Reader Question: Is Out-of-Body Experience Safe? by John Cali

One of our readers recently asked if out-of-body experiences are safe. Here’s part of her letter:

“Is the out-of-body experience safe? Is there any advantage or learning that takes place during an out-of-body experience? I have had the feeling of about to go out-of-body several times but I stop it.

“My chiropractor told me that it is the soul trying to leave the body and that you may not come back if you allow this to happen. He also said if you are startled to come back quickly that this will cause major health problems!

“Can you please clarify this?”

Here’s Spirit’s reply:

Out-of-body experiences are definitely safe. After all, you go out of your body almost every night in your dream state.

Have you ever been awakened suddenly in the night — perhaps by a strange noise, a crying baby, a thunderstorm, etc.? At that moment of suddenly awakening, you were in no danger. You were simply travelling from one dimension to another, from what you call the dream state to the waking state. Yet, have you ever suffered from serious health problems because of this experience? Most people have not.

You do this often. Usually you’re not even aware of it. When you meditate, for example, you travel to another dimension, especially if you’re in a deep state of altered awareness.

So we have a different perspective from your chiropractor’s. Out-of-body experiences are common, and in most cases they having nothing to do with “the soul trying to leave the body….”

If your soul wants to leave your body, you will know it at some level of your awareness. You are in control. It’s not as if you are a “victim” of your soul — or that your soul is an entity totally separate from you. Your soul is you.

The experience you call “deja vu” is often an out-of-body experience, where you travel to another dimension, albeit so quickly you sometimes barely notice it. You are all multidimensional beings. You live in other dimensions beyond earth, beyond linear time. This happens all at once. It’s simultaneous. It is only your experience of linear time that limits your ability to clearly see your multidimensional aspects.


Have you ever had an out-of-body experience? Please share with us below.

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  1. Jeannie

    once I deliberately tried to consciously go out of my body……..tis a funny story and true.

    I had this cd, that talked me through it. I felt the movement from being in body and then out of body until I heard this women’s voice say ‘fly and be free’….. It broke me up. I felt this shatter like glass within my mind and crashed back to my body……. to me it was funny. One needs to have a sense of humour.

    I know we are out of our body more then in it. It is just so seamless that on the most part we don’t catch it.

    I have on occasion when my parents were alive went to their home which was hundreds of miles away to drop in and check on them. the only thing is I don’t see it as ‘real’ as it seems when I’m entirely focused in the here and now. there is a difference, but I feel their presence.

    No harm can come to you unless you allow it to………

    My dad when he was ill would wander into the kitchen to talk to my mom and was upset when she wouldn’t anser him until he realized what he was doing. It is quite natural and nothing to fear.

    love and hug always

  2. Darlene

    Thank you John and spirit for answering my question. Also thank you to Conshana for your comments. I feel greatly encouraged by this information and will hopefully be able to relax into the out of body experience instead of stoping it. I now look forward to feeling Awesome Adoration!
    Peace and love

  3. Shirl

    There seems to be a lot of mythology and/or misinformation about out of body experiences. It is unfortunate that is the case because it is truly a wonderful experience and much to our benefit.

    Fear. There is NOTHING here to fear, ever. I know many disagree with that but I have found it to be true over all of my life. I was very fortunate (or I had a very good plan this lifetime) that I came in KNOWING that I am (we all are) divinely protected.

    As a young child, 8, 9, 10 years of age, I used to lay on my bed and float my etheric or spiritual body up to the ceiling. It was great fun and it felt wonderful. I would easily have continued my small jaunts out of body but my older brother gave me the same story about not being able to get back into your body if you did that and that I should be afraid. Unfortunately I thought my older brother knew stuff I didn’t so I stopped, but I knew that I had never had a fearful experience when I “left” my body.

    In my later years as I became obsessed with my spiritual growth, expansion, and discovery of creating my path for this journey, I found that I could and did easily leave my body during any guided meditation. It was and is such a wonderful, exhilarating experience I have had no qualms about it at all.

    Two or three deep focused breaths with eyes closed and I am on my way.

    An important thing that I learned along my way to discovering my spiritual path was to pay NO attention to any suggestions that were fear promoting or negative in nature. My good pal Archangel Michael told me very early on that fear and negativity are NOT from HIGHEST WISDOM and to choose not to bring them in to my consciousness. It has served me well.

    From time to time I have written about my experiences, what I call off planet, and if I can locate one of them I will be happy to share it with all of you.

    In 1994 I had an experience of “choice” that some call a NDE, and it was amazing and wonderful. I too chose to stay, but it was not the easiest choice I ever made. Where I was heading was so amazingly beautiful and I was so encompassed in the love vibration of All That Is, I truly couldn’t imagine not wanting to continue on to “home.”

    So yes, OBE is an amazing thing and truly it is something we should all seek and enjoy.

    We are all divinely protected. We are all divinely loved beyond any ability to comprehend. We are all ONE.

    Blessings and hugs to all

    • Shirl

      Yes, I did find one of my favorite out of body, off planet experiences to share with you. . . . . . . ..
      A Very real journey. . .come with me

      Standing atop a windswept mountain, I turn slowly to gather in a full circle of unobstructed view. In every direction I can see into eternity and beyond. The clouds sweep softly against the stunning blue cheeks of the sky. The wind kisses my face with a thousand, thousand touches of angel lips. My feet lift gently up off of the mother earth and I stand on the unseen rock of All That Is, mid air, wrapped in light, infused with love.

