What Is Time? by John Cali


Time is often the greatest challenge many of us face in our daily lives—specifically, the lack of time. Many of us are forever complaining we do not have enough time. But each of us has all the time there is. That’s a seeming dilemma—or is it? Exactly what is time?

According to my spirit guides, time is only perception. I agree with them. In the realms of spirit time does not exist. Spirit transcends time and space. Here are some of Spirit’s thoughts about time:

  • The more you rush through your lives, the less time you have.
  • You accelerate your physical aging process when you believe there is never enough time.
  • If you slow down and savor each present moment, you will find time literally expanding. You will get more done in “less” time.
  •  You are in control of your time. The amount of time you have is all in your perception. Believe you have enough, and you do. Believe you don’t, and you don’t.
  •  If you’re feeling guilty about your past or worrying about your future, you’re doing it now. You cannot feel guilty or worried unless you’re doing it in this present moment—now.
  • Neither the past nor the future have any power over you. Only you have power over you. And all that power is now.


What is your experience with time—are you always running out of it? Or do you have plenty of it? Please share your thoughts with us below.

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14 Responses

  1. Chuck

    I can totally relate to time contracting and expanding based on how we make it urgent or just follow what we are doing and immerse ourselves and time sometimes is literally gone. Sometimes i have worked out for an hour and suddenly when i was done and having some nice juice after the intense workout suddenly wondered how come i did not feel time at all, its like i was there starting it and suddenly i am here drinking this juice and never felt the handwork since i was totally enjoying it.
    However there is another aspect that i have had no clue yet. i have heard this from some people like even from Anita Moorjani where i think she said its like the PAST, PRESENT were there at the same time. Or i even heard of future too being at the same time. Thats a tough one for me to get handle on.
    Sometimes i look back and wonder like i went to school as a kid and then to university and then am working. I wonder if that sequence is real or not? I mean right now those past events are only a memory 🙂
    Exciting topics!

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Chuck, for sharing your experiences and comments. As my spirit guides have explained it, past, present, and future all exist now. What makes them appear separate is how we are focusing. If we’re focusing from our human bodies and their physical senses, then we see time as linear. In a meditative or contemplative state past, present, and future blend into a single experience in the moment.

      That’s an over-simplification, but it’s the essence of how they see what we call linear time.

  2. Sarah

    Since reading another channeling about the flexibility of time, I have had a great relationship with it! I don’t have a watch or a clock in the house, I just breathe and know that time moves however I want it to! One of the best ‘discoveries’ of my life so far 🙂

  3. anny

    I completely agree that this is a fascinating subject. I think we should add the concept of space or place to it too as you cannot really separate those two.

    I believe they are tools in order to be able to live a life in duality and to have experiences. When everything happens at the same moment and in the same place you cannot possibly make head or tail of it. So we were given (or invented) a way to experience one thing at the ‘time’ and savor it and find out the meaning of it.

    Of course you can trust us humans to use these tools in the wrong way too (claiming places for instance) with all the negative consequences but that is also all right as it made us aware of things we do not want and look for other ways..

    Right now the ‘time’ has come to bring it all together again and become One once more.



  4. Jeanne White

    I also am retired, but I do have a few things that have to be done at a certain “time”. Mostly, though, I just do things when I feel like it and don’t worry about “when”. Unlike my husband, who sets an arbitrary time when he wants to do something, and gets upset if he isn’t on “time”.

    The first time I really thought about time, I was about 11 years old. It occurred to me that time was like two mirrors face to face, creating endless corridors. “Now” was between the two mirrors. However, I was very aware that time did not move. We moved our minds through time. I knew that the past existed just as the present exists. “Now” was wherever our mind was.

    At 11, I certainly did not know what to do with that thought, so I just filed it away and forgot about it. I did not meet that idea again until 20 years later when I began reading Seth.

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Jeanne, for your comments. That was pretty much my experience too — I did not think much about time until I discovered Seth.

  5. Karolyn

    This is a fun and interesting subject. I no longer punch a time clock after 40+ years of working (efficiency expert, hah, jokes on me) and raising children but it took me months to deprogram. I removed most of the time keepers (clocks) in my house just to see how I would respond and it really helped to let go of the concept. Now, I do whatever my body feels like doing at whatever time of day it is. If I am tired, I go to bed (even at 8 p.m., unheard of). If I wake up at 4:00 a.m. I get up and do something I enjoy like sew or walk the dog or if the weather is cooperating, just sit outside and listen to the water running in the fountain & watch the sun rise. If I get tired in between, I take a nap. What then occurred was that I began resenting having any time constraints put on me i.e. dentist appointments, etc. because I found myself once again watching the clock to make sure I was on time (pun intended). I understand the collective continues on with their own perceptions and you couldn’t run a dentist office without watching the clock so in those instances I decided to rely on my good ole smart phone to remind me in advance so that I don’t focus on it. It has been a fun experiment.

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Karolyn, for sharing. Like you, I got rid of all my clocks. It’s good to be free of that constraint, and to do as you said — do whatever you want to do when you want to do it. 🙂

  6. jerry

    Hi John and Spirit,

    Spirit always seems to make ‘timeless’ statements! = )

    It’s interesting how we can let ‘time’ control us, especially since the industrial age. I’m looking at my clock right now to see how much time I have to type this before I have to get ready for work and punch that clock… hahaha.

    Spirit keeps reminding us to have fun and if we are not, then make it fun! Sometimes, all it takes is a smile, to change your life and everyone around you! It is highly contagious and before you know it, you have changed the energy of people and your environment.

    You have now changed your world…. pretty awesome and easy!

    Love to all

  7. Shirl

    Time. An illusionary marker we have instituted in order to make some sense to our 3D experience.

    Lately it disappears in rather large chunks. I have no idea where it goes, if indeed it actually goes anywhere. LOL!

    I very often find that I look at the clock at say 10 am and then the next thing I know it is 4 pm. I am hard put to comprehend what I have done, if anything during that passage of time. On the other hand, with my awakening at odd times and several times during the night I often think I have been asleep for many hours and it is usually only one hour or maybe two.

    Time is quite the conundrum these days. Fortunately I don’t have to be concerned about it for most things so I just shake my head and go on.

    Life here on planet earth is fun and interesting.

    Hugs and Blessings

    • John Cali

      Thanks again, Shirl. I have that same perspective of time. And it’s great to not be tied to a schedule or clock, at least most of the “time.” 😉


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