I believe in God, only I spell it Nature. ~ Frank Lloyd Wrightgod-594709__180Our title today is taken from one of A Course In Miracles’ daily lessons.

I realize it’s hard for many of us to see that God truly is in everything we see. When I first started channelling years ago, people often asked my spirit guides who — or what — God was. I was asking that question myself.

My guides’ answer was as simple as it was profound: “God is all that is.” That answer has never changed over all these years.

It took me a while to integrate their answer into my thinking and my work. Today it’s an integral part of both. It’s also a source of great personal and spiritual comfort to me.

If God is all that is, there can be nothing “evil” in the world. Evil is not part of God. Evil is simply a fiction, one of many we humans have created, that keeps us living in illusion.

Here’s Spirit.


Humans all too often give God credit for the good things, or what they define as “good.” And they blame God for all they define as “bad” or “evil.” A common question we often get from people is “How could God allow (fill in the blanks here — war, death, cruelty, illness, etc. etc.).

The real point here — and the only point — is God did not create any of those, nor does he “allow” them. You did and you do. That may sound like a contradiction in view of something we’ve said many times: “You are God.”

The problem is the “you” (what you call “ego”) who created war, death, etc. has become divorced from the “you” that is God.

Do you really believe you are God? You probably don’t have trouble seeing God — or at least the hand of God — in a beautiful sunrise, a green peaceful valley, a baby’s eyes, a majestic mountain. But to see God in yourself is difficult — and perhaps even more difficult, in other humans. That’s the real challenge.

In fact, that challenge is your entire reason for choosing to come into physical life. You came so God could see and experience the physical world through your eyes.

But a short time after you were born you were talked out of what you knew as an infant. You were literally brainwashed into believing you were not worthy. “I am not worthy” was a “mantra” that was part of the religious services in the church of John’s childhood.

Once you can fully see and accept yourself as literally God, then you will know God is in everything you see.

We’d suggest a good way to begin, or to accelerate, this process is to find something good, something positive that makes you feel good, in every person, every experience, every part of the natural world. Do that every day.

Yes, there is much in your news media you do not feel good about. But see all that for what it is — illusion. And don’t pay any attention to it. It is not reality.

The only true reality is love. God is love. You are love.

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What do you think an interview with God would be like? I love this video.



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