The Fear of Death: Sequel by John Cali


We had some great responses to our last newsletter article, The Fear of Death.

One comment Spirit made in that article is a tough one for many folks to accept. Here’s what they said:

Death does not exist. Let go of the fear of death, and then you will soar.”

At least several people were upset by what Spirit and I said in that article. Here are one person’s comments (unedited):

Just simply let go. Ah geez is that all I have to do? Wow I never thought of that! Excuse the hard sarcasm, please. I am in rare form today and will play devil’s advocate pretty well.

If it was so simple as spirit says to let go everyone would just drop it like a ball in the hand. The only problem I find in letting it go is it always comes back! I have had shining moments of insight that made me feel invincible but how do you keep it and anchor it in?

It seems whenever I get to that point all of a sudden my life turns for the worse. Like a rug pulled out from under you. Like Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown every time he believes he can kick that ball!

I have a strong subconscious negative personality that will always look at the negative first. It has taken all my will just to combat that everyday and to do the inner work necessary to keep it from not consuming me!

If I could simply let that part of me go I would give ANYTHING for it to go away! I am done with it but it won’t go away! So please show me how simply it is!

Here is another reader’s reply (also unedited) to the comments above:

Every thought has two sides to it and you can choose which side to see. If you find yourself focusing on the negative side (through habit) you will notice yourself not feeling good. This is your inner being (higher-self, soul ..) letting you know you are not focused in the way that is in alignment with who you really are.

So the thing to do is try and find a little better felling thought about the subject, then a little better one, then a little better one until you can move yourself to feeling good about the subject.

A really good book to read that will help you is Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. You are much more than you remember you are, and in those moments of insight, you are connecting with yourself.


In this short video John of God, the legendary Brazilian spiritual healer, talks with Oprah Winfrey about death.

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Do you believe we are eternal? If you do, how does that affect your view of death? If you do not, how does that affect your view of death? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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13 Responses

  1. Mikala St. Germain

    I absolutely agree with beachdrifter. I wish to be very clear that “simple” and “easy” are not synonymous. So many things are easy to read and understand, and so very difficult to focus on and commit to for a long period of time. It’s work, hard work, especially when you are at the beginning or middle.

    And, I don’t think it is ever easy. As much as I have learned to this point, living as a Divine in Human form will never be easy. It just becomes easier as we go along and learn the tools to use to stay balanced, grounded, and happy with our lives..

  2. beachdrifter

    It’s funny, that’s the one piece that has always annoyed me about the wisdom of spirit (no matter who is translating it) – that it is supposed to be all “so simple”. You find that everywhere.

    Gaining a conceptual understanding – that is simple.

    But applying it – for most people who are actively seeking it – is everything BUT easy. It can take (depending on your starting point, or “vibrational average”) years and years of practice.

    You can’t make any blanket statements, but I’ve met people who never forgot who they are, those who re-discovered it in their teens, those who found it in their thirties, and so on.

    And the pattern that I’ve seen is that those people who already (or still) have a life that is mostly working for them, they don’t have much of a problem integrating their spiritual side. They’ve been doing it a lot already, without even being aware of it. For them, it’s a relatively small step.

    It’s those who have experienced a difficult life, for decades, those who want it the most, that have the biggest difficulty finding it. And the reason is of course that they have practiced so many (unhelpful) beliefs for a long time.

    And then along comes Spirit, and says “If you simply let go of all your feelings of unworthiness, lack, low self-esteem, etc., you would wake up tomorrow morning in what would literally be a new world.”

    Again, conceptually, this is accurate. But in terms of actual application, for a person I just described above the quote, it’s not possible to do that. Impossible. The Law of Attraction does not allow that to happen. All of those beliefs were picked up gradually, and shifting beliefs is a gradual, progressive thing also. You cannot move from fear all the way to knowing just like that, and maintain it on a steady basis – no matter how well you get it conceptually.

    And that’s what makes those statements frustrating to many seeking their true self. Their own experience defies what the spirit world seems to be suggesting. But there’s more to the story, and I think it’s a good thing that the likes of Abraham are acknowledging that applying this consistently is everything BUT easy for most people that are involved in that process.

    And that’s not arguing for your limitations, it’s acknowledging how vibration works – and it can soothe you (it certainly soothed me) on your way to getting it, over time. It makes you feel better about being where you are, no matter where it is.

    And ironically enough, once you are feeling better about where you are, it all clicks into place. And then you say, “it’s all so easy!”

    But the reason it’s easy then, is because you’re now there. It wasn’t, before. And that’s worth mentioning!

    • John Cali

      I agree with you — it is NOT always easy for many. But once you become aware enough, you look back — as you said — and say, “It’s all so easy.” Once that awareness becomes a habit, life really does get easy and effortless. No matter what your challenges.

