Quiet Waters: The Ultimate Release by Hans Brockhuis

As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death. ~ Leonardo da Vinci

SoulCarriedtoHeavenSoul Carried To Heaven
William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825–1905)

One of the few certainties in life is that for all of us the day will come that we are going to leave earth. That very day we will have lived our life. Perhaps as a series of events that have gone by. But maybe you have tried to denote every major incident, to do something with it, and then went on with the feeling you have really learned something. In practice, it will be tantamount that each of us will give our own way of interpreting everything that passes by.

In short, the day has come that you – or I – are to exchange the earthly for the eternal. Maybe you were ill, and you saw it coming, or you were old and you did not like life that well anymore. Or maybe it was all of a sudden, by an accident or some other incident.

In all cases, it is true that you will be more than welcome in ‘the other world’, wherever that may be. The process of transition is something very special. A number of workers (Angels) will prepare you and your soul for the move from ‘here’ to ‘there’. When your time has come, the golden cord will be cut and your soul will make its final journey, leaving behind your earth body.

In this connection I can say that I recently learned, from someone who was deceased brusquely only a few months before, that what we sometimes call the afterlife, is not ‘there’ at all. My spokeswoman assured me that ‘heaven’ is all around us and that it is in this way possible that our loved ones who passed before, if they so wish and have undergone the right development, are able to contact you. Sometimes this happens in the form of blinking lights, a clock that stands at a certain time, sounds, familiar scents, and sometimes it is even possible that, when all conditions are right, your deceased loved one materializes before you, and thus brings his or her message to you.

I have experienced this some 16 years ago, when our deceased daughter, on the day that she would have been 25 years of age, showed herself to me. She was clad in a beautiful gown in two shades of blue.

The following gives a beginning to understanding how a ‘transition’ and subsequent arrival in the afterlife, may take place. The famous journey through the tunnel I deliberately left out of consideration.


Here I am. I am looking down a gently slanting slope, abundantly decorated with flowers and the greenest grass. I watch a meandering quiet brook in the shrubbery below. Birds are a singing and everything is joyful, gentle and calm. No one is in view and everything radiates a benevolent peace with an intensity I have never experienced on earth. In the background of my awareness I experience wonderfilled music. Bach squared I would say.

In that moment I realize: “This is it; gone with the wind, the end of the road, terminus.” I walk down the hill but suddenly I feel someone touching my shoulder.

Slow down, my friend,” I hear. When I look over my shoulder I see a tall bearded figure who is friendly nodding to me. He carries a huge bunch of keys. “Saint Peter, the guardian,” I understand, yet I realize no gate of heaven is to be seen. Peter smiles. “That business about the gate is a fable,” he says, “but in this bunch of keys your key is included, the key to your very heart.” He rumbles for a while and shows me a big old-fashioned key.

1944~Oldenburg~HSB~Leiderdorp~202X is engraved on it; the last digit is not very well legible though. But also a bar code is visible. “Bar code, now what!?!” I exclaim. Peter grins. “Here we opt also for modern times, you know. We are very much done with carrying large books.”

He draws the code through a small device and the movie of my life unfolds itself. It is all there. My birth and younger years; Leiden, the Rembrandt High school; my marriage with Annie; 38 years in the bookshop; three daughters, one son and nine grandchildren; Bach’s wonderful music; the Zoeterwoude council; www.runningfox.nl ; and last but not least our fantastic apartment in Leiderdorp, as well as our golden anniversary. And of course, also the failures, the mistakes and the ‘I wish I had done that otherwise’ moments are shown.

“It is time,” Peter tells me. It is as if I experienced my entire life once again. And all this in just seconds, or so it seems. From the bank of the creek I can see four magnificent women coming my way. Their feet are bare and they are wearing blue robes; each of them in another hue. I know for sure who they are. They are our daughter Judith; my mother Appolonia; my grandmother Jacoba, with whom I had such a wonderful connection with when she was alive; and also Magdalena, my guardian Angel. I hasten towards them and with heavy emotions we hug each other for a long time.


As you maybe have heard somewhere, time isn’t linear but perpendicular and it is therefore that these potentials of what ultimately is inevitable, have already taken place or either are just taking place right now. Future, present and past, presented in a single phrase.

A blackbird is singing as if to acknowledge all this. But it isn’t a blackbird that is singing. It is the alarm clock wanting me to get out of my state of slumbering and enter a new day. One of many more that still have to come until the day arrives I will meet Peter at the invisible gate and ‘my’ four women near the stream in the green valley.

It is good to have had this glimpse into what is yet to come. It gives me confidence and I know now that it will be a grand day when at long last I will be able to let go of all that transpired during my current lifetime on this very earth.

I am very grateful to have been able to experience this foretaste of what was, is and ultimately will be.

