Pretend You’re Going To Live For Eternity

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The soul of man is immortal and imperishable. ~ Plato

eternity is in the present moment

You may have heard of an American woman named Norma Bauerschmidt. Norma’s been in the news a lot over the past couple years. At the age of 90, she was hit with a real double-whammy. First, her husband of 67 years died. Then Norma was diagnosed with  uterine cancer.

Sitting in her doctor’s office, she listened to him go through the standard litany of her medical options: surgery, radiation, chemotherapy.Read more

Is There An Afterlife? by John Cali

One of our readers recently sent us a question about the afterlife. Here’s her letter (which I’ve partially edited to omit unrelated information):

 “Lately I’ve been wondering if there really is an afterlife, a creator….My brother died about a month ago, and my thoughts have turned to what happens when you die. I have so much doubt right now. Maybe we are just an accident of the universe.”

 Here’s Spirit’s reply:

 There are no accidents. There are no coincidences. We—all of us in spirit and all of you in physical—are eternal.Read more