Do You Know How Powerful Your Words and Thoughts Are? by John Cali and Spirit

Mother_Teresa_1985_croppedKind words can be short and easy to speak,
but their echoes are truly endless. ~ Mother Teresa

Are you aware of how powerful and life-changing your thoughts and words can be? I am not always—so I can use occasional reminders.

Our words and thoughts carry their own unique energies and vibrations.

Here are some thoughts and words from Spirit, in no particular order.

  • Where you put your attention or focus is where you are—and what you are focused upon will be affected, positively or negatively. It all depends on whether you are projecting love or something less than love with your thoughts and words. 
  • Life can be much simpler than many humans make it out to be. So simplify your life by imagining yourself seeing the world, everyone, and everything through God’s eyes. 
  • Speak your truth kindly. Think kind thoughts. 
  • By focusing on anyone or anything, you are matching your vibration to that person or thing. This can work for or against you. If you notice the negatives—for example, the anger or hatred of another, you will be drawn into that vibration. And dragged down by it. 
  • If you notice the love, the good in another you will be drawn into that vibration, and uplifted by it. Do that for yourself also—focus on all the love, the good within you. 
  • You have it within your power, even in the physical presence of someone or something negative, to remain completely apart from them. Simply think thoughts of love, and nothing negative can touch you. 
  • You are all connected. You are one. An overused phrase perhaps, but an accurate one. Which is why your words and thoughts affect everyone and everything on the planet—and beyond.
  • Never believe what you do, say, or think is in isolation. It’s not possible.
  • Every word you speak, every thought you think, every deed you do has powerful repercussions, reverberating throughout the universe.
  • You have the power to affect all that is negatively or positively—your choice. Choose wisely, with compassion and love.
  • Act, speak, and think only from a place of love.
  • Every act, word, thought from a place of anything less than love contributes to the pain so many are feeling today.
  • Love can help ease the pain others feel. Love can help your brothers and sisters begin to heal themselves.
  • Each of you individually, coming from a place of love, have the power to heal yourselves and the world.
  • That is how powerful your words and thoughts are. Use your power wisely, with love, kindness, and compassion.


This is a fascinating video of Marcel Vogel, the late, well-known IBM research scientist, doing a dowsing demonstration. If you have any doubts about the power of your words and thoughts, this video should dispel them.

(Some of you know my good friend, Bob Fritchie of World Service Institute. Many years ago Bob and Marcel did some remarkable healing work together. Bob continues doing healing work today. He’s quite an amazing guy.)

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Have you had any experiences that demonstrate the power of your words and thoughts? Please share your comments with us.


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26 Responses

  1. Joseph k

    I been thinking about this sort of thing for a Longtime now
    My idea is that we are writing the script of our lives with our thoughts and program’s
    Which program and impact or write the script that plays out in our outer lives
    So it’s like your mind is holding a pencil that’s writing and drawing out your outer life scenario
    Also another realisation I had is about resonance
    If you centre yourself and get in touch with your natural core energy, through any way possible ,meditation,creativtty or just by simply being true to yourself
    Anyway that natural vibration./energy then resonates around you and resonates with all the things that reflect who you really are in the world
    Law of attraction in a nutshell
    Also it helps if you encounter energy you don’t wish to expirience in the world
    You just tune out that energy by stopping yourself from resonating with it
    Not letting it drag you down or feel bad
    And being strong enough to stay in youre energy and watching it affect and reflect in the outer state through resonance ,thereby tuning into the world and things in it you wish to expierience in life
    Anyway that’s my 2 cents
    Have a happy valentines everyone!

  2. Gail McGraw

    I loved t he Marcel Vogel video. I am into crystals and dowsing, but had never seen MV.

    Quite a treat. Thank you.

  3. Joseph

    Thank you John for reminding me of Marcel’s work – his crystal work is quite impressive if not the best ever.
    Someone wrote about emotions being the creative power, not the words/thoughts (which are the same thing – one expressed verbally, the other silent). You would not have a reason for emotion without a thought. Emotions are the fuel that amplify/intensify a thought and essential in increasing the attraction/magnetics of a thought/word.
    As your initial words indicated and then demonstrated by the video, our energy is always blending with other energy we come in contact with which opens us up to having our energy raised or lowered so in order to keep our energy as high as possible we need to hold loving thoughts and/or just be the unconditional observer who has no emotional connection – is neutral.
    In any situation where you feel constrictive or limiting energy the quickest solution is to remind yourself that you are god – “I Am God”. The Ego will fight this tooth and nails, but just know that that is its job and yours is to shine your light no matter what anyone else is trying to project on you.

