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This week’s article is adapted from a talk my spirit guides and I gave last week at Awakening Zone Radio.


Peace be with you!

We are delighted to be here tonight in this particular connection. We trust our words will resonate with you—and perhaps give you a greater sense, and a deeper sense, of who you really are.

Often the folks we talk with give “lip service” to the idea they are God, they are divine energy. When we remind them, some will say “Yes, BUT….”—and then proceed to argue for their imaginary limitations. They don’t really believe God is within them—or that God is them.

We realize you live in a challenging world today. The physical world of humanity has always been challenging. Today it’s particularly challenging. But you knew that before you incarnated. And you chose it anyway. Good for you! We applaud you.

But most of you have forgotten that you chose this. And so you’ve gotten confused or lost in the maze of physical life.

That’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up because of that. It’s part of the growth process you’ve all embarked on. Just know you will get through the maze. It does not have to be difficult. It can be easy—and even be fun.

While many humans are suffering today, the suffering was not predestined or preordained. And even in the midst of suffering you can find joy. It’s always there. It may seem a little hidden to you, but it’s always there.

The key to all this is to know you are never, ever alone. Your angels and your spirit guides are always with you, loving and supporting you. God is always with you, loving and supporting you. They are just a mere breath away.

There is no “bad” situation or experience you cannot turn around. There is no such thing, for example, as an incurable illness. It doesn’t exist. You are never stuck unless you believe you are stuck.

You’ve heard it said you are all one. Everything, every creature that exists came from the same source—from that divine energy many of you call God. Or you may use another name. But it’s all the same energy. It’s all the same source.

You are part of that energy, that source. You are God also. Remember that next time you are facing a challenge, no matter what it is. Even if it’s a life-threatening situation.

You will move through it. You will get to the other side. And you will find the peace and joy you are seeking.

Simply knowing God loves you, knowing you are God also, will open doors for you, expand your opportunities. The energies will align, and you will begin to move forward easily and effortlessly.

You will know the peace, the joy, the love you’ve been seeking.

It really is all that simple—because all this we’ve been talking about here tonight is within you—because you are God also.

Peace be with you all.

This video is an excerpt from the movie, Oh God! Starring comedian George Burns and singer John Denver. Some of you may not be old enough to remember it. Although the movie is a comedy of sorts, this excerpt has some powerful underlying messages.

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