The Spirit Cat Follow-up

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In our last post we talked about our encounter with a so-called “spirit cat.”

This week, we’re discussing another peculiar situation with this cat.

After we left the cat, we drove 5 kilometers north. There we came upon an attractive small, white 13th century church and, behind it, a graveyard. A beautiful white light was shining down from the sky on the back of the church.

While Berna walked to the graveyard, I walked around to the other side of the church. There, much to my surprise, was the same cat again! The cat we’d just left 5 kilometers behind us! The cat could not have traveled that far in just a few minutes.

Here Spirit “popped in” to say this was, in their words, “a spirit cat.”

What was happening here?


Today we want to explore an aspect of Berna’s and Johnny’s cat experience from our last post.

This is a simple, yet powerful, example of parallel realities. We’ve discussed this subject before. But because humans still do not have a clear understanding of the subject, we want to discuss it again today. Our cat friend has provided us with the perfect opportunity to do so.

As you will recall in our last post, Berna and Johnny first saw our mysterious cat in a beautiful rural area. The area is known for its prehistoric tombs, called “hunebeds,” dating back to 4000-3000BC.

After visiting the tombs, they drove 5 kilometers north, and there was the cat again! A normal cat could not have traveled 5 kilometers in less time than a car could. How was this possible?

It was possible because this was no normal cat. Despite its appearance, it was not a physical cat. It was, as we said, a spirit cat.

Spirits are not limited by the physical world, as humans seem to be. To put it another way, they can exist in more than one place or time at the same “time.” They know how to navigate parallel realities.

You do not live in a universe of one reality only. It certainly appears to be just one. But that is because you are focused in your physical bodies at the moment.

But once you move beyond those bodies, beyond what appears to be a solid, physical world, you are catapulted into a universe beyond time and space. Here multiple realities exist.

Once you are consciously aware of this, you will be able to navigate through them as you wish. To put it another way, you choose, or create, your own reality.

We’ll discuss this more in yet another post.

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In this video Bashar, the spirit guide of Darryl Anka, talks about parallel realities.

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