Can You Heal Your Body Without Doctors? by John Cali

Witch Doctor Healing by Malcolm Lidbury

A recent article in The Independent, a British news site, reported Pentecostal church pastors in Britain were telling their church members with the AIDS virus to rely on God for healing—and to ignore medical doctors.

At first I thought the pastors were being foolhardy and irresponsible. But the more I thought about it, the more sense it made.

As one of the pastors in the article said, “…we believe that the first healing comes from inside, it’s a spiritual healing. Some people are hurt, they have broken hearts. If you are healed from inside, then you are healed from outside as well.”

Although my spirit guides have never told anyone to ignore traditional medicine when they need healing, they have said (many times) all healing is self-healing. They have also advised choosing only traditional doctors who believe that.

As the great teacher Alan Cohen once said, “Choose a doctor who will find something right with you.” Focusing on what’s right with our bodies (even when they are not in perfect health) will, I believe, greatly facilitate our healing.

Here’s Dr. Deepak Chopra, on Healing Quest TV, giving one of the clearest explanations I’ve ever heard of spiritual healing—what it is and how it happens.

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Do you believe in spiritual healing? Is not all healing spiritual? Do you have any healing experiences you’d like to tell us about? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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About John Cali
John Cali is a writer, blogger, and channel for a group of spirit guides. His next book is Real Answers to Life’s Pesky Questions: Conversations With Spirit, Book 1. John lives in northwestern Wyoming. Sign up for his newsletter here.

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  1. Micki

    Hi John,

    How true is that, when life goes well, when we are happy, well and everything falls into place, I believe our spirit is in touch with our physical body, then we have a experience that tests us and we seek advise elsewhere, which I agree with you is ok, it helps us get on track again. We are all here for one reason or another, some are here to help with physical healing and some are here for spiritual healing. Life is a wondrous thing and I for one learn something everyday.
    Love and hugs to you John.

    • John Cali

      Hi Micki,

      Thanks very much. You have a beautiful perspective — ” Life is a wondrous thing and I for one learn something everyday.” I learn something every day too.

      Love and hugs to you, my dear,

  2. Lindah

    EVERYTHING is from the INSIDE-OUT. Whatever is manifesting on the outside is a perfect match to what is active on the inside. This is a powerful knowing, knowing that i have the infinite power and means to experience wellness or illness if i choose.

    The way i FEEL is the best indicator telling me and calling me towards in every millisecond in every moment where my bliss is, so i can choose to move towards it of away from it hehe

    LOVE is the healer of all things…but SELF LOVE (self appreciation) is where it begins.

  3. jerry

    Thanks for the subject, John, it’s just what I need at this time to be reminded of our own power to be who we truly are! The video was a great help, also! 🙂


    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, Jerry. And thank you for your constant love and support!


  4. Mikala

    My answers to your questions are Yes! and Yes!.
    I also wish to make the statement that if one is suffering, there is nothing “wrong” with seeing an earthly physician. The body will always heal itself, that is how it is made. However, depending upon other items in your life, such as severe stress, the sudden death of a loved one, and such things, the body is trying to heal first your inner physical reactions. That is when you are most likely to draw other illnesses to yourself. When the body is overwhelmed with its need to heal, it may take a long time to get everything back to perfect health. Your thinking also is a part of this. It is quite difficult to ignore severe pain. It can be done for awhile, but in the long term, that type of pain will continue to get your attention. Back to the spiritual, we attract that to which we give our attention. Big, bad circle. If a human physician can give the body support in more rapid healing of illness, it is a blessing, and speeds the healing process the body is trying to do on its own. I believe that all avenues of healing are spiritual, and I think it is not a spiritual perspective to tell people not to see physicians.

    I have been a spiritual healer for over close to 40 years, so I also know that certain conditions cannot be healed by the scientific physicians. And, there are some physical “illnesses” that only the person themselves can heal.

    Our bodies know how to heal themselves, we have immense support for instant healing from the spiritual realm, and we have wonderful options here for receiving support. All of that is spiritual.

    When we realize in our minds and hearts that all is ONE, and that ONE is ME, we will all have perfect health.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Mikala.

      I agree with you — there is nothing wrong with seeing an earthly physician. If seeing one can accelerate a person’s healing, then I would say “Just do it!” As you said, all healing is spiritual, and our bodies know how to heal themselves.

      Our bodies also know when it is time to die, for death itself can be a powerful healing. Even though there really is no death, just a continuation of life. For all truly is one.

  5. Martha

    Wellness is an inside job.
    And YES — you are THAT powerful!

  6. Toni

    Oh, to feel those things! Will it ever happen?

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