How Can We Help Others Heal? by John Cali

One of our readers recently asked us this question:

When a group meditates and sends love/light/positive energy to a place or people or situation, can this help with healing?”

He also asked several related questions. These included:

  • The ideal size of the group.
  • Specific meditations or techniques.
  • Whether a small group could positively affect our entire society.
  • The number of repetitions needed.
  • And, in general, how to improve a group’s healing effectiveness.

Here are Spirit’s thoughts:

The best way you can help others heal is to heal yourself first. We cannot overemphasize the importance of that. An unhealed healer is not as effective as one who is healed and whole.

Group healing meditations can be very powerful if the group is, as you say, “on the same wave-length.” When you have a group with differing notions of healing, a group not “in sync” with each other, the healing is not as effective.

Also, it’s important to know no individual or group can heal another individual or group. That may sound like a strange statement. But all healing is self-healing. As healers all you can do is hold the space, the vibration of love that enables others to tap into their own inner healing powers.

If someone, for whatever reason, is not fully open to being healed they cannot be. Of course you, as a healer, cannot truly know another’s human or soul intentions. As we said, the best you can do is heal yourself first and then hold healing energy for another, or a group.

To answer our friend’s other concerns:

  • There is no ideal size for a healing group. In general, more people will generate more healing energy if they’re in tune with the others in the healing group.
  • There are no specific meditations or techniques needed. Whatever the group feels comfortable with is fine. Far more important than technique is intention—the group’s intention to help others heal.
  • A small dedicated group could certainly affect your entire society. But so too can a single individual. Throughout your history you’ve seen many examples of individual healers who were and are very effective and powerful.
  • Repetition is less important than intention. If the group feels guided to do repetitive healing sessions, fine. Often a single session is all that’s needed.
  • Finally—how to improve a group’s healing effectiveness. We’re repeating ourselves, but the primary way is to heal yourselves first, and then to hold the clear intention that all those the group focuses on will be healed in the manner and timing that is for their highest and best good.


What our your thoughts about healing? How much can we influence others for the better with our loving thoughts and words?

We welcome your comments and thoughtful opinions, whether you agree or disagree with us. Please keep your comments polite and relevant to the topic of this article. If needed, we’ll edit for clarity. Also, we’ll delete anything we consider inappropriate.


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21 Responses

  1. Lynn

    Thank you John and all those who responded to my post.

    I just want my life, without being controlled by a man I have no respect for.

  2. Pedro

    I agree with Spirit. And I feel that when there is any kind of intention, this is the fastest way that things go wrong:-) because Heal happen by itself. And people who “wants” to Heal someone don’t know who is the I that wants. Desire is ego, no matter if is a “good” desire or a bad one.
    I think the Energy of Love is the Great Healing and holding this energy, people heal themselves, even if you are doing other things.
    the best place where one can be is the Heart.
    Thank you very much John for this page, and for the “Spirit Oracle Cards”, they are wonderful!
    thanks to Spirit and thanks to all people who write.

  3. Lynn

    I know what extreme bullying feels like. I have also learned that it is acceptable behavior and there is nothing wrong with it. I have learned that the god people believe in, think abuse is ok, when they say it is ok. It is all on their terms. They make up the rules as they go. People wonder why our world is so mean and crazy.

    John, you and spirit talk about how we create our worlds. There is one problem with this. When one person stands alone and says no and 1000’s of others believe certain abusive behavior is acceptable for that person. What energy is going to win. The person standing alone in truth, or the 1000’s lying, bullying and abusing that person, because they say it is ok to do, to just that one person? But it is wrong for anyone else!

    Who needs healing in our world? The People that abuse others, or the abused? The greatest lessons I have learned. People never change. People will stand up for the rich and not the poor and vulnerable. People love lying and denying more than honesty and right actions. Small lie’s create enormous, chaos and confusion. When the lie continues for years on end, it creates a tangled web of utter insanity. People wonder why our world is so mean and violent. Because people tell them what they are doing is ok, there is nothing wrong with it. So they continue to do the same things over and over and over.

    I have changed through all the abuse the world did to me. I am not the naieve and gullible person I use to be. I learned people lie and that lying is ok. I am not a door-mat like I use to be. I will stand up and be strong about my convictions, even if I stand alone. I changed, people were use to me being a door-mat. But I changed. people don’t like what i changed to, because it is just like them. A mirror to who they are and their actions. They like to dish out abuse, but don’t like when it happens to them. They call the one’s they abused, mentally ill. But who is really mentally ill? They say the one’s abused, need healing. Who really needs healing?

