Why Not Be Happy For No Reason? By John Cali

Whenever my spirit guides or I tell folks our natural state is to be happy, we usually get some strange responses—and even some angry arguments.

Some of the usual arguments go like this:

How can I be happy in a world that’s falling apart?

How can I be happy when my loved ones are not happy?

How can I be happy when I have no money?

How can happiness be our natural state? That doesn’t make sense.

And so on and on.

One of my favorites cartoons is Peanuts. In a recent one Lucy was asking Snoopy how he could be so happy when he had no idea what the new year would bring. She said he’d be better off to live in “dread and fear”—that would be the safe and sane thing to do.

The common thread in most of these arguments is folks are giving their power away to someone or something outside themselves. Why can’t we be happy for no reason?

Here are some of Spirit’s thoughts:

  • Unhappiness is not your natural state of being, and never has been. Happiness is your natural state of being.
  • Even if you chose challenging circumstances into which to be born, you chose them because you intended to find joy here, to find happiness in exercising your divine creative powers.
  • Happiness is a choice you can freely make. Unhappiness is a choice you can freely make. No one, nothing can compel you to be either happy or unhappy.
  • You are in control. Don’t give your power away. You’re far more powerful and wise than most of you imagine.
  • We don’t expect you to be happy every moment of your earthly lives. But if you make happiness a habit you will find it much easier to return to it if you temporarily lose it. And to stay happy more and more.
  • We know your modern world is a challenging place to live. But you chose it. And you didn’t choose it because you wanted to be miserable. You chose it because you thought there would be some fun in meeting the challenge.
  • So, to echo John’s words, why not be happy for no reason?

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  1. Damian Purdy

    Being Happy. I can think back to when I was very happy, then I wonder what happened. Why is my life so hard now? It has been work. I’ve lost everything I’ve worked so hard for, and for what? I knew that something was coming, it did. Lost the house, the property, and my horses. After the paperwork was done on the bankruptcy my wife left. A little over a year ago, I made a decision. Enough was enough. I want to be Happy in everything I do. I’ve been knocked off my horse, so to speak, several times since I made this decision, but I must say this. Being Happy is a choice. Despite all that has happened, I am happy. And although losing all of the material things and my relationship with my wife, I can still feel that there is more out there. The something that was coming hasn’t come yet. I can feel it. I know I’m close, but….just be happy, not matter what. Its simple, and sometimes very hard. But I keep plugging away. I want more, but I don’t know what it is I want, except to be happy. So, Happy I will be. I agree with everyone here who has shared. Not sure I helped any. I know I’m not perfect, not that I need to be. I agree…just be Happy and everything else will fall into place.

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Damian, for sharing your touching story. I’m sure it will touch many folks. We appreciate the courage it took you to share.


      • Damian Purdy

        Thank you John. Courage? I don’t know about courage, I just keep plugging along and I hope that I may help someone else by my example, but I have a long way to go yet…its the journey, is it not, that matters?

    • Chieko

      Dear Damian,

      Thank you so much for sharing your story, wise friend. 🙂
      I hope you feel the love and appreciation that all the readers who read your comment are feeling toward you.
      I also hope you know your life is a true blessing to this world.

      Have a wonderful New Year.

      Heart to Heart,

      P.S. All that Damian wants is coming to him because he’s feeling happy right now for no reason, right, Spirit?
      (We all know the answer though.)

      • Damian Purdy

        Thank you. I have much work to do with myself, but I will keep working on it. It is hard to be alone without anyone to share this with, to talk with what I’ve been learning. Thank you very much, it means more to me than you may realize.

        • Chieko

          I thank you, Damian, for your kind response. I’m so glad to hear my comment meant something to you. Your kind words also meant more to me than you may realize.

          I think you already know you are never alone. You can always come to this forum — as John calls this place — and share your thoughts with MANY friends/brothers/sisters here. There are much more of them who are listening to your words than you may realize. You matter to every one of us. As well as to All That Is. And it is very true YOU are a true blessing to this world — though everyone is — in a unique and only way. You are important to me/us.


  2. Nancy Smeltzer

    For myself, until I had experienced Divine Bliss or Divine Ecstasy, the statement that our natural state is to be happy had no meaning for me. Sure, there were some times when I was happy, but they were pretty few and far between. It wasn’t until I began my spiritual path, experienced Divine Ecstasy, and felt hoe :right’ it felt that I was able to grok what that statement is really about. For me, until I feel something kinesthetically, I don’t really know it.

  3. Sarah

    Spot on about the preschoolers. Kids are so awesome and it is dawning on me just how much we teach them away from the natural state of happiness. When I, or my husband, lose our cool at life or with our 2 year old, his response is usually to do something funny or come and give us a big hug and try and engage us in play! He never sulks around, waiting for an apology or brings it up later, thinking we owe him anything, he just gets on with his happy life! He is teaching me so much about happiness (especially that is entirely possible to wake up laughing every morning!) and I am doing my best not to teach him that his power lay anywhere but inside himself.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Sarah, for sharing the wonderful story of your 2-year-old. We have much to learn from the little ones!

  4. Sarah Drury

    I personally think there’s a lot of truth in the belief that happiness is merely a state of mind. I think we are born happy and some of us are ‘unlearned’ or conditioned out of that state early on as our egos are forming. The old optimist, pessimist, half-full or half-empty attitude and outlook. Its amazing the effect our thoughts have on our happiness. Being able to recognise the negative thoughts that lead to unhappiness enable us to replace them with positive thoughts, which leads to positive feelings and emotions. Of course, being totally present in the moment would be ideal as then we are just being, experiencing the now and we are in touch with our higher selves/inner being/God-dess within when in the moment.

    I know that happiness shouldn’t depend on external circumstances, but a quick fix is to hang out with some preschoolers and play to your hearts content! Their life and laughter is infectious!!!

  5. Mikala St. Germain

    The thing I find strange about this Spiritual Truth is that it isn’t “acceptable” by most until it’s lived in daily life. Of course, then you have that daily happiness, know how to appreciate it, and can find it easily. When you are not in that state, it is a bit frustrating to have someone tell you it is true.

    I especially appreciate Spirits quote, “We don’t expect you to be happy every moment of your earthly lives. But if you make happiness a habit you will find it much easier to return to it if you temporarily lose it. And to stay happy more and more.”

    I believe the key is to continue to examine your thoughts for negative and positive and to change your thinking immediately if you find negative. When this habit is secure, the rest comes naturally. There is just no way I can imagine to explain the absolute joy and bliss once you own this awe inspiring way of living.

    Love to all – unconditionally,

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