While the mainstream news media mostly focus on “bad” news, occasionally they will come out with something positive. The other day I read an article talking about all the scientific studies done over the years on the link between food and cancer.

Since this is the holiday season, when food plays a larger-than-normal role in our lives, I thought this would be a good subject for today.

It seems almost every type of food we put into our bodies every day has, at one time or another, been labeled a cancer risk.

Two scientists, Jonathan Schoenfield and John Ioannidis, had their suspicions. So they did extensive research into the so-called scientific studies. As Ioannidis said, “What we see is that almost everything is claimed to be associated with cancer, and a large portion of these claims seem to be wrong indeed.”

Interesting! I wonder how much fear and guilt these studies have instilled in people’s lives and hearts.

Here’s Spirit.

Anything you do from a place of fear or guilt is never going to benefit you. The negative energy of the fear and guilt will override anything positive you may have gotten from the experience.

This certainly applies to the food you eat to sustain your bodies. Even if you ate the most natural, healthy food you could find, it would not truly nourish you or your bodies if you are fearful or guilty, suspecting the food may contain something deadly.

Fear and guilt are running rampant on your planet today. They rob you of so much joy and peace. If you live your lives centered in that powerful place within, as you align with your higher selves, nothing can harm you.

Follow your own inner guidance, knowing it is always your highest and best authority, bar none.

The scientific studies John mentioned seem to have exonerated many of your common foods from any link to cancer. And yet we know many people have indeed developed cancer from eating those foods. It wasn’t the foods that caused the cancer. It was the fear and guilt.

Live your lives joyfully, letting go of all fear and guilt. There is nothing to fear, nothing to feel guilty about. Just remember you came here to have fun and to enjoy your lives.

Celebrate life. Celebrate yourselves. All is well.

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