      My hair blows back away from my face as the wind becomes the very breath of me. My arms are thrown wide open to encompass all of creation from the endless reservoir that it is. Here above the mountain top, here aloft in the winds of change I stand to gather up all that is good and all that is love from this place called earth.

      The wind blows through me as if I am a multi-portaled bit of porous cloth. It begins then as the acts of kindness and love of every moment, of every being everywhere, as they are gently gathered up and brought into the circle of my arms and circulated throughout the vessel that I AM in waves of overwhelming love. Small, tender, untold acts of child to elder, elder to child, stranger to stranger, family to family, friend to friend, and friend to foe. So many unknown actions except to the few, acts that have made all the difference in another’s life, that have lifted the burdens for a brief moment, that have turned whole lives around, that have made one very small ripple in a life troubled by a multitude of pains.

      No earthly vessel can hold this love, this magnitude of amazing love, from each human on this planet. It circles through my arms and clear through me and back out into the ethers clearing and marking a path to the stars.

      I AM become a piece of everyone in this moment. I Am everyone in this moment. Love disassembles me into a million million molecules that scatter from atop the mountain to every spot within creation and beyond into every space within the stars and planets and galaxies and beyond. . . .indeed, I am become the “dust” of love scattered everywhere. . .beyond. . . and beyond, beyond. In between the molecules you will find me and you will remember the greater purpose and the smaller purposes of why I came. And I will leave with you this love gathered up, infused and dispersed back out into the timeless, immeasurable aeons. And you will know. Beyond any doubts, ever, you will know.

      ~ All that I AM ~ All That IS ~ is within YOU ~ Shirl

      • Darlene

        Shirl thank you for sharing your Very real journey, it is so beautiful I read it over 3 times.
        Peace and love

        • Shirl

          Thank you Darlene. I’m so glad you found it worthwhile.

          It truly was an experience I shall never forget and I am always happy to share it with others because I would be overjoyed if all of you would see and feel what I did and do on these excursions. If it encourages anyone to “go there” and experience the wonders of the Universe (multi-verse) and the all encompassing love that exists in that space of NOW, then I am very glad I could share it with all of you

          Blessings and hugs

    • John Cali

      Thank you so much again, Shirl, for yet another beautiful, inspiring account of your experiences. We live on a planet obsessed with fear — it seems there’s always someone inciting fear in the mass consciousness.

      I love what Archangel Michael told you — if we could all live by that credo, this would be a much different world. This is a tired old quotation, but so true, from US President Franklin Roosevelt — “…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”


      • Shirl

        Thank you for providing a space for me to share such things, John. And thank you for your kind words.

        Yes, “Big Mikey” gave me lots of stellar advice, but knowing that such things are not from highest wisdom helped me very much in learning to discern what truths I would choose to embrace. So the moment I hear fear based concepts and negative suggestions I know it isn’t meant for me and I move on to expressions of Higher Wisdom.

        I would and do so look forward to the end of the constant inciting of fear and negativity. It does not serve human kind in any way.

        Big hugs

        • John Cali

          You’re most welcome, Shirl! And thank you for your always-wise comments and contributions to this forum. I really appreciate it.

          Big hugs to you too,

  4. Annette

    Dear John,

    first of all I want to thank you and spirit for your inspiring work! I first saw you in the movie “Tuning in” a few month ago. I liked your energy very much, which I found quite similar to Abraham’s work.

    To my out-of-body-experience: A few years ago I came across the title “Adventures Beyond the Body” by William Buhlman, and I was thrilled by the information that was given. I instantly tried some of the techniques that were offered. One night I wake up, vibrating with a loud sound in my ears, which can be a by-product of the out-of-body-experience. I was so excited! But then I got aware of my body and the vibration stopped.

    I began to learn more about this phenomenon and got a little scared as some authors say, you might get confronted with some of your fears in order to overcome them. You get help from your spiritual guides. They want to teach you that there is actually nothing to be afraid about. But I felt not ready yet.

    However I will try again in the future. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet my spiritual guide face-to-face, and if I’m lucky, even my own Higher Self.

    It’s a great adventure with boundless possibilities!

    Kind regards from Germany,


    • John Cali

      Thank you so much, Annette, for your comments, and for your kind words about “Tuning In.” And thank you for sharing your out-of-body experiences. It’s a fascinating area to explore. As you said, there is nothing to be afraid of, and many possibilities to explore.


  5. Conshana

    John, and to your questioner,
    O B E’s can be the most beautiful, awesome experiences a human in the physical can ever experience. There is no adequate expression in human terms what the sights and auditory experience is, nor how permeating of the entire Being it can be.
    Forgo fear – There is NOTHING to be afraid of, as one is only “walking” through a “door” to enter one’s natural Home. And truly, what a Wondrous Home it is~!
    The chiropractor has one attribute common to most of humankind, and that is fear and rebellion against that which is not understood by that particular individual~! Fear, in the sense of being afraid, is the MAJOR caution in the Bible, when Angels would appear to earthly humans – Their FIRST injunction was always, “Fear NOT”, – DO NOT be afraid~!
    Fear also has another meaning, also – and that is to hold the perceived in awesome adoration, and I can promise you, that Soul Travel, or O B E’s are indeed, worthy experiences of being held in “Awesome Adoration~!”
    I AM Conshana

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Conshana, for your wise comments. I agree with you — fear is a huge block for us humans, but can also become “awesome adoration.”

  6. Marlene

    Yes, almost 30 years ago I had a near death experience. I was given a choice whether I wanted to go or to stay. Long story made short….obviously I chose to stay! 😉

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