One of our readers recently asked if out-of-body experiences are safe. Here’s part of her letter:

“Is the out-of-body experience safe? Is there any advantage or learning that takes place during an out-of-body experience? I have had the feeling of about to go out-of-body several times but I stop it.

“My chiropractor told me that it is the soul trying to leave the body and that you may not come back if you allow this to happen. He also said if you are startled to come back quickly that this will cause major health problems!

“Can you please clarify this?”

Here’s Spirit’s reply:

Out-of-body experiences are definitely safe. After all, you go out of your body almost every night in your dream state.

Have you ever been awakened suddenly in the night — perhaps by a strange noise, a crying baby, a thunderstorm, etc.? At that moment of suddenly awakening, you were in no danger. You were simply travelling from one dimension to another, from what you call the dream state to the waking state. Yet, have you ever suffered from serious health problems because of this experience? Most people have not.

You do this often. Usually you’re not even aware of it. When you meditate, for example, you travel to another dimension, especially if you’re in a deep state of altered awareness.

So we have a different perspective from your chiropractor’s. Out-of-body experiences are common, and in most cases they having nothing to do with “the soul trying to leave the body….”

If your soul wants to leave your body, you will know it at some level of your awareness. You are in control. It’s not as if you are a “victim” of your soul — or that your soul is an entity totally separate from you. Your soul is you.

The experience you call “deja vu” is often an out-of-body experience, where you travel to another dimension, albeit so quickly you sometimes barely notice it. You are all multidimensional beings. You live in other dimensions beyond earth, beyond linear time. This happens all at once. It’s simultaneous. It is only your experience of linear time that limits your ability to clearly see your multidimensional aspects.


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