The Myth of Jesus by John Cali

Our friend, Melody Fletcher, publishes a great blog, Deliberate Receiving, all about Law of Attraction. She recently wrote a blog post, If We Create Our Own Reality, How Did Jesus Get Crucified?

An obviously thought-provoking title, especially if you grew up Christian, as I did.
Here are some thoughts on the subject — from me, my spirit guides, and Seth (the spirit guide channelled by Jane Roberts).


I abandoned the traditional Christian view of Jesus many years ago. As a result, my family is still wondering if he’s going to “save” me, or if I will burn in hell. I tell them to quit worrying about it ‘cause I’m going to the same place they are. 🙂

I believe Jesus was real. Though, in my opinion, not in the way traditional Christians see him. He was teaching self-empowerment. But his message got distorted and twisted for various ulterior motives. I do not believe he ever wanted anyone to worship him, even though he is the son of God. But then, we are all the sons and daughters of God. He even said all the things he could do we could also do.

Some years ago my spirit guides and I wrote an article, Did Jesus Exist? Here’s a slightly edited excerpt from that article:

“The vision many of you hold of Jesus, the Christ, is a magnificent one. You’ve created him as you would like to be yourselves. Does that mean he’s not real?

“Not at all. He is real — he lives in your hearts. He represents the joys, the hopes, the dreams all of you hold for yourselves and your loved ones.

“In a very real sense, Jesus is your creation. The creation of a vision, a dream you have — a dream of heaven on earth when peace and love will reign supreme among all peoples.

“The figure many of you view as the historic Jesus did not exist in the way you think he did. Your historic Jesus was a composite of at least several different and powerful spiritual teachers who lived around that time.”

Also, Seth (channelled by Jane Roberts) had some fascinating things to say about Jesus. For example:

“Christ, the historical Christ, was not crucified….He had no intention of dying in that manner; but others felt that to fulfill the prophecies in all ways, a crucifixion was a necessity. Christ did not take part in it. There was a conspiracy in which Judas played a role, an attempt to make a martyr out of Christ. The man chosen was drugged — hence the necessity of helping him carry the cross, and he was told that he was the Christ. He believed that he was. He was…deluded, but he also…believed that he, not the historical Christ, was to fulfill the prophecies.”

For me, Jesus’ basic message is simple:
We are all children of God, we are part of God. And therefore, we have all the power that goes with being divine. That’s real self-empowerment! And that, in my opinion, was Jesus’ real message to all of us.

I know not everyone agrees with my perspective. But it’s the only perspective that makes any sense to me.


What are your thoughts about Jesus, the crucifixion, and Christianity in general? Please comment below.

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  1. Rene

    The Christian Bible lies regarding Jesus life was very much intended to control, separate, and create FEAR in God. Sacrificing his only son for mans sins. Now that I’m older and have read far too many different materials on who God is and who we are. I found myself also abandoning the traditional Christian view of Jesus. However I cannot deny or ignore the Love energy his story left behind especially for Christians. John thank you and Chief Joseph for the work that you do for all of humanity. All is well!! Your brother from another Mother :))


    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Rene, for your comments. Like you, I’ve found too many contradictions in traditional Christianity. Which is why I abandoned it. But, at the same time, I realize it does serve many people, depending on where they are in their spiritual awareness and growth. As you said, it’s the love that counts above all else.

      I appreciate your kind words about our work.


  2. Joseph

    Here’s an interesting ABRAHAM YouTube video that goes along with this topic:

