The Agony of Anxiety and Depression

Just walk slowly in the time after the sun sets and before night descends. Feel the breeze, smell the flowers, hear the trees’ leaves rustle and the birds sing. Watch the stars begin to emerge. ~ Dan Rather, journalist

Peace at Sunset in Tuscany, Italy

Journalist Dan Rather knows a thing or two about finding peace in the present moment, despite a long career spent in anything but peaceful circumstances. Listen to what he says here:

One of my favorite things long has been taking a leisurely stroll with wife Jean at twilight time.Read more

Nurture Yourself with a Spiritual Retreat by John Cali

Church in Sicily

This past weekend, I was unexpectedly without internet access or my computer. So I had all this time on my hands with no work to do.

Every now and then my spirit guides urge me to take some time off from work to nurture myself—sort of a “spiritual retreat.” In other words, they say, turn off my computer and phone, don’t answer the doorbell, etc. Preferably get out of town and away from my usual work routine.

Last weekend I didn’t know what to do with myself.Read more