  4. Jeanne

    A spiritual group I belong to used to get together a couple of weekends each year. One year we made dowsing rods much like the ones above. They were a heavy copper wire and the handles were put through a short piece of copper pipe. We put a big loop in the wire handles so they would not come off the pipe.

    We could dowse for anything we wanted by just deciding what it was we were looking for. We found coordination points around the house. After I took them home, our well dried up and we needed a new one. We were going to have a dowser come out and look for a good place. Just for fun, I went out and tried. I found where I thought there was a stream of water underground and then dowsed for how deep it was. The dowser came and found the ideal place to put a well. It was very close to where I had found and about the and a little deeper. I think it was deeper because there were two streams crossing and they drilled through the first to the second stream which was a ways below the first.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Jeanne, for sharing your experiences. Dowsing has always interested me, but I never tried till recently.

  5. Graham Cope

    Thank you for your wise words and thoughts, and thank you for posting this video. Has everyone else felt drained after firing off harsh words and thoughts at someone or something? How much better do we feel when we say or think something positive or loving? I struggle to get it “right” every time, but when I feel that I have, it’s wonderful, (or should I say wonder-fuel.)


    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, Graham. And thank you for your kind words.

      I understand what you mean by struggling to get it “right” every time. I used to torture myself endlessly when I did not get it “right” — whatever “right” meant in that moment. I finally gave up, and decided I was doing the best I could in that moment. And so was everybody else. That helped a lot.

  6. Barbara

    What an absolutely fabulous video. As you know, John, I’ve done similar experiments and even made rods exactly as Marcel did. But it never hurts to see this and to be reminded.

    Thank you for sharing that.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Barbara. Yes, I’ve also done similar experiments — in fact, recently. As you said, it does not hurt to be reminded of the powers we have.

      Love, John

  7. Sarah D

    Hi john
    Fabulous video. I’ve never seen dowsing rods used in that way before.

    I love what spirit says about seeing everyone, everything through the eyes of God. That’s something I really want to develop in my own life.

    I know how strongly our thoughts can affect those around us and I can feel this strongly when I am with my son. He has Autism and often his behaviour can be challenging. It is so easy to allow your thinking to become negative when you have a six year old screaming and hurting himself and smashing things up. And if that happens I can literally feel my vibration drop quite rapidly. But lately I’ve been able to see this through eyes of compassion and stay centred and calm. I can feel my vibration and feel actual control over it. And this benefits my son as I can then feel the calmness effecting him.

    I think it’s definitely true that children are very responsive and sensitive to others’ vibrations. I certainly find that with my son.

    Blessings to you John and thanks to Spirit for another great post.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Sarah. I was using dowsing rods like those a few weeks ago — my first time. It was very impressive.

      I know, from what you’ve told me about your son over the past few years, what a challenge it can be. We have a similar situation in our family.

      Blessings to you too, Sarah — and to Milo.

      • Sarah D

        Oooo that sounds interesting! How were you using them?
        Yes milo is a challenge but I have to remember he chose to incarnate and experience Autism and I also have to remember just how much I am learning through taking care of him. I love him so dearly and have so much respect for him and how much progress he is making.

        • John Cali

          I was doing some of the experiments in Pam Grout’s book, E-Squared. It was, as I said, pretty impressive.

          It’s always amazing to me what powerful teachers our children often are. My son certainly was/is one of my greatest teachers. I’m sure Milo’s progress is due, at least in part, to his loving mother.

  8. Tiat

    Guess I have to be the dissenter, I don’t think words or thoughts matter much. Emotions and belief systems create.


  9. Mikala

    Have you had any experiences that demonstrate the power of your words and thoughts?

    Every minute of every day from birth to present, so yes. We create each moment with words and thoughts, everything in our reality, so each joy, each challenge, each breath we take is created by us. Now, that’s power. Even being on Earth at this time was powered by our thoughts. And it gets better all the time. grin

  10. Pat

    Oh, I love this John. It’s so true and yet we don’t realize its importance. Beautiful demonstration by Marcel in the video.

    Thank you for this reminder and for sharing.

  11. beachdrifter

    What an interesting video, John! I’ve never seen anything like that.

    While I don’t need proof for the power of vibration anymore, it’s nice to see that it’s there for those looking for it (the rest will call it a scam, of course!).

    • John Cali

      Yes, it is interesting, beachdrifter. I’ve done it myself, but I still found it fascinating when Marcel demonstrated it to the group.

      I’m with you — I no longer need proof for the power of vibration. But, for those doubters who are seeking, this is a nice demonstration.

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