    When you tell the people, what they did to me, should be ok for their life and their families, they get really mad and angry. They don’t like it. Why, because they know it is wrong. But it was ok for my life. Healing for me, is expressing myself and making people accountable for their abusive actions (that have gone on for 13 yrs). Healing for me, is knowing lying and hurting others is ok. That is what society has taught me. Healing for me, is knowing this is my life, not my fathers, brothers, a muslim man’s or anyone else. This is my life and I get to do what I want with my life. And if people want to continue bullying, harassing and destroying my life. I will do the same to theirs.

    You better believe I am fed up at human beings. Especially liars and destroyers. When a man needs to control a woman for any reason and the world thinks it is ok, that is when a woman needs to stand alone and say this is my life, no you don’t get to destroy my life for any reason ever!

    The Way of the Warrior talks about how a warrior does not control, manipulate, abuse or misuse others. It is confusing, because what I have learned from society is the opposite. People’s actions showed me the exact opposite. That controlling and abusing another is ok. At least that is what they think is ok, for my life and not theirs.

    Healing for me is being able to tell my story and express myself. A man has played divide and conquer with my life, my families, friends, employers and many many others for 13 years. No I am not going to sit down and shut up.

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Lynn, for your perspective.

      I invite all of our readers who would like to respond to Lynn to do so in this forum. Or, if it feels right for you, respond to her privately at her email address.

      Thanks very much.

        • John Cali

          I’m not sure what you’re referring to, Beachdrifter. Could you give me some details?

          • beachdrifter

            Sure, when leaving a reply, you give:

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            Email (WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED) (required)
            Website (optional)

            When you said we can reply to Lynn by her email address, it’s not visible to us. But I assume it is to you as the moderator, since, after all, we give it while we leave a reply.

          • John Cali

            Okay, thanks — you’re right. I’d forgotten that. I see the email address, but no one else does. So the way around that would be to simply ask (on this forum) the person you want to email for permission.

    • Chuck

      Hi Lynn,
      thanks for your perspective.

      I think its excellent and amazing you stood up for yourself.
      Spirit i would think would want you to stand up and really be who you are.
      So you should not tolerate being abused at all.

      i am still learning but can offer a perspective.

      There is lot out there that we still dont know about.
      For example the Earth right now is moving at 100,000 km/hr and is also spinning at 1000 km/hr. Science has proven this but still we cannot see or feel it. And if you were to go back in time few hundred yrs you wont be able to convince anyone there that this is what you know.
      Its also incredible that we can hardly look at Sun and its blinding light and in reality its 98 million miles away. What kind of light it can be that can blind you from that far? With naked eye i feel its impossible to fathom its that far away.

      so for me its good to try out what different people say and see if that feels TRUE to you. like a deeper knowing.
      You can see what Sprit says and see for yourself. You can then disregard what does not ring for you and keep that which you can truly deeply resonate with.
      i cant say for 100% but lot of what Spirit says does feel right for me. When they say our focus, belief and thoughts create our reality, w/o getting into specific scenarios in general that feels right.

      Regarding opinions that people love lying, people never change, etc is it possible thats one perspective?? Obviously you dont know billions of people and how each is.
      Or at least if you can entertain the idea that maybe there are a lot of people who are like you also, who don’t want to lie and cheat or bully and want to be loving towards each other etc.
      Or what if you can find those few people who love honesty, are true with each other in loving ways. And what if you don’t have to deal that much with the liars, bullying people anymore?
      Would that then matter that there are liars and bullying people out there? or would you then have a different picture of the world. Like the world changed because of your focus?

      Quite a few things i am still trying to figure out.
      You have to also do it for yourself.
      best of luck in your journey.

    • rainbowolf~bridge

      i am so sorry to hear of the pain & suffering you have been through Lynn. My heart truly goes out to you in ALLLove & Healing. Such painful wounds take Time, Trust & lots of Love. With your permission, i would be grateful to send Love, Healing & Comfort to help heal the painful wounds you still have. May swift Angels Comfort, Heal & bring Peace thru the process of deep healing. You are truly loved without measure, Dear One.
      i hope you find this awareness in your heart soon! Bright Blessings!

