One of our readers sent us this question (which I’ve edited slightly):

Hello John,

I have been reading your posts on animals that grieve. Our house is been very active with pets for many years. In January, my daughter passed away, leaving her 3 pets for us to love. Not knowing much about the details of each one, we all took on new roles as caregivers.

My youngest son, who has Asperger’s (syndrome), adopted her dog, Twix. Twix is about 13 years old. He doesn’t seem to be eating much. We tried several types of food; he will eat a little bit and leave the rest.

My daughter also had cats. (One is) a female, Nutlet (Nutty). She has been very nervous. We did get some pheromones to help her calm down a bit. She also has been peeing on the carpet. We have talked to her and told her we love her and that she is protected.

Then there is Gelotie (Jojo). He seems to be lonely. He’s been looking for my husband’s cat, who was very sick and is no longer with us.

We know that they all miss my daughter, but is there something else we can do to help them feel that they still part of our family?

Thank you so much!


This is my response:

I believe animals grieve, but not in the same heavy way humans do.

I also believe all humans can talk to animals. Obviously we can talk to them verbally. But they best understand us if we talk to them telepathically. This is especially true of our domestic pets — cats, dogs, and any others we may have in our families.

Last week I was “babysitting” one of my family’s cats. The cat is elderly but in reasonably good health. I had a couple “chats” with him while we were together.

He told me he was ready to go, to leave his body behind. But he seemed reluctant to do it because he knew his family would miss him. I told him it was okay, and encouraged him to do whatever he needed to do for himself. He “told” me he understood and was grateful.

I could tell he felt better after we talked. I did too.

So I would encourage you, if you haven’t already done it, to talk telepathically with your daughter’s pets. I know this works well.


Do you talk to your animals? Please share with us below.

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