In any event; it means that your earthly dying day will at the same time be the day of your birth in the afterlife. You will be greeted by your loved ones who passed away before you and who will be of aid to you in this temporarily awkward situation.

Running Fox wishes you, when the day has come, a grand transition.

Copyright © 2014 Hans Brockhuis


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Hans Brockhuis is a Dutch lightworker, writer and translator. His bilingual website: Running Fox Pages features spiritual work of himself and others. Working as a translator and editor, he has been and is active in processing various publications, either in English, Dutch or German. See his portfolio here. If you are interested to follow what Running Fox is offering, you may subscribe to his newsflashes. Simply send an E-mail to this address mentioning: “subscribe Running Fox” in the subject line.


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  1. Margaret

    I am so grateful to have connected with you guys..the internet is helping so much in bringing people and ideas together. I feel very blessed to have found you.

    John, this may be for Chief Joseph, but a young warrior appeared in my mind when I was dealing with my mum’s passing. He was grieving for his father and he went up to the top of a mountain where he let his father’s spirit go, to join the ancestors. He did so with such respect and dignity. He showed me how to let my mum go.

    I took her ashes to Ireland, as she requested and stood on as high a ground as I could find. As I let her go a kind of howl came out of me, just momentarily. Two dogs nearby joined in. It was comforting somehow.

    Barbara, your tape has helped me release more grief in recent times.
    Funny, two years on but making progress now.

    And, dear Hans, Running Wolf, I like to imagine running free alongside you laughing joyfully at the wonder of it all while birds sing.

    Much, much love to you and all fellow readers of your blogs.

    • John Cali

      Thanks so much, Margaret. That young warrior may indeed have been Chief Joseph.

      Much love to you too, dear,

  2. Hans

    Thank you very much for your valuable thoughts, Margaret.

    Moments like these when you definitely have to say goodbye to a loved one are loaded with an intensity which will always stay with you. All the more intense is it when that someone is able to send a small message from the ‘other side’ telling you all is well, bathing you in a flood of love.

    When my mother passed away, a number of years ago, she also was able to send this little message. I wrote it down in my story called: “The heron”, which can be reached via this link: http://www.runningfox.nl/reigere.htm Maybe you are interested in reading it.

    Looking back I can only assume that this valuable golden moment was a penny from heaven, in which it was made clear that all was well and that my mother had not made this transition to the other world without intention. Furthermore it made it possible for us to get along with this loss in a positive way. I thank those on the other side of the veils who have been responsible, for the possibility to re-member that life does not end at the moment of transition, but all the more can be seen as a rebirth into a world that is not tangible for us.

    Love and Light and Laughter,


    • Margaret

      Dear Hans,
      The heron! How wonderful…..
      I am learning that there are no coincidences but a white pigeon just landed on my window. I live on the 7th floor and they do sometimes land on our small window sill for a rest. The pigeons are usually grey but this was one was white. He stayed for ages looking at one of my cats who had leapt up to see him. He didn’t fly away and ee all three had a very pleasant moment saying hello to each other..
      There seems a connection there and an example re our oneness.

      Love you Hans

  3. Margaret

    Dear Hans,
    Bach squared! I love that 🙂

    I never believed in an afterlife until I was visited by my elderly mother who had passed over only two days earlier. I would like to share that experience with you as your blog talks of the different ways the so-called dead can communicate with us. In my case it was a telephone! I’ll explain….

    The last few weeks before my mother passed over was a very spiritually charged and precious time. It would appear she was being well prepared. Certainly there were angels in attendance, not just the carers I knew but others that came through a door only mum could see. She would have wonderful dreams. One where she found herself leaping over some water and finding herself on the oether side. But, sh said she didn’t know where to go so she called me from a phone box and then woke up.

    When I tucked her up one night shortly after I said “Happy leaping”…She smiled radiantly and told me she was ‘Dancing’ now!

    She slipped away not many days after and one night as I was preparing for her funeral service the telephone rang, just two rings. Not enough time to answer it, I thought nothing of it. It happened again at frequent intervals until, at the fourth ring I remembered mum’s dream and how she had called me from the other side.

    With that recognition that it was mum I felt a flood of love pour into me, like she was hugging me….but then she had to leave and I had to let her go. The love I felt in that spiritual hug remains with me.

    It was that experience that made me google “Where are the dead now” and that is how I found this site which is a continuing source of comfort and inspiration.

    Thank you Hans for your contributions. I always get so much from them.

    As you say…love, light and laughter.

    Bless you

    • John Cali

      Thanks so much, Margaret, for sharing this beautifully touching story. Hans is a gifted writer and spiritual teacher. We are blessed and grateful to share his wonderful wisdom in this blog.

      Many blessings,

    • Barbara

      What a lovely and amazing story, Margaret. Thank you for sharing it with us.
      Barbara xxx

      • Hans

        You are right Barbara. Margaret indeed shared a very valuable and fulfilling story with us.

        Wish you well,


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