You Are the Universe by John Cali

There’s an expression in Sanskrit, “Aham brahmasmi.” It means “I am the universe and the universe is me.”

My spirit guides have often said we are not our physical bodies. However, most of us identify the person we call “I” with our physical bodies. So if we are not our bodies, who are we? Where are we? What are we?

If the Sanskrit expression is right, and I believe it is, then whatever we perceive to be “out there” is really in here, within each of us. But that “each of us” is not our physical body.

This goes along with the idea we all create our own realities—we project what we perceive as “reality” from within ourselves—from our consciousness which is who we really are.

In this short video Deepak Chopra discusses some of these ideas.

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18 Responses

  1. Dan

    Some really great responses to this article. Once again – a nice thought provoking article and discussion. The title got me immediately because it corresponds so closely with a song I wrote a week or two ago.

    I had played background music for a high end dinner with wine pairings and all night long I had the event coordinator and chef talking over my music loudly with a PA much louder than my music and virtually making me awkwardly stop time and time again.

    The wine maker was much better and tried to signal me and coordinate – probably because we had a nice conversation earlier in the evening.

    In any event, when I got home I was talking to my wife – and she shsh’d me for a noise that was outside and I bristled having been cut off all night and with a bit of wine in me – and said something to the effect that nothing could be more important than what I have to say. Which she teased me about for a couple days anyway… no big deal – I thought it was pretty funny too.

    But I wrote the song using that as a starting point – and basically said – “Nothing is more important than what I have to say, just hear me out and I’ll explain… Each of us is the center of the universe – we each see things in our own way. We each think we’re a part but it is the exact reverse – we’re cosmic and we are here to play”

    Sorry you can’t hear the music but I thought it was apropos. And for what it is worth I don’t know where all my lyrics or melodies come from but I know it isn’t from inside my body.

    I too couldn’t understand all of Deepak’s words but I think I got the gist of it. Thanks, John, beachdrifter, jerry, and Alex for your contributions and perspectives.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Dan, for sharing your experiences and thoughts. It’s always good to hear from you.

  2. Robin Becker

    Hi John Cali and Spirit-!

    I refer to the “I am” as my spirit, my Inner Being which is Source, God, Pure positive Energy. I come from Source and will always be connected. How and what we are manifesting in our life experience including the health of our physical body is how open that connection is. It can never be completely disconnected but the more resistance we carry in our physical body the more that connection can be pinched off.. We are the creators of our own experience because it is our thoughts/Emotions that we freely choose are what we vibrationally attract into our experience. That is why we are the Masters of our one else can think our thoughts..we have complete control in that. Yes, we are God, Source .. It is so awesome and life changing to know this. It does take practice and work after years of being taught otherwise.

    • Dan

      I thanked the others for their contributions and perspectives on this topic but your comment was not on the page when I wrote my response. Thank you too, Robin.

      • Robin Becker thoughtful to come back and include me. Wish we could hear your song and hope to some day. And I promise I will be very quiet while you play 🙂

  3. Alex Vachon

    I once met the president of a Skeptics association. We had a brief conversation. For him, there is no thought outside of the brain. Brains produce these wonderful concepts of oneness and eternity, karma, sin, God, paradise, nirvana… Without matter, there is no conscience. I must say, there is a lot of scientific evidence that most of what we are thinking comes out of our heads. I’d be curious to see what spirit says about thoughts outside of the human brain, and what role it plays in creating our thoughts.

    • John Cali

      Well, Alex, I have a different perspective. What we call “thoughts” originate in our soul–consciouness–whatever term you want to use. Then, as long as we’re in these human bodies, those thoughts can seem to be coming from our brains.

    • beachdrifter

      It’s not “coming out of our heads”. The physical manifestation of the brain is just the transmitting and receiving mechanism of vibration (or “thought”) that translates these vibrations at a subconscious level into information that is meaningful to us in our physical form.

      You can tune that mechanism to translate a broad range of vibration, including thoughts of those we consider to be no longer alive on this planet.

      But this is something that you have to experience yourself to truly believe it, either by doing it yourself or finding someone who can do it for you.

      • Patience

        Acceptance comes hard to the ego. LOL Still grappling with this one and it is a fierce ‘battle’. 🙂

        On one side there is: Oh wouldn’t it be grand it if were true? That we are all just part of that which created this universe and eternal.

        On the other: It’s too ‘good’ to be true, with the mess the world is in and the scientific ‘evidence’, this world has to be a fluke of the universe and when you die you simply die. Why would you create such a world full of suffering? And if you did, why can’t you simply ‘fix’ it?

        Why such a crisis now? Probably something from the teen years when there was a hope that change for the better would come to this world before the end of my physical existence. That hope kept my ‘faith’ going for years, but the hoped for change has not come and to me the world is being destroyed at an even faster rate.

        • beachdrifter

          I can relate so well to this, as those were my exact thoughts as little as 5 years ago. But then a teacher entered my life, that offered a very different perspective about all of that.

          In the beginning, I was resistant to it, but the message still soothed me, and I really, really wanted it to be true! And over time, hearing the message over and over again, feeling the resonance with it, my perception of reality changed completely.

          Where I once saw suffering, I now see circumstances and events that have the potential of leading to a life that is a thousand times more wonderful and fulfilling than it could have ever been had it not been for those defining moments, as I’ve personally witnessed in my own life.

          I used to be very concerned and sad about the news reports about all of these wonderful species being eradicated from this planet.Then I heard my teachers talk about how they’re not extinct at all, they just went to “places” where we don’t interfere with their lives, where we can’t “see” them. And now, I find those reports everywhere where species that were believed to be extinct have now, with a new technology, been spotted in huge numbers in places where we simply couldn’t “see” them before. Scientists are startled and amazed, and I feel just like…”Knew it!!!”.

