Why Aren’t We Winning Any Wars? by John Cali and Spirit

Tombstones_at_Arlington_National_Cemetery,_July_2006United States military cemetery at Arlington, Virginia, USA

In today’s world we seem to have a war on everything we consider undesirable.

We have a war on poverty, a war on drugs, a war on ignorance, a war on crime, a war on disease—not to mention the wars we wage against countries and people we disagree with.

What often strikes me most is the war on disease. I read a lot of obituaries—not out of any morbid sense of curiosity, but just an interest in knowing who’s moved on to their next adventure.

Many obituaries of people who’ve died “from” an illness say something like “Jack died after losing a years-long battle with cancer.” Or something like that.

But it’s always a battle—a battle against our own bodies. That certainly is not the way to cure anything. It’s always a losing battle, because death, as seen by our modern world, is our ultimate enemy and final conquerer.

Any time we fight “against” anything, it’s a “losing battle.” It doesn’t matter what it is—drugs, ignorance, crime, disease, etc.

When asked if she’d join an anti-war protest, Mother Teresa famously replied she would not—but she would participate in a peace rally.


As I write this post, I’m still travelling—so it’s quite short. However I’ll be home next week and things should be back to what passes for normal around here.

In the meantime, I’d highly recommend a wonderful blog post, recently written by my dear friend Barbara Clark, about all these wars we’re having. You can read it here at her Beyond Affirmations website.


This is not the kind of video we normally have on this website. But it makes a powerful point about the futility of war—any war.

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Do you all think these wars we’re fighting are doing our world any good? Are you fighting any of your own personal wars? Please share your thoughts and comments with us.


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11 Responses

  1. Barbara

    Hi John,
    That is a great video. It is wonderful to hear a voice of sanity. I had an America friend who spent five years in a U.S. prison for a drug offence. So I know the madness and devastation which can ensue.

    Thank you also for your kind words and links to my blog post. I had a smile when I realised we’ both picked the same theme for our blog post – again. 🙂

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Barbara. I agree — there is so much harm done, with so few positive results, by this country’s “war on drugs.”

      You’re quite welcome for the links to your post — it was my pleasure.


  2. Sandra (Sam) Heggen

    I sometimes use or buy into the idea of a war or something but I’m learning not to. A couple of months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and in spite of the “war or cancer,” that term didn’t feel right to me. I’ve had the “lump” removed but while it was with me, I tried to make it feel loved. It had a message for me, one I’m still going through, and I don’t want to mix up the message with the messanger. I was using a visualization CD at night and what came up as an ally was Puff the Magic Dragon1 LOL And all he did was go sit down between the two “lumps” and put his arms around them and love them. When the lumps were gone, Puff the Magic Dragon was no more, but was replaced by a lovely deep, dark brown dragon. Her actions were simply to go to the would and “sweep the floor” with her wings, removing any leftovers, I guess. But at no time did I go to war or feel that it would have been right to do so.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Sam, for sharing your experiences. Puff the Magic Dragon sure beats waging war. I’m glad you were able to clear everything out.

    • Martha

      Love this, Sam.

      In Chinese Astrology I am a Dragon. I love being a dragon!
      And I love seeing a dragon, Puff, being portrayed as a gentle protector, using his fire and might for good.
      So glad you are in the clear…..smoothe sailing..self loving….no more lumps!!!!




  3. Joseph

    “When will they every learn.” The famous line from a song well loved but often forgotten when ‘life happens.’ The whole idea of war implies battle, judgment, victimhood, right vs. wrong. It’s like Jesus’ statement about a house divided not being able to stand – humanity is the house but continuously divides itself because it is still in the process of learning, actually relearning, that it is One. It is god, both individually and universally. When that realization sinks in there is no reason to attack anything, as Data would state, ‘it’s illogical Mr. Spock.’ Until that lesson is fully embodied the concept of war and division will remain.

    When one focuses on war it is keeping alive the war thought energy, for thoughts are the creative energy behind physical existence, thus holding in place the very thing it is attempting to rid itself of. That is why Mother Teresa so wisely stated she would not fight or protest against war, rather she only chose to work from the envisioned end result which was peace. There is a whole different energy between the two.

    No war is ever won because winning implies there is a looser – someone less than. Since the truth is that we are all created from the same energy of God, thus all equal at our core, no one can then be better than or less than another. Sure, in the physical we create roles to show otherwise as our tools to learn the truth that the only thing that is real is Love and Oneness. That is why planet Earth is considered such an advanced teaching/learning plain of existence for here we have chosen to enter a state of forgetfulness so completely that remembering our roots of Love takes numerous incarnations, especially considering all the almost infinite potentials that we can create from to show otherwise.

    The channeled group JULIUS recently stated the easiest way to know what it feels like to be God, our true selves, is to be in Joy for it is in that state of being that GOD always exists. And when in the state of Joy you cannot hate, be angry, judge, feel less than, etc. BASHAR always tells anyone who asks about their work or purpose to just do whatever gives you the greatest feeling of Joy.