    • Claire

      Ohh Yes !

      It was not very easy for Jesus or Gautama…
      It seems that then we need experience to really integrate real faith…and up and down in Life before being in center, in the eye of the storm …

      But as Seth says, do not believe that you will rest after death … always work, the universe and God is expanding, Bashar also said this:

      • Claire

        … with or without hallucinogenic mushrooms… 😉

  3. Mikala

    First a joke: My only fear of crossing over is that I will have to take on a new project as soon as I get to the other side. grin

    I don’t see “death”, so I do not fear it. What I see is simply opening a different door and moving on. In some ways, I’m really happy that I get to have “face to face” conversations with all my spiritual friends and supporters as well as with those of my family which have passed over. And I want to see my dogs who are waiting for me.

    Life here is happy for me, but I find the behavior we hear of on the news incomprehensible at times. I understand the larger reason for why, but I also see the pain in these events that are so senseless. If we all worked together, it could be so wonderful. Apparently, patience is not my best virtue.

    I know some will find my comments overly simplistic, but the truth is simple. Do I believe we are eternal? It’s not a matter of belief for me, I know we are. I have spent a great deal of my time on Earth (and at my age that’s a lot) in communication with those in the spirit world. I know they exist, I know they are my family, I know we are all One.

    And to the dear one who said, “I have a strong subconscious negative personality that will always look at the negative first.”, if you write that, if you say that, if you think that, then that is what you will have. You also said, “show me how simple it is.” Try saying, writing, and thinking the opposite in the mirror, on your computer, in quiet times, in all times. Repeat it, think it, and don’t allow yourself to think what you have said here. If you start to, stop the thought in any way you can. Force yourself to think of something that is good, wonderful, joyful for you. Praise yourself for each effort. Take pride in your efforts to be positive. You have heard this before if you follow John’s messages from Spirit. Yes, it is simple. Yes, it sounds simple, but I know it is difficult and takes time and a sincere commitment. We are in control of our thoughts, or can be, even the subconscious ones. I wish you joy!


    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Mikala, for your wise and compassionate comments. Also, I love your sense of humor! 🙂

      I agree with you — the truth IS simple. As with you, communication with those in spirit has convinced me, beyond any doubt or question, we are eternal.

      One of my spirit guides, Chief Joseph, once said dying is the easiest thing we will ever do. It’s not the dying folks are afraid of — it’s the THOUGHT of dying. And, of course, the beliefs underlying the thought.

      As Joseph has also said, whatever we are experiencing in the moment will pass, be it “bad” or “good.” All is well, and we are safe and loved.

      • Tiat

        As someone who has also dealt with a ton of dead folk over the years, what I get is that we have a fear of non-existence, or perhaps I should say the ego has a fear of non-existence. Since the ego never dies, and even ascended masters have egos, that fear is groundless although appearing to be very very real. Since the ego believes it’s job is to be right, the ultimate WRONG is death. Since ego identification is with the body and ego’s role has become that of not being wrong, death is wrong, the ultimate failure. Death is however, the ultimate illusion.

  4. Claire

    Hi John,

    This video is blocked for France.

    “Every thought Has two sides”: yes, the mind thinks only in binary, it is the nature of the creature in space-time, it is obvious that if we want to treat the “person who feels separate” , so choose the “good side of things” … but we are more than thought. The being in us do not work in binary, and this is what can not understand our mental … but we can have an inner knowing without words, without thoughts, only the silence … one day makes a clicking sound and the mind must be empty in receptive mode …

    In fact, even if we choose to think better, this is valid, but in time, without stopping it requires focus, while the instantaneous knowledge of being is already there forever …

    I think the best tool is to find a meditation technique, extrem sport or painting … that allows the mind to calm down and stop, he is not wrong but also only a tool … to calculate stats, for example …

    We may also use self hypnosis for this alliance with silence.
    When we meet the being, the illusion of fear of death disappears, because this illusion is only a thought !
    Otherwise, you can also try skydiving or elastic, sometimes right in front of the dead can not feel anything, it is the mental fear that is the problem …
    We are one invisible spirit in multiple visible bodies… it is the big paradox to accept.

    Perhaps this video help… but the truth help is in us

    Bye and peace in all 🙂

  5. claire


    I think the video is limited to viewers in US.

  6. Lindah

    To me…’Death’ is an indicator…of the end of a cycle…a conversation…an attitude…a friendship…a life experience…a phase…a way of thinking…etc

    Death and Birth are happening simultaneously…

    Ones definition of ‘Death’ will either inspire them or hinder them…

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Lindah. I agree with you — in the world of Spirit there is no time. There is only the present moment — everything is simultaneous.

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