Going with the Flow of Life by John Cali

I was brought up in the Judeo-Christian tradition, as I know many of you were. We were taught the only road to success was hard work through pain and struggle. I bought into that perspective for much of my life. But no more.

Here’s Spirit.


We talk with many humans struggling in so many aspects of their lives — work, relationships, health, even their spiritual paths. It does not have to be this way. As we’ve said many times, you certainly can grow through struggle and pain. That’s one path you can choose. Another choice is the path of joy.

Either path works. All paths lead home. But why not choose the easier one?

Many of you have been taught (brainwashed) to believe if your life is easy, then you’re doing something wrong. When life becomes easy you just know it can’t last, and something is going to go wrong. Usually, because you expect it, something does go wrong. After all, you create your own experiences.

If you could see yourselves and your lives as we do, you would feel a huge sense of relief and joy. Even though you create all your life experiences — and often, the “wrong” experiences — we know whatever you are creating and living is for your highest and best good.

Sure, you can choose the path of struggle and pain. Or you can choose the path of joy. It’s your choice. But whatever choice you’ve made, you can change your mind (and your life) in a heartbeat.

Life was not meant to be a struggle. It was meant to be a joy. It was meant to be fun, even in the midst of challenges.

The universe is on your side. God is on your side. The angels are on your side.

Life is on your side. Go with the flow of life.


Do you go with the flow of life? Please share with us below.

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  1. Chuck

    Yeah thats a really powerful and beautiful response that i can use too!

  2. Raina

    Flow is a key word for me. I often say “go with the flow” and imagine that I am. Especially whenever I practice tai chi, I can connect in a visceral way with what it means to “flow” and “yield to overcome”. Thank you for the beautiful reminder, Spirit and John Cali.

  3. Rene

    Thanks John and Spirit! Ahh yes!! The old mind control at work handed down to generations of humans. Fortunately our higherselves takes over at the right time to wake us up from the mind conditioning that has kept humans slaves to success. It took me 50 years to wake up,,and once I did my life change, and I’m having fun!!!

  4. Chris

    Yes, yes, I’ve been hearing this for at least half of my life that I can choose to learn through joy. Such is my intent and has been for all these years. There are so, so many joys in my life for which I am grateful every day. What I don’t understand is why the physical pain has been getting progressively worse especially over the past few years. I seem to be a baffling, even frustrating client to the medical community. My chiropractor, who employs natural remedies and energy modalities, has commented that I must be from another planet!
    Comments appreciated.

    • Toni

      Chris, I hope this can help. I too have a wonderful life for which I am truly grateful, but there is one thing missing that I really, really desire. I’ve been asking and asking and not seeming to get an answer. I said to God that there must be something I need to do, so please let me know what it is so I can do it. I found out what to do today. I must get rid of resentment. I’d heard it before but dismissed it because I didn’t resent anything or anybody. Oh, but I did. It finally dawned on me. Even though I am happy for any good fortune that comes upon anyone, I secretly harbor the “why can’t it happen to me?” feeling. “Why can’t it be one of my kids,” “why can’t my daughter have the house she wants” “why does my son have to work so hard?” That’s resentment. Although I am happy for others, I resent that “it” didn’t happen to me or mine. I was almost giddy when I realized it.

      Ask God what is causing the physical pain. What is it that you need to do to get rid of the physical pain. My answer came in a little over a week of asking. Affirm that there is no pain in the Divine Design of your life. I hope this has been of some help.

      • Raina

        Wow, that is powerful. When I read your statement about resentment, I realized that that is how I feel! Thank you for pointing that out to me.

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