Talking To God by John Cali

One of the most common questions folks ask us is “How can I communicate with my higher self?” Or “How can I talk to God?” Both are essentially the same question.

Another question we’re asked is “How can I begin to channel?” But, again, it’s the same question.

My spirit guides have always said we cannot not talk to God, because God is always talking to us — and in many ways. It’s just that we’re not always listening.

Here is a great short video from Neale Donald Walsch about not only how to talk to God, but also how to get answers. Enjoy!

After you watch the video, come on back and share your experiences in the comments section below.

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  1. Shirl

    Those are wonderful conversations when we are interacting with Source. . .especially when we actually listen.

    I was raised in a home that was full of praying and certainly those prayers were encouraged as part of our everyday life. By the time I was 15 the formalized way of prayer that I had been taught just didn’t sit well with me. I thought. . .”Well, if God (Source/Creator) is really our heavenly parent than why shouldn’t I just talk to him(her) like I would my own parents?

    That is when it began. I started a conversation that has had a continuous stream all of these years I have spent on planet earth. Since then it has been an actual conversation. For many years I didn’t think about there being any actual answers in the way we humans think answers should come, certainly I didn’t think of there being a chance of me hearing any words from divine higher realms. . .I just took all of my hopes and dreams and disappointments and frustrations and expectations in conversation to that energy I identified as “God” and felt that I at least had someone that heard me and knew what I was experiencing.

    In my early 30’s when I was in the high mountain dessert of Southern Utah for several months in my tent at 8500 ft elevation, those conversations became discussions and I very much was HEARING guidance and wisdom and suggestions of how I might live a more purposeful and enlightened life. Those four months of daily conversation were healing and insightful and blessed. . .I was blessed and of course I continue to be the most blessed being in the Universe.

    I can’t say that I thought I was talking with God although I was certainly talking to God. But I became well informed that angelic or higher energy beings were absolutely interacting with me and they were there for all of us should we seek them and their divine wisdom.

    So, certainly I never was surprised to learn that others had such conversations or that there was such a thing as channeling and those bringing forth messages.

    Over the past 25 or so years it certainly has only increased that I know what I know about such things and I am wonderfully blessed to easily converse with those higher vibrational energies. And certainly we are God too and so to converse with our own higher aspects is only natural. It can be however we expect it to be. For some it is very easy. . .three deep breaths and closed eyes. . .for some it is more difficult. It matters not how any is able to make that connection, only that they intend to do so and follow their heart.

    I am so blessed!

    My blessings of love I share with each of you.

    Hugs and loves

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Shirl, for sharing your beautiful story. As you said, once you get started talking to God (or Spirit), it becomes easier and more natural.

      At this point in my life, I realize I’m talking to Spirit almost all day every day. I think the main block many people face is they don’t get started, for many different reasons — they don’t feel deserving, they don’t believe it’s possible, they worry about what others will think, etc.

      Thanks again.

      Love and big hugs,

      • Shirl

        Hey John,

        You know I share my stories because I am pretty sure that I am not so different from most people and that if I have been able to expand my consciousness and move along my path to this point, surely everyone else can as well.

        When I first became aware of HEARING messages from a specific energy entity, I asked why in the world they would be communicating with the likes of me. . .once their laughter quieted the response was because I communicated with them. Because I asked, they answered. Then they added that it was pretty much agreed that if they could get through to me then they could get through to anyone. So in some respects I have perhaps been one of many “experiments” that confirmed that even those appearing to be highly unlikely prospects for deep spiritual awaking can indeed be inspired to become seekers and spiritual journeyers in spite of the 3D earth challenges.

        And yes, I love the “at any moment of any day” connection that is there and available for us to communicate with the “higher realms.” And it ties in nicely with your question about being alone from a few days ago. It is pretty near impossible to every feel truly alone when the “company of angels” is just a breath away.

        Everyone who wishes can develop and encourage these connections for themselves. I highly recommend it and will never stop encouraging everyone to follow their hearts and revel in who it IS THAT THEY ARE BECOMING.

        Love, hugs and blessings

        • John Cali

          I totally agree, Shirl. So many folks we talk with want to talk to God, communicate with their higher selves or Spirit. Many think that’s reserved only for “special” people. I tell them that’s nonsense. Okay, sometime I use a slightly stronger word. 🙂

          As you said, anyone can do this because all they have to do is ask. And then be open to the answers — because the answers will come if we’re open to receiving. We often tell people it’s not much different from communicating with other human beings. But you have to listen if you want to communicate clearly, with Spirit or other humans.

          Thanks again for your always-wise perspective.

          Lots of love and hugs,

  2. Sandra Cronin


    I was a follower of the Conversations With God (CWG) material when it first came out. I anxiously awaited the arrival of each new book. I just watched the video and went into action with the instructions Neal gives. I had been struggling with writing a testimonial for a friends new website. I requested an answer and my writing started to flow. I forwarded the testimonial before I answered this blog. Thanks for the great reminder.


  3. Joseph

    God is always working through us for we are God. Hearing or knowing is one of life’s greatest trials. My belief, thought probably not universal, is to connect to Mother/Father God through my I AM Presence who I believe is our highest aspect and closest to the energy we call God. At a somewhat lower level is our Higher Self (not highest self) who I see as the aspect of our self who scripted this particular incarnation and our connection to go to/through for earthly concerns. This may be making it more complicated than need be but it works for me, being that it is my belief.

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Joseph. I don’t think it matters if it seems complicated — as long as it works for you, that’s the most important thing.


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