Here’s an email we received a few weeks ago:

Hi John,

I just came home from seeing a friend I haven’t seen in many years. I told her about my children and grandchildren and she told me about her nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters (this woman never married). One niece and nephew are drug addicts, one brother and sister-in-law are heavy drinkers, another nephew is just bumming around with no job, another sister and brother are mentally incompetent.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m so fortunate to have such good kids who’ve raised wonderful grandchildren. While I listen to stories from others about the problems they have, I thank God for my kids and my wonderful life.

Is it wrong for me to feel so grateful for my good fortune while others aren’t as fortunate as I am?

Thank you, John.

Here’s Spirit’s reply.


We will answer the reader’s question in one word: No!

It never serves you or anyone else to give up feeling grateful, feeling good simply because other people are struggling with their lives.

In fact the best way to help those struggling is to stay in the peaceful place where you feel grateful, where you feel good. We will go so far as to say this: Feeling good is the key to manifesting what you want in your life. Do whatever it takes to feel good.

From that place of feeling good you empower yourself to more effectively help others. You are never of much benefit to others when you lower your vibration to their level in an effort to help them. That is totally counterproductive.

You can help them raise their vibration and improve their lives only from your centered place of peace and power.

It may help you if you see these struggling people as their higher selves (or Source, or God) do.

Your higher selves see you and all others as they truly are, beyond the human condition, as they are at their soul level. You are all beautiful lights at that level.

The human struggles will pass. And those struggles will always carry you into a higher vibration, because they enable you to grow on your spiritual path. It’s true you do not have to grow through struggle. But many of you choose that path of growth.

So keep being grateful. Keep feeling good. And continue enjoying your life. All is well.


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