Last week we talked about life after death, and we had a pretty good response to it. We’re going to talk about it a bit more this week. Actually, we’re going to talk about life before death, a subject we’ve rarely discussed.

Over the years I’ve been honored to be at the “death beds” of some of my close family, though not recently. Although I wasn’t uncomfortable with it, I did not always know what to say to them, or to the other family members who don’t see death in the same positive way I do.

My spirit guides are fond of reminding us there is little difference between life and death, at least from their perspective. Here they are.


As John said, there truly is little or no difference between life and death. The difference is mainly in your perception of these two aspects of your eternal life. You are eternal. Your life is eternal. Nothing ever ends—certainly not you.

While we acknowledge many of you see physical death as an ending, a simple shift in perspective will help you immensely. When you “die,” or more accurately, when you leave your body, you don’t change.

Your awareness does not change, except to expand beyond anything you experienced while in your physical body. Your consciousness does not change—you are your consciousness. Once you’ve left your body you will know yourself once again as pure consciousness.

So what can you do to help those about to leave their bodies, especially if they fear death or simply don’t understand what it is?

One thing you can avoid doing, if you also fear death, is talking to them about your fears. That will not help them at all.

On the other hand, if you have little or no fear of death, and share our perspective of what it is, you can talk to them about that. Use whatever words you know they will understand.

For example, if they are religious, and you are not, then share your thoughts and feelings with them in religious language they will understand. You could talk about “heaven” and their “dead” loved ones who will greet them there.

Just trust your instincts, your inner guidance, and your love for the person. Follow your heart and your love for him or her. If you’re coming from love she or he will know that, and be comforted.

You might talk about the happy, fun times the person has had in this lifetime. Tell him or her more of the same is waiting “on the other side.”

These are just some of our suggestions. Come up with your own, again allowing your heart and your love to guide you.

Love is always the best guide. Simply to love the person is the best thing you can do to help them cross over. Even if the person is not conscious, in a coma for example, you can still do everything we’ve said here. You can talk to them verbally or telepathically. They will hear you.

Remind them you will always be together—and they can return to you whenever they wish. There is no separation. There is no end.

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How do you interact with people who are about to die? Or do you simply avoid them?

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