Spirit Oracle Cards by John Cali

As you may know, we published our first Spirit oracle cards recently. They’re now available here:


So far the responses have been delightfully positive. Here’s an example:

“Brilliant Product That Connects Us To Spirit In a More Tangible Way!

“The messages are BEAUTIFULLY written. They’re truly oracles. The art work is also very impressive. It’s stunning the cards really answer a question I have in mind every time I withdraw one of them. Every time this happens my heart beats faster in total amazement. I even feel scared by its accuracy.

“If people can read these cards anytime they want as long as they have a smartphone or a similar device, so many people will be able to use them as guidance whenever they feel they need a tangible message from Spirit/All That Is. This will be embedded in people’s lives as a regular habit. It’s also good we don’t need to carry a whole bunch of 44 cards in our bags. This product is so up to date riding on the wave of the latest technology! The price is also very reasonable. Anyone who wishes to buy it can do so.

“My deepest appreciation for this new “invention!” Brilliant product that enables us to be connected with Spirit all the time!”

More information and free sample cards are available here.


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  1. M

    Thank you for this loving guidance that is full of wise wisdom and infinite intelligence! Now I feel I’m always surrounded by Spirit/Source/Universe’s love because this app can follow me wherever I go. Within a second I can get the most timely and accurate guidance from Spirit whenever I ask for it. Since we’re living only in the present moment and all our power is in our now, this app is so meaningful and beneficial from that aspect too.

    At first, to be honest, I thought I would prefer an old-fashioned, printed deck of cards that I can touch and hold. But when I think about it a deck of 44 cards is quite a bunch. And if there are more decks to come in the future — there is this possibility — it would be very impractical to carry them around. Probably people will have access to them only at home if they are physical cards. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s also true there’ll be so many other people who’ll get a lot of benefit from having them as an app. This instant access will help people know they’re never alone but are always hugged by Spirit’s love in a more feel-able way. It’s normal people have a hesitation when a new technology is about to replace the old. But I should feel appreciation for all the convenience those technicians/inventors finally managed to provide for other human fellows, after days and months of their endeavor and sweat.

    Thank you, John and Spirit, for expressing your love and support for other human friends in this brilliant way!

  2. debbie

    i have a samsung galaxy mini and my phone is not compatible with the software needed to get them. is there any other way i can get them?

  3. Laurel A Woodson

    The cards look wonderful and it would be so very nice if they were accessible as hard copies, i.e., a printed deck in hand — kinda like holding an actual book vs reading it on a Kindle or such.
    Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

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