The Politics of Tragedy by John Cali

Just yesterday we published a blog post, Politics As Usual. Here’s part of what I said in that post:

“I don’t pay much attention to politics and political news because it’s often so negative and adversarial. You know, politics as usual. This is especially true of my country, the United States. And it’s probably true of other countries.”

As many of you know, the current US presidential campaign has turned into a nasty, negative, and hostile thing. But today that changed, at least for the moment — because of the human tragedy unfolding in Aurora, Colorado, where many dozens were killed or wounded in a seemingly senseless act of violence.

President Barack Obama and his chief political opponent, Mitt Romney, put aside their campaigning to acknowledge the events in Colorado. President Obama said “This morning we woke up to news of a tragedy that reminds us of all the ways that we are united.”

To their credit, Obama and Romney paused in their harsh political campaigns against each other to acknowledge the human heartbreak and horror so many have experienced today.

But I have to wonder why it takes such an event to remind us, as the president said, “of all the ways that we are united.” Could not that kinder, gentler manner Obama and Romney showed today become the rule and not the exception? What does all this say about us as human beings?


What are your thoughts? Please share with us below.

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  1. Judith Anderson

    We are constantly creating our world by where we put our attention.

    After a few minutes I did not want to hear more about this shooting – I did not need to see the recreations and the police trying to carefully enter a booby trapped apartment in case they blew themselves up or to hear the repeated accounts of the emotional trauma of the survivors.

    So, I turned off my television and spent the day and evening reading.

    I had noticed after 9/11 how the television stations, especially the ones that are all news all the time, had to keep showing the footage of the planes flying into the towers over and over again, and the towers collapsing over and over again. After a few weeks they were even selling DVDs of it all so people could keep themselves constantly traumatized by the images into the far future.

    This is not good for anyone to focus upon. Especially children. It is like living in a nightmare.

    I am not suggesting that such events do not matter or should be ignored, but I do make my own decision not to focus too much of my own emotional attention on them.

    Otherwise we give over the energy of our lives to other people’s traumas and dramas.

    ~Judith Anderson

  2. Barbara

    It is my sincere hope, that one day, the American public will tell their politicians, “enough is enough”, as we did in 1996. Sadly there are still some guns here, mostly brought in illegally. But no one in their right mind here, wants to have them freely available. And thankfully very few of us or our police carry guns.

  3. anny

    Hi John,

    I believe that this was a huge wake-up call, one in a long series of such calls in the last few years. We are coming to the end of a world of illusion, of duality (good versus bad, right versus wrong, us versus them) that has gotten totally deranged. But actually it is not as bad as it looks because you can also see this as the birthing pains of the new world that is in the process of being born. Everything, every pain, that has been hidden for so long is now surfacing in order to be transformed and healed. And every day more people are waking up.

    That is why I agree with Judith Anderson who commented that your technical glitch with your mailing list was not a technical glitch at all but an urgent call to see what the answer to this situation is. So maybe you should officially add it to the list of blogs of this month, even if you did not mean to post it. In that way every one can find it and not only the people of receive your links by e-mail.



    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Anny. I suspect that “technical glitch” was created by Spirit to remind us of what really matters. The post is available to anyone who wants to read it. But since it was published a while back it will only be listed with those posts published at the same time. I don’t control that — it’s an automatic function of WordPress.

      For those who may be reading this and who want to see that article, Love, here’s the link:


  4. Pat

    I would love to know what Spirit says about this event—–

    That the dark and souless characters in these so-called entertainments have spawned an actual event?

    That the souls who left chose on a soul level to bring this to our attention?

    That the souls who left knew that they would create a moment in time when the political duality would be muted and we would all feel the blessed relief in that?

    That the souls who left knew they were going to add another huge surge of compassion energy to the planet?

    • John Cali

      I agree with all you said, and Spirit does too. All those involved in that event, tragic though it was from a human perspective, co-created the event to help the rest of us move into a higher state of consciousness.

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