Two gay men

Even in this era of dramatic transformation on our planet and in our human consciousness, there are still places where we hang on tightly to outdated ideas that just don’t work anymore. Or perhaps never did.

One of those is certainly the whole area of human sexuality, especially homosexuality.

I personally find it encouraging that we are at least talking more openly than ever before about these issues, especially homosexuality.

Even in conservative places like Wyoming, where I live, there is more open discussion—more willingness to see life from other people’s perspectives. More compassion, more understanding, more kindness.

My spirit guides have talked often about sexuality, including homosexuality. Here are some of their observations:

  • All sexual orientations are right and good.

  • You are all a combination of masculine and feminine aspects, with one generally being the predominant aspect.
  • So why should you judge or condemn another who chooses a homosexual lifestyle?

  • All relationships, sexual or otherwise, are always for the highest good of all concerned.

  • You focus too much on the sexual aspects of yourselves, and not enough on your true nature.

  • Your true nature, what and who you are, is pure love.

  • Love transcends sexuality and all the other “differences” you perceive among yourselves.

  • Love embraces all those differences.

  • Love is the choice to see the God in yourselves and all others.

  • When you love in that way there are no differences.

  • Then you will see yourselves and all others as we see you.

  • We see you as bright and beautiful beings of light, for that is who you truly are.

  • When you see yourselves and others through our eyes you will have returned to your true essence—which is love.


Here’s a great discussion between two Christians who disagree about homosexuality. One is a pastor and the other is Kevin Rudd, the current prime minister of Australia. (He’s recently been defeated in national elections.)

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How have your views of your own sexuality evolved over the years? How have your views of homosexuality evolved over the years? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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