Happiness Is a Choice by John Cali

US President Abraham Lincoln once said “A man is about as happy as he makes up his mind to be.”

Do you believe that?

We’ve talked about this subject publicly and privately many times over the years. I agree with President Lincoln. But not everyone does.

This past week has been one of our busier ones around here. So we’re revisiting an article on happiness we published several years ago.… Read more

Happiness Revisited by John Cali

A few weeks ago I received a rather harshly worded email criticizing what Spirit and I have said about human happiness over the years.

John Cali

Here’s part of the email, just as I received it:

“This is all bullshit John. What you are spreading is under-baked understanding. Thought and continuous happiness cannot go together.”

I’ve received similar comments in the past. It still surprises me so many folks think happiness in this lifetime is a near-impossible dream. Certainly, “continuous happiness” is not most people’s experience.… Read more