We Are All One by John Cali

Many spiritual teachers, including my own spirit guides, have said we are all one. But what does that really mean?

Here are some of Spirit’s thoughts:

  • You all decided, before you came to this lifetime, that you wanted to connect again, in the physical, with your soul family.
  • You wanted this lifetime to be fun and joyful—but you also wanted to expand your awareness of your connectedness to all that is.
  • We define God as all that is. You are connected to God. You are God.
  • You are all that is. The universe is within you.
  • This lifetime is serving you by reminding you of all this—because you have forgotten it.
  • Now it’s time to remember that we are all one.


This video is basically an ad for the Cleveland Clinic. But it’s also a touching reminder of how we might see through the eyes of others—a reminder that we are all truly one.

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Do you think a growing sense of oneness will promote world peace? What can each of us do to create more peace? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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22 Responses

  1. Chuck

    thanks John.
    i have been doing this 3rd eye Light meditation and it has an affirmation that the whole Cosmic Consciousness is within me.
    And what spirit said here hits home that point for me.

  2. Claire

    for you Graham,
    I first studied biology and I’ve always been fascinated by physics and cosmology, and especially the notion of infinity … the ecosystem concept, systems theory, chaos theory, and one that I really like, the physicist and philosopher David Bohm which took many meetings with Krishnamurti is very interesting. It is true that for some, our mind wants to understand. Bohm seems to approach with his vision and concept of the hologram that Seth explained in these books … It is a good base to reassure our mind, and to accept to receive intuitive messages …
    In nature, we can easily see the concept of interdependence, and some biologists go further in accepting the notion of Spirit, I think to a french biologist, Rémy Chauvin who has worked in this direction …
    I hope this helps…

    • Graham Cope

      Hello Claire,

      Thank you very much for your reply. I am watching some interviews featuring Bohm and Krishnamurti now. Many thanks for your recommendations.

      Best wishes,

  3. Graham Cope

    Hello John,

    This was yet another fascinating blog post from you. I really enjoyed the video too. I hear and read the phrase “We are all One” a lot these days, but I don’t know if I can fully grasp what it means. Your carefully considered points help with this, as does the video, so I thank you for that. I also enjoy reading the comments from your readers, as there is always something helpful in each one.
    I believe that I understand the basic meaning of everything and everyone being connected, of us all being a part of the same whole, but it is still difficult for me to empathically ‘feel’ it. Is each one of us a unique part of the whole, or are we all the same ‘One’ entity, or expression of energy? Does that mean that our concept of individuality is mistaken, or self-created? If so, when we leave this plane of existence do we merge into oneness, or do we still retain our supposed individuality? Perhaps we are given the choice.
    I am sorry for rambling on but this is so interesting. It is such a vast concept to get my head around. Thanks again for your lessons.

    Best wishes,


    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Graham.

      I agree with you — this can be a difficult concept to understand. The analogy that’s always made sense to me is trees. The tree is the whole, the “one,” entity. But each leaf on the tree has its own unique pattern and identity. Yet it is part of the tree, of the whole.

      So, yes, I would say we are each a unique part of the whole — however you define “the whole” — God, Goddess, divine energy, etc.

      For me personally, I no longer need to understand this intellectually, as I did for many years. Now I just “feel” the oneness, the connection. As I know many others do. It’s simply part of our growing awareness that we are, essentially, consciousness in physical form. Consciousness is what we “retain” when we leave the physical — an awareness that we are individual AND one.

      Hope that makes sense.


      • Graham Cope

        Hello John,

        Thank you very much for your reply. I love the analogy of the tree. Wonderful! That really helps and makes a lot of sense to me.

        We experience our surroundings as a physical reality which appears to be outside our physical body. Yet when you think about it, these sensations are actually decoded in the area of our brain which deals with vision, so they are internal signals. As Spirit has communicated via your blog post, “the universe is within you”. I can understand that concept now, (I think). It is amazing, isn’t it. When we gaze at the stars on a clear night, we imagine the distances they are from Earth, when in fact they are inside ourselves, our heads/brains. (This stellar concept comes from a video I watched about decoding reality called “Perception – The reality beyond matter”).

        Best wishes,

  4. Tiat

    World Peace, hmmm. I think since the world is a reflection of what is going on inside us, the old cliche about healing the self first, will heal your judgments about the world. That is the generic you by the way.

  5. Claire

    Hi John,
    It’s good for heart, to help… not always easy when we don’t have skills, but smile, listening is caring a lot.
    Each of our tour we sometimes have the opportunity to give but also to receive ..
    I feel like Paul, when I am in peace and in state of emptiness, I have the surprise to see people tell me their problems, and I just listen… and it’s enough

  6. Tiat

    There is only one entity….you. EVERYthing else is your mirror.

  7. Sarah D

    Very powerful video, John. Sometimes it’s too easy to have tunnel vision or lack of empathy. I do think we are moving towards oneness slowly. I think people are just afraid sometimes and forget to step out of their own skins in order to see another perspective. But I believe society has become more tolerant of each other as a whole, attitudes have improved to those deemed ‘different’. Peace is possible once the general consensus tips towards accepting and celebrating each others diversity and being able to walk a mile in another man’s shoes.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Sarah. I agree with you — despite the problems our world still has, society is becoming more tolerant — and more aware.

  8. Paul

    Hi John,
    Lovely video… I visit regularly a great university clinic in a town nearby, sometimes for a check-up of myself, sometimes waiting for my wife who’s working there, sometimes accompanying a friend or a relatif, and while waiting for them, I often have the feeling that, without doing anything, my presence there has a sort of significance for the hundreds of people who are passing by…just by BEING there. Maybe it’s arrogant from my part, but that’s what I feel….This video reminded me of this experience.
    In gratitude for your lovely work.
    Paul, Belgium

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Paul. It’s great to hear from you!

      I hope all is well with you and your loved ones.

  9. Valerie

    That video shows real genius. Very moving so a fitting illustration to your point. Reminds me to feel the connections, not just think it is so.

  10. Robin Becker

    What a touching video. As I help other’s through difficulties and do what I can to support them, I often refer to the experience as walking a mile in their shoes. I am really getting “oneness”,,,we all come from the same Source of Love. We came here forgetting that and I think it is a beautiful thing as we awaken to remember this. It has become so easy for me NOT to judge now because right away, I can know I have not walked in their shoes or know their perspectives,intentions, degree of connection. My hope is always to make a positive difference in any other I encounter, even if it is just a smile. I know we all come from the same place and when we transition back into non-physical we all return to pure positive energy. I am really starting to see ALL others as aspects of me all trying to feel even just a little better, a little more ease or relief. This video was brilliant at showing we cannot know what any other is feeling or dealing with so… be kind. Be that smile that made them feel just a little better. Be the light that shines in their darkest moment, be the love so they know they are not alone.

    I do believe as more awaken and know we are all one, the more love and peace will spread on our beautiful world.

    Love and light,


    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Robin.

      The Dalai Lama said “Be kind whenever possible.It is always possible.” It’s so gratifying today to see more and more kindness in our world.


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