and all is very well with them.

    There are several other experiences that I have had personal interaction with that leaves no doubt whatsoever that we are eternal beings.

    Energy cannot be destroyed. It’s form may be altered, but never eliminated. We are energy beings who happen (by our own choice) to be in physical form at this now moment. We will return to a higher vibrational energy form when we are through with this current adventure in physical embodiment.

    Very early on I was blessed to see an energy representation of who we really are. At the end of a wonderful guided meditation I was deeply absorbed in, I saw myself surrounded by all my dearest friends and family, all in a higher energy form. Visually I saw active, lively, constantly in motion balls of beautiful bright white, golden tinged energy. Visually no ball of energy looked any different than any other, however there was no doubt whatsoever who each ball of energy was. We each had our own unique energy signature (a feeling) that defined who we are in this life or who we had been. It was amazing!

    So when I tell you how magnificent you are, how amazingly beautiful you are and what magnificent beings you all are, I know what I am talking about. It is TRUE. I have seen you and continue to see you in your glorious being-ness of LIGHT!

    Another great topic. Know that it is highest truth.

    Blessings and hugs

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Shirl, for sharing your always-fascinating experiences and thoughts. We are all great beings of light, far beyond what most humans have ever imagined.

      Love & hugs,

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