Just yesterday we published a blog post, Politics As Usual. Here’s part of what I said in that post:

“I don’t pay much attention to politics and political news because it’s often so negative and adversarial. You know, politics as usual. This is especially true of my country, the United States. And it’s probably true of other countries.”

As many of you know, the current US presidential campaign has turned into a nasty, negative, and hostile thing. But today that changed, at least for the moment — because of the human tragedy unfolding in Aurora, Colorado, where many dozens were killed or wounded in a seemingly senseless act of violence.

President Barack Obama and his chief political opponent, Mitt Romney, put aside their campaigning to acknowledge the events in Colorado. President Obama said “This morning we woke up to news of a tragedy that reminds us of all the ways that we are united.”

To their credit, Obama and Romney paused in their harsh political campaigns against each other to acknowledge the human heartbreak and horror so many have experienced today.

But I have to wonder why it takes such an event to remind us, as the president said, “of all the ways that we are united.” Could not that kinder, gentler manner Obama and Romney showed today become the rule and not the exception? What does all this say about us as human beings?


What are your thoughts? Please share with us below.

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