Time is often the greatest challenge many of us face in our daily lives—specifically, the lack of time. Many of us are forever complaining we do not have enough time. But each of us has all the time there is. That’s a seeming dilemma—or is it? Exactly what is time?

According to my spirit guides, time is only perception. I agree with them. In the realms of spirit time does not exist. Spirit transcends time and space. Here are some of Spirit’s thoughts about time:

  • The more you rush through your lives, the less time you have.
  • You accelerate your physical aging process when you believe there is never enough time.
  • If you slow down and savor each present moment, you will find time literally expanding. You will get more done in “less” time.
  •  You are in control of your time. The amount of time you have is all in your perception. Believe you have enough, and you do. Believe you don’t, and you don’t.
  •  If you’re feeling guilty about your past or worrying about your future, you’re doing it now. You cannot feel guilty or worried unless you’re doing it in this present moment—now.
  • Neither the past nor the future have any power over you. Only you have power over you. And all that power is now.


What is your experience with time—are you always running out of it? Or do you have plenty of it? Please share your thoughts with us below.

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