How To Conquer Fear Forever by John Cali and Spirit

I’ve grown certain that the root of all fear is that we’ve been forced to deny who we are. ~ Frances Moore Lappe



I firmly believe, as the above quotation says, the root of our fear is always denying our true selves.

We are, after all, God in human form, albeit temporarily. Fear does not exist for God. Fear is only an illusion we’ve created because we have forgotten our divine heritage, our true identity.


Fear is one of the biggest bugaboos you humans have created for yourselves. As John says, you have manufactured this illusion you call fear because you’ve forgotten who you are. You’ve forgotten you are God.

Do you think God lives in fear? Do you think we in the realms of spirit live in fear?

So what if your economy is going to hell? So what if your nations are warring against one another? So what if your world’s governments are playing stupid games?

All of that will pass. It must pass because nothing in your world lasts forever.

You have a choice here, in this world that seems to be falling apart. You always have a choice. Yes, you can choose to live in fear. Many of you argue fear keeps you safe. But safe from what? Safe from life?

Why do you think life is dangerous? Why do you feel threatened by what’s happening in your world today? Often it’s because you fear death. But death is an illusion too.

Nothing can harm you. Nothing!

Sure, you can live in fear and give yourself a false sense of security. Or you can live in God’s love and give yourself a real sense of security.

Then you will remember you are God. Then you will live without fear. You will live in total trust, knowing all is always well.


Adapted from the Spirit Oracle Cards by John Cali, Frederic Calendini, and Stephanie Quesada (2014)

Copyright © 2015 by John Cali

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In this powerfully moving video a young man talks about growing up in fear, learning to face his fear, and then creating a life without fear.


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10 Responses

  1. Gail

    Thank you for the reminder to face these times without fear.
    Blessings, Gail

  2. Patricia

    Beautifully written……thanks so much! Also in tune with my thoughts.

  3. Jennifer

    thank you John , you always seem to be in tune with my thoughts and needs and daily reminders, especially on fear.

    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, Jennifer. I’m delighted you found the message helpful. I think we all need reminders on fear now and then.

  4. Pat H.

    As has been stated before (perhaps by you and Spirit) there are two basic emotions: Joy (or love) and fear. Every other emotion is an alteration or outgrowth of those. Obviously the young man in the video has made a beautiful transition from fear to love. It was a lovely thing to see. So, like Christine, I thank you for the reminder.

    • John Cali

      I don’t remember, Pat, where I first heard about the two basic emotions. It may have been Abraham. As you say, every other emotion is rooted in one of those two, and is a variation of it.

      You’re quite welcome for the reminder. I certainly need those reminders now and then.

  5. Christine

    Thanx John, you always show up for me in perfect timing..needed this reminder. Love, Christine

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