Are We Multidimensional? by John Cali and Spirit

You are a multidimensional personality, and within you lies all the knowledge about yourself, your challenges and problems, that you will ever need to know. ~ Seth, as channelled by Jane Roberts

normal_Bierstadt-Albert-The-Golden-GateThe Golden Gate by Albert Bierstadt

Last Friday morning I awoke early, about 3:30 a.m. I felt strange — not in a bad way — just different from any feeling I’ve ever had in this lifetime.

A bit later I went to Frank’s Barber Shop for a haircut. (I’ve written about Frank before, here and here.) A visit with Frank is always uplifting. He’s a really funny, delightful guy. At 81 years old, he’s still cutting hair full time. He’s in great physical shape, and is one of the wisest men I’ve ever known.

The feeling I awoke with continued through the hour or so I was at Frank’s, and then beyond — including a trip to the grocery store a bit later. On the way home from the store I had a powerful, instantaneous insight into what was happening.

I’m not sure exactly where the insight came from, probably a combination of my spirit guides and my own intuition/higher self. But it was startlingly clear and, as I said, instantaneous — like a bolt of lightning.

Briefly, this is what the insight showed me:

I was, somehow, more fully present in the moment than I had ever been before. It was as if my perception of myself, other people, and the world around me was expanded and brilliantly clear. I felt detached and “above” it all, looking “down” at it.

I was totally at peace, within and without, fully there in that moment. It felt I was living and perceiving from two different dimensions — the “higher” dimension of Spirit or God and the “lower” dimension of physical human existence. Somehow the two had been “blended.”

I started thinking about a couple issues that had been bothering me lately — nothing serious, but still bothersome.

Suddenly I was seeing those issues in a totally new light. They no longer bothered me. It was as if I was observing them in another person, not myself. I was reminded of that little affirmation I use every day:

“Everything always works out for me.”

As I’m writing this the next day, Saturday, that amazing feeling is still with me.

I may ask my spirit guides what it was all about. Depending on what they say, we may talk about this again in another post.

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Here’s an interesting conversation with Alan Steinfeld of New Realities, and Dr. Eric Pearl and Kelly Woodruff of The Reconnection, as they discuss 5th dimensional reality.



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12 Responses

  1. Sarah

    Sounds like a wonderful experience! I remember when I was a little girl, I often used to feel like I was watching everything happening from a different angle. I used to tell my parents that it felt like I was in a movie.

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Sarah!

      It’s great that you can remember your childhood experiences like this. My spirit guides have said the wisest we’ve ever been is as little children, because we haven’t yet been “talked out of” our memories of “the other side.”

  2. Ron B.

    Different words mean different things to different people.
    One main reason for this is that we tend to have different beliefs to varying degrees. We also tend to not be conscious of most of our beliefs and the ones we are conscious of are for the most part never verified.
    Abraham often says that words don´t teach. We can have a memory we can access intellectually and learn to access more easily the more often we repeat it but that is not really ¨knowing ¨ from what can be called our Being.
    I like how Tom Campbell would describe your experience, John. He refers to the two different levels of consciousness as Big C consciousness and Small C consciousness.
    Small C is from the perspective of our physical reality while Big C is from the perpetive of our non-physical perspective. Of course he would reiterate that these are metaphors. So how do we know which is which? As channellers frequently tell us thoughts from the non-physical come in paragraphs, so to speak. They are more Big Picture. The originals rarely come in words but require an interpretation or translation. Observing these two can lead to a separate dimension feeling or conclusion. All that being said other worlds or realities or dimensions require personal experiences to become truths.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Ron, for your thoughts and comments.

      I really like Tom Campbell’s descriptions of big and small consciousness.

      I agree with you about channelled information, just from my own experiences with my spirit guides. They do not give me words (or paragraphs). The guides give me “blocks of energy,” which I then have to translate into words. Other channels I know have similar experiences.

      Thanks again, Ron.

  3. Mikala

    My answer to your question is “Yes!”
    But I think of this as growing, becoming all I can be and All That I AM. Our purpose here is to continuously open our hearts and minds to What We Really Are, and from that to become the Divine Virtues. How can we see ourselves as unified with the All That Is, and not change from earthly perceptions? We’re growing up.

    Hugs to all.

  4. Sarah D

    Hi John,
    I was so thrilled to read this post as your experience is so very similar to a series of episodes I experienced a few years ago. I was standing in line at Costa Coffee one afternoon when suddenly it was as though I had shifted perception. I was in the world but not of the world. I was acutely aware of colours, sounds, smells and my senses were on fire! I felt strangely detached yet totally aware of the interconnection between all things. This happened to me on many occasions over the next month and as time went on was accompanied by waves of unconditional love. I haven’t had such an intense experience for some time although I do get episodes where I feel disoriented and ‘out of alignment’.

    I always viewed it as drawing more into alignment with my higher self. I never really thought much about the multi dimensional aspect.

    Love and peace to you, John
    Sarah D

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Sarah! Your experience is fascinating!

      It’s experiences like yours that make us realize we are far, far more than most of us think we are. We truly are citizens of the universe, not just this planet.

      I see the experience as you do — we’re becoming more aligned with our higher selves.

      Love and peace to you, Sarah.

  5. Berna

    I am “jealous”, but also very happy for you.
    Big hug

  6. Margaret

    What a wonderful experience John. Thank you so much for sharing it and for the amazing videos. It has given an uplifting high voltage charge to the day.

    I had a memorable insight some years back now but one which continues to inspire me. I was driving somewhere and had stopped to drop off my now husband. He was struggling at the time with a drink problem amongst other challenges. As I said goodbye I found myself saying “I love you” in a whole new way. It was a love that saw beyond problems. They were of little consequence… fact none at all. As I continued driving and contemplating this love I felt a flood of energy pouring into me.

    When I got to my destination a drama had unfolded and I was asked to go look after someone who was very poorly (my husband’s mum as it happen She was a Christian Scientist. I would read her daily bible lesson during the two months of my stay while she recovered. At the end of my stay I was healed myself of many personal problems.

    That insight has inspired my marriage and, 33 years on, it is so wonderful to be enjoying your posts together.

    Love always
    Margaret xx

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Margaret. I’m delighted you found it uplifting.

      What a beautiful experience with your husband! It reminds me of something in A Course of Miracles says — I don’t remember the exact words. But basically, one of the goals of ACIM is to see this world, ourselves, and other people, as God does. What an amazing world this will be when more of us learn to do that!

      Love & hugs,

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