    Abraham Hicks – Jesus & Higher levels of consciousness =

  3. anny

    Hello John,

    I stil believe that Jesus was a historical person but not that the stories in the Bible are a historical biography. I still believe that Jesus is the son of God, as you already said we all are, only we had forgotten it and he still knew. I think he came to tell and show us who We really are. Remember all the things that are written about the Son of Man? Son of Man is the literal translation of the Hebrew Ben Adam which means no more or less than human being. He came to show who man/woman really is.
    As far as the crucixion is concerned, that can also be taken symbolically. I have done some research into the numerical value of Hebrew words and their hidden meanings and as such the cross can mean life in duality, every day life with all its joys and sorrows, and if you live that in the right way then you discover that all of this has given birth to unconditional love, a kind of love that you did not have before, a divine love. The birth of this love equals resurrection and your knowledge of Who you really are. All of this is a very short summary of course, but every detail of the crucifixion story falls into place then.
    I believe that even if the crucifixion story is historically real it can only have been an act of Love from the side of Jesus. In that case he gave his life, maybe to show us that even in the worst of circumstances not all is lost but that perseverance has incredible results. He never was a victim. And given the fact that everything we think, say of do influences everything else (the butterfly effect), this selfless act of love must have had an immense positive effect on the world of that time. So whether or not the crucifixion is an historical fact, either way is okay for me.



    • John Cali

      Thank you, Anny, for your comments. I see the crucifixion the same way you do — it doesn’t matter to me if it’s a historical fact or not. No one can definitely prove it one or the other anyway.


  4. Jeannie

    If anyone is interesting there is an astonishing book “The Gospel of Judas” it’s from scrolls that lie hidden for 1600 years or so. I read it and it was quite enlightening.

    I believe the people that started the whole idea of a church had to have a martyr whether real or not.

    I always thought it was odd that the focus of Christianity was more on death than on life, more on sacrifice than on acknowledging the divine personhood of our being.

    When I was quite young Jesus was my faith, when I got mature All That Is became my faith. I learned I don’t need a mediator between myself and The Infinite and I certainly don’t need to sacrifice myself to a cross that someone else created.

    By the way I never baptized my son I figure if he wants to be part of a religion he can make his own choice. My mother said and believed I too will go to hell. Since I don’t believe in death and will live forever, there is no heaven or hell that I do not produce for myself.

    Just some thoughts

    love and hugs

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Jeannie. I’ve heard of that book, but have never read it.

      I had the same perspective you did on Christianity — they seemed to emphasize death, sacrifice, sin, suffering, etc etc. That negative emphasis is part of the reason I eventually abandoned the Catholic Church. Another part was what you said — I finally realized I did not need a mediator between me and God. 🙂

      Love & hugs,

  5. Micki

    Hi John,

    I have to agree with you, we are all part of everything that exists, existed and will exist and I believe there are many enlightened and powerful spiritual teachers that come to earth from time to time to helps us on our way, whether they are Jesus, Buddha, Allah, or whoever they are, they are all the same, it is us “spirits in human form that” interpret what we want at that time.

    I think it truly helps people to have somethng to believe in, if they cannot believe in themselves. We are all blessed to be here, it is a wonderful and ongoing experience.

    Once again John, thank you raising the most interesting subjects for us to ponder and to make comment. Take care, huge hugs as always, Micki

    • John Cali

      Hi Micki,

      Thanks very much. As you said, it doesn’t matter who the spiritual teacher is. Each of us is drawn to whomever we resonate with. I agree that the teachers can serve a useful purpose for those who do not believe in themselves. But my view of Jesus, Buddha, etc. is they came to empower us, and to help us believe in ourselves as part of that divine energy — God or whatever you want to call it.

      Big hugs,

  6. Martha

    ” Embrace it, and love it.
    And then let it go…”

    I just HEARD that.

    Thank you John for that GIFT.


  7. Martha

    If I’m God, how come I’m so miserable?

    Hi John, and everyone,

    I feel caught in the gap, as Abraham would say, between what I know is True and what I believe with my “little mind”. You know, between what I know and what I Do.
    When I say believe, I mean the beliefs the I hold within me in the unconscious mind. You know, that often drives the bus and makes my life a hell on earth instead of a heaven.
    This is very hard to admit, but the fact is that even though “I have the gift of prophesy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and have all faith etc, and HAVE NOT LOVE, I AM NOTHING”. I’m in FEAR, MORE THAN IM IN LOVE, MOST OF THE TIME..
    Recently, I had an “Oprah Lightbulb Moment”. I realized I have an addiction to being right.

    The Course in Miracles says. ” Would you rather be Right or Happy?” Well, this Warrior of Truth has gotten a little stuck on the wheel of suffering.

