One recent morning, as I was meditating, I felt a sudden, sharp, stabbing pain in my left leg. At first I had no idea what was going on.

The pain shook me out of my meditative state, and I got to thinking about what was happening. Then it came to me. A close friend was having some health problems, including sharp pains in his left leg.

I intuitively knew I was picking up from him the pain I was feeling. So I sent him love and healing energy. My pain vanished instantly, and did not return.

Here’s Spirit.


As you grow and become more spiritually aware you become more and more sensitive to energy. Most of you already know that.

But the “trick,” if you will, is to discern the source of the pain or discomfort, if that’s what you’re feeling. Often, as with John, the source is outside yourself.

This is not a bad thing. It’s good to be able to tune in to others’ energy and, if they need it, to help them — as John did with his friend in sending love and healing energy. (By the way, the friend felt the healing, as he told John later.)

It never does you or anyone else any good for you to take on the pain of others. You cannot help them from your place of pain, regardless of the source of your pain. You help others best when you come from your centered place of peace and power, not pain.

As we said a moment ago, increasing sensitivity comes with spiritual growth. The price you pay for that increasing sensitivity is the sensitivity itself. So it’s important for you, for your own sake, to know when the pain is yours and when it is not.

If you stop for a few moments, as John did, and think about it, the answer will come. Trust that. If you prefer you can also ask your higher self or spirit guide to help you. Either way is fine.

But do seek the answer — do not assume you are the source of the pain. Sometimes you will be, but not always. Your growing spiritual awareness will make you more and more sensitive to the energies of others. The price of sensitivity is sensitivity.


Have you had similar experiences with picking up on other people’s energy? How do you deal with it? Please comment below.

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