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One of the most common complaints Spirit and I hear from folks is they don’t know how to be happy unless certain conditions are met. Conditions that often have nothing to do with them, and which are beyond their control.

Sound familiar? That was the way I lived my life for many years—till I finally woke up.

Here are some of Spirit’s thoughts.


As John said, we hear lots of excuses why people think they cannot be happy. Notice we said “excuses,” not “reasons.”

There are no good reasons why you cannot be happy. But if you insist there are—well, then you’ll find them.

As your wonderful writer, one of John’s favorites, Richard Bach said, “Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they’re yours.”

  • You make your happiness dependent on someone else’s choices. For example, if your lover is unhappy, then you will be unhappy.
  • You tell yourself you’ll be happy when you get that perfect partner, job, degree, etc.
  • You’ll be happy when you have XXX number of dollars in the bank.
  • You’ll be happy when you can quit your miserable job.
  • You’ll be happy when you retire.
  • You’ll be happy when you can move to that new house.
  • You’ll be happy when you can move to that new town.
  • You’ll be happy when you can buy that shiny new car.
  • You’ll be happy when you have more influential friends.
  • You’ll be happy when your book is published.
  • You’d be happy if you could return to those “good old days.”
  • And so on.

None of any of that will make you happy.

Happiness comes from within you. And it comes from within the now moment—not some dim distant past, nor some dreamy far-off future.

Be fully present in the moment, knowing the universe (or God, if you prefer) knows all your desires—and is aligning all the energies needed to bring you those desires.

If you acknowledge and accept that, and live only in the present moment, then you will be happy.

It’s that simple.


In this video spiritual teacher Adyashanti talks about the futility of searching for happiness in all the wrong places.

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How happy are you, really? Do you have all the happiness in your life you want and deserve? If not, what can you do about it? Please share your thoughts and comments with us.

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