    I believe that I eagerly chose to be here so that I could bring Light to a darkened world. ( Okay…So I have a little Saviour Complex….I admit it. I’m a purist and I have high noble ideals. Ive been very very upset for a long time that humans are so mean and dense or threatened by me. And I’ve held resentments. at times I’ve been very very angry. And underneath that, very very hurt. Crushed, even. The Little one who lives inside.
    After the veil of forgetfulness dropped( all part of the agreement) I went on some roller coaster ride, got tortured, scared, hurt, angry and lost, and at times over many lifetimes, feel I have forgotten my mission and have gotten stuck in the drama of being human. At times I have felt so alone and in true despair of ever fully awakening my “superpowers”, even though I know full well that,” all these things I do you can do and greater things than these shall you do” is the absolute Truth.
    As far as crucifixion goes, I’ve been crucified many times by members of my own family. And, to be honest, I guess I’ve crucified them right back.
    I guess I wonder why it has to be so hard, except we/I make it so. We have free will here. That’s why Jesus doesn’t come around and “knock heads together”! Ha ha.
    I remember a bumper sticker that’s said, “JESUS IS COMING, LOOK BUSY…”
    So silly. That really is kind of a shame based fear thought, isn’t it?

    I guess for me the programming of childhood (negative beliefs that I still carry and project) is so hard wired and I put so much intense focus there for so long that it feels like a hard thing to Let go and let God. I think that I may be addicted to suffering. I want to close the gap and ALLOW THE LIGHT OF HEAVEN TO FILL MY HUMAN BODY, HEAR AND MIND. One things for sure.
    “Of myself I can do nothing”. But when I ASK, IT IS GIVEN…EVERY SINGLE TIME, NO EXCEPTIONS.
    There is a sweetness in the story of the baby Jesus, the simple faith of my mother that I never want to lose. I have trouble throwing put the whole foundation of faith that I was raised with. I suppose that’s an emotional attachment but just the same I find it comforting.



    WHEN I CAN DO THIS, I WILL HAVE “overcome the world by the renewing of my mind”.

    I want this so much. I just feel so near and yet so far sometimes.

    Now is the Time.
    Heaven is a state of mind. And I want to move there.
    I’m just not sure how. Except I know it has something to do with forgiveness.

    Love to all, especially those who still suffer.

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Martha, for sharing your struggles on life’s journey. I would urge anyone who’s reading this to reply to Martha, as it feels appropriate and right for you.


    • Conshana

      My Dear Beloved Martha,,,
      First let me say this,,, You are Dearly Loved~!
      In the interests of keeping this somewhat short, I’ll be mainly giving you the end results of many, MANY years of prayer and cogitation / meditation~!
      You are a Divine Aspect of the Creator Consciousness. You are in the IMAGE of GOD, and your Body is the Holy Temple, housing the Altar of YOUR INDIVIDUAL SPIRITUALITY.
      Please Note in Genesis 1: 26, that you are CREATED in the Image of God, – This is your DIVINE and ETERNAL Aspect / Facet of the Godhead,,, In Genesis 2:7 we are told that we, HUMANKIND, is FORMED of the Dust of the Earth,,, Therefore is the Dual Nature of Humanity – Spiritual Creation in the Image of God, and the Physical Formation of the Dust of the Earth,,, My added proof is in John 4, 21-24, where Jesus is talking with the Samaritan woman at Jacobs Well.
      Paul said, Pray without Ceasing,,, Let your CONVERSATIONS with Spirit be those of Thanks for what you have, and the Beauty of your Creation~!, for truly, you are a most beautiful Creature~! You have NO CHOICE, really, BUT to be, for You are God’s Own Child,,, and not only you, but all whom you meet~!
      You have a mission, My Friend,,, and except you serve yourself first, except you feed yourself first, YOU HAVE NOTHING by which to feed anyone else~! IF you’ll note, in the Gospels, Christ always said, “IF YOU HAVE TWO,,,” then give up that which is not needed, to those who have need~! But “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF” demands that you LOVE YOURSELF FIRST, and this for a two-fold reason~!,,, 1. That you have a measuring stick for loving another, and 2. That you have sufficient for yourself, as well~!
      Salvation is not Jesus dying on the cross, but rather leading us on the Pathway of Truth, through the Swamp of Deceit, Lies and Half-Tuths. IF you know the Truth of the Path, is that not Salvation from the Death of Deception??? Take and ponder on Salvation from that perspective, and it means a whole lot MORE, than the flagellation and corruption of Truth so many have fallen for~!
      Study the Bible from the perspective that MUCH was deleted and destroyed by the Emperor Constantine, because he needed a means of control over the Roman Empire, as did Justinian two hundred years later~! Read Justinian’s ANATHEMAS, and you’ll see what I mean,,, and the History of the doings of the Council of Nicaea, in 325 A.D.,,,
      Finally, Dear Martha, I would recommend that you go to bed, and relax,,, Lay your arms at your side, and close your eyes,,, See yourself in front of an auditorium, with a blackboard at your back, and a stick of chalk in your hands. You have 500 students sitting in that auditorium, waiting in anticipation of what you are going to teach them,,,
      What will it be? And no, My Dear Friend, FEAR and APPREHENSION are NOT options – YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO TEACH THEM,,, DO IT~!
      You focus on what you have to say,,, and you say the WORDS and the THOUGHTS you are given~!
      I’m sitting there, Martha, waiting in anxious anticipation,,, Tell Me What I Need To Know~!
      Blessed Be,
      Love and Living Light,,,
      I AM Conshana

