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posticon Oneness Revisited

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The legendary Nez Perce Chief Joseph was one of the greatest Native American leaders in the early days of the American frontier. Among his many wise words are these:

I hope that no more groans of wounded men and women will ever go to the ear of the Great Spirit Chief above, and that all people may be one people.

We and Spirit have discussed this subject of oneness before. But in today’s fractured and fragmented world, it’s always a timely subject worth revisiting.Read more

posticon Joy and Love

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A couple weeks ago, Berna and I went to a concert by the legendary Dutch orchestra leader, Andre Rieu. Because it was in his hometown of Maastricht, Netherlands, it was pretty special and spectacular.

Andre has a gift for making his music a powerfully joyful and fun experience for everyone. And this old world of ours certainly needs more joy and fun! As he says, “My concerts are about joy and love.”


If we said you were all meant to experience lives of joy and love, would you believe us?Read more