  4. Elsa

    Dear John,

    Thank you so much, first of all, for all the beautiful work you do with Spirit!
    I´m both a healer a translator and I´ve had the honor and absolute privilege of translating and subtitling “Tuning In” in Portuguese. I am also Lee Carrol´s translator of several books and interpreter on stage when he brings Kryon to Portugal. I am also Eric Pearl´s interpreter and since I did the first “Reconnection” Seminar as a translator / interpreter, I just had to get involved in that work and practice it as well. So now, I am also a Reconnective Healing practitioner and am still in awe with this work everyday I practice it. The book “The Reconnection – Heal Others, Heal Yourself” states clearly (even on the cover) that you must first heal yourself, which is a very different approach from what we´ve always had before -even in mythology, with Chiron, the wounded healer, being able to do for others what he couldn´t do for himself… I know that Kryon validates Eric Pearl´s work, as well as Peggy´s Lattice work (EMF), but I would love to hear spirit´s opinion on why this type of healing is now available to everyone to access and why it is so different from other forms of healing? I see the miracle cures happen before my eyes all the time, but my rational mind keeps wanting to know how is this possible? And is this has only been on the planet recently because the veil is thing and we all have more access to our higher-selves? Our total, collective selves? I´m very very interested in what spirit has to say about the Reconnection and the book that´s behind it all: JJ Hurtak´s “The keys of Enoch, The book of Knowledge”?

    Thank you so much again! Much love from Portugal,

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Elsa, for your kind words — and for taking the time to write. I’ve read Eric’s book, albeit some time ago. And I know Lee Carroll and the wonderful work he does. Perhaps we can answer your questions for Spirit in some of our upcoming blog posts and articles.

      Thanks again,
      Love & hugs

    • beachdrifter

      Hi Elsa,

      you wrote: “I would love to hear spirit´s opinion on […] why it is so different from other forms of healing?”

      What are the things that, in your opinion, make it “so different”? Are you just talking about the notion that you need to be whole yourself?

  5. Micki

    I agree with Spirit, John, you have to be healed yourself, but you can lead by example and by showing that to a person, that there is a way of healing yourself, through loving and caring about them is a good start. As you know I am in that situation with this guy that didn’t think much of himself, but by living in a positive envronment filled with a lot with laughter and joy and positive input, life does improve and a more positive healing can happen. My friend is on his way, 2 steps forward and one step back, but he is getting the picture that he is quite a nice guy afterall.
    Love and huge hugs to you John and of course a big thanks to you and Spirit for you input.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Micki! Yes, I do know the wonderful work you’re doing with your friend. Love and laughter are such powerful healing forces. You are a bright shining example and role model for us all.

      Lots of love & big hugs to you, my dear.

  6. rainbowolf~bridge

    As a shamanic healer now, for almost 2 decades on this current path, what Spirit says is true. We each must heal ourselves before we can heal the rest of the world.
    However, i might add that once a group of healers, with like intention & like purpose work together for the highest blessing in each instance & for “the highest good of All” many miracles begin to occur! The reiki-seichim group i have worked with for years has helped bring so many miracles into being with the blessing of Spirit & all the Angels on a worldwide level.. Pure Intention & Pure Love, along with healing ourselves, is what we are all about. Think about the situation with the Chilean Miners who were not expected to survive in the amount of time it was to take to free them from the underground cave-in that had them trapped miles under ground. For me, this was one of the greatest group miracles i have ever seen in my lifetime. The world together prayed with these men, their families & friends….in our hearts we all worked with Great Spirit to see the lives of these brave men, saved, returned to their families & living to thank the Creator every day for their lives. The Ancient Ones, Ancestors, Angelic Messengers, Animal Guardians, Devic Beings, Elements & Elementals, are all part of the Creator, and each in turn also hear every pure prayer. At this time when it is needed most, don’t ever give up, or ever give in, Beloveds. The Creator is listening with Great Love, Affection & Joy because we are standing in that very Love in which He/She birthed us into this world. We each in a small way & a very BIG WAY together, save Earth Mother every day with our prayers of Love & Healing! AHO! MITAKUYE OYASIN! WE ARE THE GHOST DANCE!!!!

  7. Joseph

    I totally agree with Spirit. Loving our self is priority #1. When there is any ‘lack’ of love for our self, our vibration is less than optimal and thus the energy we send will be less than optimal. #2 is coming from our heart. If we attempt to assist another from our head there is no love energy contained within our intention so little, if any, energy is actually being sent. And #3 is knowing in your heart that your are perfect / all-that-is so there is no thought of an expectation to anything you are working to accomplish – all is just as it is until it is not. As Spirit reminds us, no one can heal another, we can only support them; love being the highest form of support one can give.

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