    • anny

      Dear Martha,

      I recognize a lot, though not everything, in what you write. I think you’re right it has something to do with forgiveness. We need to forgive ourselves, which somehow seems to be the most difficult thing to do.



  8. Joseph

    Though baptised a Christian my family really only attended church on the ‘high, holy holidays’ at best, i.e. Christmas, Palm Sunday and Easter. My conscious connection with Jesus was almost non-exsistent so it wasn’t until I started my inward journey that learning about him became of interest. Now he is my dearest brother Jeshua, as he refers to himself when we talk. He has led me to a few sources that are deeply connected to him in this lifetime, ones who share their stories in writings and channelings. Each brings through similar information but slightly colored by their individual perspective.

    So what have I learned: He did not die on the cross. He had learned in various mystery schools, that he attended in what the Bible calls his lost years, how to slow his vital signs to such a slow degree that most would assume he had died. There was a pre-arrangement that his body be brought to the tomb owned by his Uncle Joseph of Arimathe
    a where he could reconstitute his life force. Also while there God granted him ascension whereby he became less physical – more etheric. He lived into his early 70’s traveling between France, England and India. He had several children, most light conceived, by the one we know as Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany (yes, it was a common practice in those days for men to have more than one wife).

    ANNA Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong is a great source of information. Also books by Chako Verling Priest offer other insights as she is the reincarnation/aspect of Mariam -Jesus’ cousin/adopted sister.

    His intention was not to create a church, rather to serve as an example of unconditional love. Also one of his main purposes was to bring in a new bloodline with DNA which would allow humanity to take on more light – hence the need for several children.

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Joseph, for your comments. I also have read stories of Jesus similar to the one you relate here.

      To be honest, your story of Jesus appeals to me a lot more than the traditional biblical stories of him. I’m rather fascinated by it.

      I appreciate you sharing this nontraditional view of Jesus.


  9. Melody | Deliberate Receiving

    Hey John,

    Thanks so much for the shout out! I really appreciate it. This has turned out to be such an interesting subject. The whole idea that Jesus may not have been crucified at all, but that it was made to look like he was in order to further an agenda really intrigues me. It’s certainly possible and would offer up another explanation of how someone as enlightened as Jesus could manifest being crucified. Perhaps he never did…

    In the end, I don’t really think it matters who Jesus was or even if he existed at all. What matters is the message. If we look past the obvious distortions of what’s written in the Bible and look for the core truth (that which resonates with us) we can see that the message that’s coming through today is the same message that Jesus taught. We are infinitely powerful, creative beings of pure love. Everything else is an illusion.

    To me, praying to Jesus is the same as praying to Ghandi or the Dalai Lama or my five year old nephew. All have said profound things that have brought me clarity. All have gotten me closer to my own connection, the ultimate connection and the one that has allowed me to gain the biggest understanding of myself, the world and the Universe.We’re all players in this game, and none are more connected than others, none are more powerful than others, none have more potential than others. Some are just more allowing, that’s all. That’s also something that Jesus taught. 🙂

    Thanks for continuing this discussion!