          Just a few months ago, I was walking at night in a park near a forest, was in an incredibly high vibration (feeling ecstatic about life), and a beast came to me that hasn’t been spotted anywhere in this area in 150 years (as I found out later)! It just trotted my way, coming closer and closer, seemingly not noticing me at all, into the bright light of the street lamps. It was only in the very moment that I felt my emotion shifting from excitement to uneasiness and then anxiousness (because these are large creatures and known as predators) that it all of a sudden “saw” me, with a shocked expression on its face, and dashed off. It was like IT felt as if it had seen a ghost! I saw it looking back at me from a distance, as if to say, “Boy, I had no idea these humans still lived here. And he came out of nowhere!!”

          Now I understand that it was only because of this unusually high vibration that I was in, that this encounter was even possible. It was the only way that Law of Attraction could match us up like that.

          But what experiences like this (and countless others) have shown me, is that reality is a perceptual thing. You see the world as being destroyed at an accelerating rate, I see the world as getting better all the time! And where I once saw (and was saddened by) reports of extreme river pollution, to my delight I now see reports of fish returning to those same waters, and children swimming in them again for the first time in 50 years, because recent tests have shown that the water quality has recovered so dramatically that scientists are baffled by how nature could re-balance itself that quickly!

          And the answer to that is that the well-being of this planet is tended to from broader perspective, it is assured and will be maintained forever. And the more willing you are to consider that, the more this world will show you the reality of its well-being, in the here and now.

          • Robin Becker

            Beautiful write up beach drifter..I can relate over and over.. I would offer to Patience to find a teacher that fits. Your here and that is an excellent place to start. John Cali/Spirit and many others are reminding us all who we really are. When I found out..I saw life a whole new way. And you can prove these amazing teachers right by listening to what they suggest and have your own evidence and beautiful stories like beach drifter.

            By the way John Cali/Spirit I just saw you in the movie ” Tuning In” and you were amazing. I posted the movie in a group and it is getting huge reviews. If I am allowed to ask a question…I have been a student of Abraham/Hicks for years. You give the same teachings or at least very similar. Are you from the same energy or vibrational family? A huge thank you for the work you do to remind us all who we are. It has been an amazing journey thanks to teachers like you, Abraham and a few others. ♥

          • John Cali

            Thank you very much, Robin, for your comments, and for your kind comments about the “Tuning In” movie.

            To answer your question about Abraham and my spirit guides — I started channelling in the late 1980s, but it wasn’t until the late 1990s that I discovered Abraham. So, yes we are the same energy/vibrational family, as I realized after meeting Abraham. The similarities were striking to me then — and still are.

            Thanks again.

            Hugs, John

          • John Cali

            Thanks very much for sharing your fascinating experiences. I believe we are all swiftly coming to that place where we will see “reality” from the “2020 vision” of our spirits.

  4. jerry

    Hello John and Spirit,

    It took me awhile to understand the concept of the universe is inside of us. Observing others, especially members of the same family (mine especially) showed me that we create our own reality. Then I observed other families and saw the same thing. I observed myself changing as I observed. I changed when emotional things happened to me. I changed when I saw close friends die. I changed raising children. We are always changing. It is quite impossible not to change and not have a new reality.

    Now.. how do we deal with the changes? That is up to us. We can become angry with it… or… see how it can benefit us. In the river of life there is water and also rocks. If we flow with it and not identify with the rocks in the stream, life flows smoothly, at least for me.

    Expansive energy is more enjoyable than contracting energy.

    Love and hugs,

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Jerry, for your always-wise and perceptive sharing.

      Love & hugs,

  5. beachdrifter

    Deepak should have asked the tradesmen to stop hammering for five minutes, which would have made his video a whole lot more enjoyable to watch 😉

    What I have noticed, after being on my spiritual journey for a while now, is that the saying that “The whole Universe is inside you” and the countless variations thereof are not really exciting to me.

    Yes, all of us, and everything that exists anywhere, is all part of the the stream of eternal consciousness that many call Source, and yes, from THAT perspective, the Universe is of course inside of us.

    For me, that’s just the most basic understanding of life, it’s important to have that awareness, that knowing, beyond just the conceptual understanding, certainly.

    But once you’ve gained that, you start appreciating your very specific perspective that you have chosen to come here to experience, and from that perspective, the Universe is not inside of you. In fact, if your car breaks down, you may not get very far even in your own neighbourhood. It’s like the oh-so-groundbreaking understanding that “time doesn’t really exist”, and yet, if you tell your employer that, he’ll certainly come to the conclusion that your job doesn’t exist either, and the same will be true for your compensation.

    The point I’m trying to make is that while there absolutely needs to be an understanding of your broader perspective, the appreciation of the value of your more specific perspective that you hold here is just as important for the balance of your being. And the value of that, wow, the specifics of THAT thrill me beyond description, and that’s why I’ve chosen this perspective to begin with.

    What I’ve noticed is that people are trying to grasp the broader concepts, and then get lost in the translation of what that really means for their own lives. We had a good example of that recently where people think they get it that “we’re all one”, that we’re “the creator of our own reality”, that “the Universe is inside of us”, but then flawed ideas like “So then I can make anyone do what I want them to do, since they are just my creation (or imagination) anyway!” arise from that fail to take into account the importance, the value and the power of the unique, individual points of focus that we have chosen to assume here.

    And so, John, this is my suggestion to ask Spirit about – the value of our individual perspectives, for ourselves and for All-That-Is. Because that’s what I’ve come around to appreciate most – I’ve come around full-circle, so to speak, and this is where the true joy for me really arises from!

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