Reader’s Question:

I often watch a television show in which they interview people who have died due to various circumstances, have seen the other side in their Spirit form, only to be brought back to life.

The majority of those people who have seen the other side have a very similar story/experience about being in pure bliss, being there in non-physical form, etc. However, once in a while, there are those people who see something they perceive to be a glimpse of “hell” or someplace that elicits feelings of fear.

Those stories confuse me. I am a firm believer that we are all One and transition into non-physical form when we die, all winding up in the same beautiful place regardless of our life circumstances or how we die.

That being the case, why do some of these people experience something quite different when they catch a glimpse of the other side? This is something I would very much like to understand from Spirit’s perspective. Thank you for all you do for our world and each other.

Spirit’s Response:

We agree with you — you are all one, and all end up in the same “place” when you die. There is no real hell, despite what some of your religions teach. In fact, the only hell that exists is the one you create for yourselves.

Those who believe in hell when they die (whether they return to “life” or not) often have an experience they describe as hell. But it’s only their own creation, their perception. After all, you do create your own realities, whether “dead” or “alive.”

You all come from Spirit or, if you prefer, God. You come from that “place” many of you call heaven. That divine part of you — your greater or higher self — lives forever in the realms of Spirit. You’ve had many physical lifetimes, but you always return to Spirit. In fact, you’ve never left the realms of Spirit.

Any experience you would describe as hell is only temporary, whether it’s hell on earth or hell after death. As we said, hell is not real. It’s only a “figment of your imagination,” as you say. You created it.

While you may experience hell after death, your guides and angels will be there for you. Then you will realize there is no hell. There is no death. There is only eternal life.


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