    Huge hugs!

    • John Cali

      Thanks so much, Melody, for your comments. I agree — it doesn’t matter who Jesus was or if he ever even existed. What matters is the message. And the message is we also are God.

      I have feeling this discussion could go on for a looooong time. 🙂

      Big hugs,

  10. Liz

    Hi John,

    This is an area i still struggle with, as you will understand being raised in the roman catholic faith. I began questioning the faith in my late teens as i could not believe that if God was love that he would send us to hell or purgatory which when I was a child used to give me nightmares, purgatory sent chills through me when I was younger, when I hit my teens I just couldn’t believe that God would want us to Love him through fear and that is what religion is all based on fear.

    I stopped going to Church and didn’t really follow a faith, but I always spoke to God in my head and aloud at times. I only came across LOA and spirituality recently early last year after I was going through a hard time and I believe God lead me to it, I have been so much happier than ever before since then.

    But I still struggle with the deep rooted catholic beliefs and I think that is holding me back its a fear that maybe this is the wrong path that this is wrong even although I feel so much in my heart that this is the truth, that what I have been discovering the last year is setting me free.

    How did you make peace with this how did you overcome your Catholic upbringing? I would love to know as I would love to get rid of this fear and move forward.

    I found you through Melody Fletcher whom I think is awesome and she has helped me so much through her blog and personal advice, her interview with you was brilliant.

    Loving your blog.

    Much Love


    • John Cali

      Yes, Liz, I do understand the struggle. As a former Roman Catholic, I went through all the soul-searching and doubts you speak of. A religion, or any spiritual path, based on fear made no sense to me. And still doesn’t.

      Liz, there are no wrong paths. There are only the paths that are right for YOU. If, as you said, you feel the path you are on now is the right path for you, then it IS the right path for you. And it doesn’t matter a damn what anyone else thinks — or what happened in your past.

      To answer your question, I did not “overcome” my Catholic upbringing — although, to be honest, I thought I had to before I would find peace. But then, not all that long ago, I realized my Catholic upbringing was a necessary part of my path, the path that led me to who I am today — and to the work I’m doing today. That’s a good thing!

      So instead of overcoming it, I began to see it as something to be grateful for, a gift without which, I would not be where I am today. I would never return to it, but I embrace it and love it. You don’t have to overcome anything if you just simply embrace and love it. And then let it go.


  11. Michele

    I had not given Jesus much thought as I had been raised Buddhist but one day (about 4 years ago, one year after my awakening experiences) as I watched my son jump on his trampoline something in my parifarole vision cought my eye. I looked and it was a man looking a lot like how we depict Jesus with robes and all standing in my yard. I cought my breath but didn’t say anything as I didn’t want my 8 year old to get scared. This being looked right at me then suddenly rushed forward (without moving his legs) and somehow merged right into me. It was shocking yet felt wonderful!

    I think he came to me another time while in bed (about 5 years ago). He sat at the foot of the bed while we had a lengthy conversation (without moving our lips, telepathy). Afterwards, I rolled over to go back to sleep and noticed that my feet were out from under the blanket and thought “oh well”. I felt the blanket being pulled over my feet by this being. I went to bed smiling!

    He is/was very real and with powerful/beautiful messages. Love. I aspire to remember his messages when I am out of the vortex!

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Michele, for sharing your beautiful experiences. All of us, spirit and human, are connected at all times. I believe spirits are always communicating with us. But not all of us are as aware of them as you are. But when we are aware and open, wondrous things happen — as your experiences show us.


  12. Pat

    “Abraham” has said that Jesus was “out of the Vortex” at times, and thus by Law of Attraction, the crucifixion occurred.

    And THEO, channeled by Sheila Gilette, says that Jesus was in a state of samhadi when crucified, and even the stabbing with the spear would not faze him in that state. THEO also said that Jesus and his wife and children left for Egypt afterwards, where he lived out his life quietly. THEO also said that he had little contact (maybe no?) with the disciples after that time, except for John, whom he saw many years later.

    If I remember correctly, THEO talked of the family moving to what is now France at some time.

    And yes, there are descendants.

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