    “War, what is it good for – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING”

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Joseph. My spirit guides often say our purpose in life, our destiny, is joy.

  4. Sarah D

    Hi John,
    ‘Wars’ don’t have to be only major things. We can be waging little wars too – harbouring resentments, falling out with our children, beating ourselves up about situations in our lives for example. All of these things along with the ‘bigger stuff’ seem to stem from resistance. Blocking the natural flow of loving energy and the benevolence of the universe. For example, and I have mentioned this before, when my husband was ‘battling’ heart failure(I used that phrase on purpose!!) he went through some hellish procedures and all they did was bought him more time. We were fighting the inevitable and we really did see it as a war. In the end my husband slipped away peacefully during a surgical procedure trying yet again to save his life. Not knowing then what I believe now, death seemed terrifying and my husband really was a casualty of that war as he suffered greatly.
    On a lesser note, those little wars can certainly escalate out of proportion. How many of you have been in the middle of a small disagreement which turns into a huge drama?
    I do think that the answer is to just let go, let go of any resistance that is preventing the natural flow of love and practice the art of allowing!! Oh and drop all judgement!
    Blessings John

    • John Cali

      Thank very much, Sarah.

      I agree with you — wars do not have to be only major things. The “little” wars can also be devastating. My spirit guides (and other teachers too) often say peace on earth begins within each of us individually. The choice to create peace within ourselves draws us closer to peace among all humans. The same holds true of war. If we’re at war with ourselves or other individuals, that adds to the global strife we see all around us today.

      As you so perfectly pointed out, resistance and judgement are the villains here.


  5. Martha


    Thank you for this topic. I have often quoted that Mother Teresa story and love it.
    Her distinction illustrates so beautiful the contrast in energy between being AGAINST something and being FOR something.

    ALL WARS are forms of AGAINSTNESS.

    Giving energy to anything creates more of that thing.

    So as ABRAHAM so wisely says,

    ” When you say YES to something, the Universe delivers it to you.
    When you say NO to this thing I DO NOT WANT(!) – the Universe delivers it to you!”

    The Universe is very accomodating that way. So the key is to make a deliberate, conscious decision to give energy ONLY to that which we are wanting, from a FEEL GOOD state.
    This is the domain of the Visionary thinker. This is how we move from being non deliberate creators ( “How did I end up in THIS mess again??) to being Deliberate Creators.
    It’s a vibrational, magnetic universe and we are always attracting. The key is tending to our vibration 24/7. And using the contrast for the purpose of Creation – getting clearer about what we are asking for.
    Finding things to feel good about, a daily practice of appreciation, even simple things, noticing and giving thanks helps to keep our feel good vibration dominant and we will attract from that place.
    For me, my ego loves to find fault. Unconsciousness drives me up the wall. I’ve never understood why anyone would want to be mean to anyone ever. Let alone innocent animals.
    Being an ultra sensitive I have often felt like a human pinball in the game of life. I have, in the past, been easily triggered. So at the effect of all the nonsense that is swirling in this world that we have to put up with. I want balance, order, gentleness, peace harmony. I hate injustice and meanness. Was violently abused as a kid, beginning at age 2 all the way through made me very fearful and insecure within myself.
    I was crushed by it. I was angry. No one came to save me. I had to run away. I set lff on the Hero’s Journey. I became a warrior for Truth. A valiant Knight of the Light! My heart is true. But you see, riding around on my white horse in a dense 3D world is a futile battle. Recently I came to see this is a losing battle. I tried my whole life to wake up my family. It didn’t work. They didn’t change. In fact, they got worse. Alot worse. It nearly destroyed me.

    I can’t get anybody to be anything other than what they are. It’s a battle I can not win. It’s not my job to make order out of chaos. Except inside myself. Everyone is in their own point of attraction, on their own journey. People wake up when they are ready. No rush.
    So I decided that if I want to be happy, I have to cease trying to be the hero riding around trying to rescue people and save myself – because I am the one who needs rescuing.
    ” I AM THE ONE I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR ” – to borrow from the Hopi.
    I can see that I was hinging my own happiness on what other people were doing or not doing.
    And THAT, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the biggest trap in the world. A BIG DEAD END. THAT is what creates WARS. THE ULTIMATE DEAD END.

    So I decided, ( and quite recently ) to turn my attention to LOVING ME.

    As ABRAHAM says,


    Now, everytime I encounter a ” meanie ” on the road of life, instead of putting energy into trying to set that suffering soul straight, I am using it aa a touchstone to take a moment and say,


    It seems to be working. Even if I forget and get sucked into the negative for a few seconds, I am getting better at righting myself pretty quickly. Then I give myself extra points for THAT!

    Pretty soon my intent is those meanie encounters will become less and less until they dissolve from my radar altogether and I’ll only attract ” Lovies “.

    You might say I have called a Ceasefire. I am winning the war I was waging upon myself, by turning my attention to LOVING ME.

    Because I want to create more of THAT.



    • John Cali

      Thanks so much, Martha, for sharing your thoughts and comments. As you said, the only way to “win” a war is to use love as our “weapon.”


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