One of our readers recently asked us this question:

When a group meditates and sends love/light/positive energy to a place or people or situation, can this help with healing?”

He also asked several related questions. These included:

  • The ideal size of the group.
  • Specific meditations or techniques.
  • Whether a small group could positively affect our entire society.
  • The number of repetitions needed.
  • And, in general, how to improve a group’s healing effectiveness.

Here are Spirit’s thoughts:

The best way you can help others heal is to heal yourself first. We cannot overemphasize the importance of that. An unhealed healer is not as effective as one who is healed and whole.

Group healing meditations can be very powerful if the group is, as you say, “on the same wave-length.” When you have a group with differing notions of healing, a group not “in sync” with each other, the healing is not as effective.

Also, it’s important to know no individual or group can heal another individual or group. That may sound like a strange statement. But all healing is self-healing. As healers all you can do is hold the space, the vibration of love that enables others to tap into their own inner healing powers.

If someone, for whatever reason, is not fully open to being healed they cannot be. Of course you, as a healer, cannot truly know another’s human or soul intentions. As we said, the best you can do is heal yourself first and then hold healing energy for another, or a group.

To answer our friend’s other concerns:

  • There is no ideal size for a healing group. In general, more people will generate more healing energy if they’re in tune with the others in the healing group.
  • There are no specific meditations or techniques needed. Whatever the group feels comfortable with is fine. Far more important than technique is intention—the group’s intention to help others heal.
  • A small dedicated group could certainly affect your entire society. But so too can a single individual. Throughout your history you’ve seen many examples of individual healers who were and are very effective and powerful.
  • Repetition is less important than intention. If the group feels guided to do repetitive healing sessions, fine. Often a single session is all that’s needed.
  • Finally—how to improve a group’s healing effectiveness. We’re repeating ourselves, but the primary way is to heal yourselves first, and then to hold the clear intention that all those the group focuses on will be healed in the manner and timing that is for their highest and best good.


What our your thoughts about healing? How much can we influence others for the better with our loving thoughts and words?

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