We Are One: Sequel by John Cali and Spirit

We call them dumb animals, and so they are, for they cannot tell us how they feel, but they do not suffer less because they have no words. ~ Anna Sewell


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A couple weeks ago we published a post, We Are One, where we talked about global oneness, the unity of the human race. But we humans are not the only ones living on this planet. That’s an obvious fact. But when we talk about oneness we don’t always include all the other life or all that is.

My spirit guides define God (or Goddess, divine energy—or whatever term you prefer) as “all that is.” In other words, everything that exists is made up of divine energy. Even people or circumstances we might define as “evil,” are infused with divine energy. They are God. Period.

All this certainly applies to animals. We often call them “dumb animals.”They are, of course, literally “dumb”—they cannot speak a human language. But they can speak and we can understand them if we know how to communicate with them.

We as human beings are capable of communicating with animals. We are also capable of communicating with even so-called inanimate creations—trees, water, rocks, etc.

Many folks don’t believe that. But it might make a lot more sense if they realized everything comes from divine energy, from God—everything is divine energy. Everything is God. Everything that exists is literally one.


At about 13 minutes, this video is a bit longer than I normally like to use. But it’s a moving story of how animal communicator Anna Breytenbach transforms a wild, angry leopard into a peaceful, happy cat. Be prepared to cry—it’s powerfully moving.

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Have you ever talked telepathically with animals, as Anna does in the video? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.


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12 Responses

  1. Margaret

    I just wanted to thank you again for this blog and accompanying videos. You have inspired my husband and I to find out more how we can learn to really communicate with our two house cats….for starters! We have bought a book with more amazing ex

    I saw a documentary on telly how a pet pig saved their mistress who had collapsed in an isolated cottage. The pig went the long journey tof the main road where he tried to stop the traffic by standing in middle of road.
    The driver that stopped said afterwards that he just knew this was a mission and followed pig to cottage where he was able to call for help.

    Life just gets more and more amazing!!

    Excited regards to you 🙂

    Margaret and Max

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Margaret. I appreciate you sharing that story about the pig — and we call them “dumb” animals!

      Life really is getting more and more amazing.


  2. Su Crutchfield

    Thank you for sharing this incredibly moving video. I adore big cats and what a remarkably beautiful leopard that was. I loved that he communicated that he didn’t want the name Diablo any more, and the new name Spirit is just perfect!

  3. Hans

    Since we were married, now 47 years ago, we have had animals in the house. One of them, a huge rabbit, was wint to sit next to us on the bench in the livingroom. We communicated with him like he was one of our children. Remarkle how animals are able to understand what you are saying/meaning. And vice versa of course.
    Love, Light and Laughter,

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Hans! It is remarkable how animals understand us. Sometimes it seems they understand us better than we understand them. 🙂

  4. Jan Craft

    Wow! I was left with so much peace in my heart. All Is Really Well! — JAN

  5. Margaret

    Loved the video.
    I had a wonderful experience of communicating with animals some years back. I was spending most of my time at my boyfriend’s flat and only going home to mine to feed the cat. One time, I just knew Tigger had had enough and I knew it. He often followed me up the roaf when I went shopping and used to wait in a hedge just before the main road but, this night, as I was going to my boyfriend’s flat the other side of the village, I knew Tigger wasn’t going to let me go alone. He stood by ny side like a dog would as I waited to cross the busy main road and followed me across, at heel. We then had to walk through a busy car park and we were doing fine until we encountered a dog. Now usually Tigger would have run at the sight of a dog but there was an unspiken communication that seemed to say…” We are on a very special journey and we haven’t time to play cats and dogs”.
    A silent agreement was established and Tigger and I carried on and the dog went his way.

    I lost my nerve at the next main road and scooped Tigger in my arms and carried him the rest of the journey. He loved Max’s flat. It had a long corridor he loved running down. We both moved in permanently.

    It was only a little example but was remarkable experience all the same.

    All the best

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Margaret, for sharing your story — I’m sure it was a remarkable experience.

  6. Susan

    Thank you, John. What an amazing and powerful video to watch. I have been able to experience moments, at times, of pure clarity with another. I see where it is totally necessary to come from a pure and empty mind to do it!

    Love and blessings, as always

    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, Susan. I’ve already watched the video a couple times — as you said, it’s amazing and powerful.

      Blessings, John

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