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I’m still travelling, and so this post is another brief one. They’re all likely to be short till I return home again.

As I’d mentioned in an earlier article, my son and his family are in Kiev in Ukraine. If you’ve seen much recent news, you know the situation there is explosive, to say the least.

His mother and I are understandably concerned with our son’s safety—also with the safety of his family and everyone else involved in this situation. So we’re a bit preoccupied with all that right now.

In situations like this, it’s sometimes challenging for our human minds to wrap themselves around what my spirit guides (and other teachers) often say: “All is well.” And also, “You have never made a mistake.” And “All is as it should be.”

Those concepts are sometimes tough ones for us to accept.

Lately I’ve wondered about my son’s choice to enter his current career. Our family has totally supported him, and will continue to. I do not doubt everything will work for the highest good of all involved, even if we cannot understand or see clearly through to the ultimate outcome.

Is there a light at the end of this dark tunnel? I believe there’s a light at the end of every dark tunnel. But we have to be willing to look for it.


Is this new year of 2014 any different from 2013? Are our world, and our personal and spiritual lives, going to be better this year—or not? Here are Lee Carroll and Kryon with a powerfully uplifting message. Thanks, Barbara, for sending it to us!

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