Do not listen to those who weep and complain, for their disease is contagious. ~ Og Mandino

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Most of us know at least one someone who is constantly complaining. Maybe that someone is you. I was like that when I was younger. And I still catch myself at it now and then. But the difference now is I almost immediately see what I’m doing—and stop it.

This past week I’ve been thinking a lot about this subject. Who knows why?

But I’ve gotten some new insights into people who complain a lot. I’m not talking about those who occasionally vent their feelings. We all do that. I’m talking about those who seem to get a perverse pleasure in finding all the things “wrong” with their lives, themselves, other people, their jobs, their bodies, the government, and so on. Nothing is off-limits for them.

You probably can think of at least a few folks that.

While it can be tempting to commiserate with folks like that, it’s counterproductive. You’re just supporting them in their negativity. And, worse, you’re taking that negative energy into your own being. Not a good thing!

With the complainers in my life, I’ve found it does absolutely no good to remind them they are in charge of their own lives. If they happen to be spiritually aware, it also does no good to remind them of the Law of Attraction. You know, that you-create-your-own-reality stuff.

If anything, that just pisses them off. So what do you do?

The most effective technique I’ve found is to ask a simple question: “What would like to see happen here?” (“Here” can be whatever their problem is—a relationship, illness, finances, and so on.)

That will often catch them off-guard. But it also reminds them they are not victims of whatever they’re complaining about. And it reminds them there are more positive and effective ways of dealing with the situation.

P.S. On a personal, unrelated, note, I want to thank those of you who’ve asked about my son. As I’d mentioned in 2 earlier posts (here and here), he’s been working in Ukraine the past few years. Today his assignment there has ended, and he’s on his way home. So thank you all again for your concern and kindness.


In this short video Abraham, through Esther Hicks, gives us a spiritual perspective on complaining.

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