Golden Gate in the Heavens by Hans Brockhuis


Just moments ago it was raining heavily. The heavens still looked a bit grey, were full of ozone though, and smelled fresh, elated and loaded with expectation.

Askew above me an oval shining golden spot in the veil of clouds attracted my eye. To my surprise and with an elegant swing I unexpectedly rose up from the earth and seemed to travel in the direction of the golden gate in the heavens.

An unseen force took me and I wondered what to expect. What was it that pulled at me? Who brought this about? I had no idea. All I knew was that it felt serene. A warm tranquility enveloped me and I forgot all my earthly worries, assured it was unconditional love that had called me.

A presence, a force maybe, spoke softly about compassion, kindness, empathy and the power uniting all living souls in this and other universes. It was the power of God/Goddess/Source. The Power of Life, the Ki, or anything else you would name it. All sentient beings were, without exception, aware or unaware, connected to this universal power of existence. Thus they were able to choose to live, either here or there.

I looked about and saw fragments of clouds, which became clearer as we climbed. We? It occurred to me that the love I was feeling really was that of a companion. Someone who travelled with me, who moved with me through the skies and showed me things I had not been consciously aware of.

It grew lighter and brighter, and while climbing I felt as light as a feather. The luminosity was intense and increasingly I felt lightness, a love, and a power of life that bathed and caressed me.

Now we flew over a sloping landscape. My companion, whom I still could not see, showed me some astonishing objects, such as an immense glass building with a huge dome. Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome would fit inside it many times. In the structure extraordinary beings were to be seen, and for me it wasn’t clear at all what the activities they performed could mean. But when we floated over the dome, I perceived a wisp of a blissful affection that was emanating upon, from my viewpoint, not too beautiful creatures.

Farther on I noticed a large piece of granite that stood high above the landscape like a loose tooth. While coming closer the stone seemed to vibrate slowly. It revealed images about good and bad it had perceived during its long existence. This huge piece of stone radiated oneness and a sensation of solidarity with all that is animated. The granite seemed to pulsate with a life of its own.

In the distance a marble pyramid arose out of a green forest. On the tip of the structure a small platform was built and some sort of flying machine was parked there, out of which a number of reptile-like beings stepped down. One of those looked up with cold yellow eyes, its pupils distinctly marked with broad black vertical bands. To my astonishment the creature raised a four-fingered hand and unmistakably showed me a Peace sign!

On and on we went. The forest disappeared, replaced itself by an immeasurable sea of flowers that waved in a gentle breeze. Bigger and lesser animals, both carnivores and plant eaters, roamed peacefully alongside each other. Some were unfamiliar to me.

Scores of birds were flying about, sometimes settling upon foliage or solitary trees in between the colourful beauty of the various flowers. I just couldn’t stop looking at all this loveliness, all the stunning colours of which many I had never seen before. I felt more delighted all the time. My happiness increased and became exuberant, and I felt like revolving in the air in order to feel one with all the splendor. My body seemed to vibrate with a bliss I had never before experienced.

It wasn’t over yet, because a short distance further on a big swollen river meandered. We crossed it, and on the other side it was quite a different story. The town on that side of the river was flooded. Farther on the high grounds were barren and dry. The buildings that we saw had become ruins by the ravages of time, and the beings lurking there repelled me. I did not want to mingle with them in any way. Seeing them caused me intense fear.

It was at that precise moment my companion asked me if I thought that these beings, just like me, would not be children of God and if they would also be in need of the possibility to choose for the light if so desired? Of course. It had happened again. Once again I had succeeded in judging others without thinking. With a blush of shame I could only admit that these beings also had the freedom to choose for themselves, and that sometimes only a little push was needed to make them understand they also had been called to the light.

There was another aspect. No light without darkness; no up without down; no dry ground without water. It seemed that once again I had to be reminded about these facts.

I was still a bit ashamed, yet by and by as we flew the ground became greener and the horizon lighter. I was relieved because once again I had learned something, and this was first hand information. Something to be very grateful for. I looked sideways to my companion and wanted to thank her, but still I couldn’t see anything. Yet I heard a warm voice that said: “Do you realize now what it is to be light, to truly feel it and to give it away? Are you aware now that the heaviness and the darkness you felt are only apparent? Do you understand now that the dualities you experienced are only a means to be able to recognize the existence of light? It is the light to be able to see, the light to be, the light to grant anything to others. The sight of the gate in the heavens touched you and inside you there was this question. You wanted to know what was to be found behind that gateway. And now I ask you: did you find what you were looking for?”

Yes, I had found it, and more. I had learned great lessons and then and there I made the intent that when back, I would try to be that light. Feel it and carry it forward. Because why do we have to maintain this illusion of heaviness when it is so much easier to let the light and the love within us to become evident? Is it not so much easier to carry a light stone than a heavy one? Is it not so much easier to read by the light of a lamp in the evening, than to spoil your eyes in the darkness? Is it not much better to face your fears and let them pass, rather than to oppose them?

On that very moment I was back on proper soil. Gratefully I looked up; where I saw that the golden gate in the heavens now had closed itself. I wanted to thank my unseen companion, but it was impossible to feel her delicate energy anymore.

Copyright © 2014 Hans Brockhuis


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About Hans Brockhuis

Hans Brockhuis is a Dutch lightworker, writer and translator. His bilingual website: Running Fox Pages features spiritual work of himself and others. Working as a translator and editor, he has been and is active in processing various publications, either in English, Dutch or German. See his portfolio here. If you are interested to follow what Running Fox is offering, you may subscribe to his newsflashes. Simply send an E-mail to this address mentioning: “subscribe Running Fox’”in the subject line.

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  1. Shirley White

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I love this! I have had some wonderful and somewhat similar experiences in the other realms. I knew that others most certainly were as well. It is nice to have your confirmation.

    It is an exquiste journey, for sure!

    Hugs, Loves and Blessings
    Always Shirl

  2. Hans Brockhuis

    Thanks Pat, for your merry words. Too much honor, I would say. But then, I wrote it with great satisfaction.


  3. Pat

    Completely, totally and absolutely exquisite! (Not bad, considering that all is relative.) Great explanation of some difficult concepts.

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