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We’ve all heard that saying, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Well, my good friend, Dan Poynter of Para Publishing, recently demonstrated how to do just that, in a most impressive way.

Last summer Dan was diagnosed with Chromosome Trisomy 19, a rare and potentially life-threatening blood disorder. His doctor decided he needed a stem cell transplant. Although this disorder is not cancer, its treatment is similar to certain cancer treatments.

Now Dan is a very busy guy, as you can see from his website. He’s been a popular publisher, speaker, and author since 1969, and has not slowed down a bit since then.

Such a diagnosis would have been devastating to many folks. But Dan just took it all in stride, proceeded to get treatment and, in the months-long process, never missed one day of work.

In fact, Dan spent months researching and writing the Transplant Handbook for Patients. He read all the books on the subject and everything he could find online.

Then he went through the transplant procedure as a patient and rewrote everything according to what he learned. Therefore, this book reflects what only a patient could know.

Dan is fine now, and back to his usual routine. Talk about making lemonade out of the lemons life hands you!

We often wonder why we’re sometimes faced with adversity. Although many of us will never confront the challenge Dan has, I have to ask myself “How would I deal with such a challenge?”

I would hope, like Dan, I would just go along for the ride, trusting all would work out. In his case, it did. And not only has he recovered, but he’s taken his experience and written what I’m sure will be a best-selling book. He’s using his new knowledge to help others facing similar challenges.

As Dan said, “Sometimes we find new subjects to speak and write on. Occasionally, they are thrust upon us. Most people look upon a medical challenge as an ordeal. Authors and speakers see it as a new opportunity….Dying is not an option, I have more books to write.”


Though this short video is a commercial, it’s an amusing take on overcoming adversity.

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How do you think you would handle such a health challenge as Dan? Or maybe you already have. Please share your thoughts and comments with us.


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