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It may seem a small difference between Transforming self and Transmuting self, but the truth is there is a vast difference between these two acts.

Transformation is to alter or change yourself in a manner that in comparison to Transmuting yourself is only surface deep. In transforming yourself there is a change in appearance, a revolution and alteration of thoughts, emotions, deeds and actions, and often these changes are large and dramatic as seen by self and others.

Transforming can be likened to having a makeover done. You are different, what you project to the world is different and because of this you feel different about yourself and you begin acting accordingly.

Don’t get me wrong, transformation is essential to Transmutation. It is the first steps into a complete Transmutation of Self into what you desire your Self, life and reality to be.

Transmutation is a Metamorphosis. It is to change yourself into a completely different form and substance. Transmutation changes the state of being of your very nature.

When you transform yourself the old parts of self still exist within your energy matrix grid. They are not necessarily just covered up, yet they are still there in some form or another. Acts of transformation are the first steps taken in the process of Transmutation; and it is good because it is the initial experience and understanding of becoming what you can be when you release and relinquish the parts of self that no longer serve your highest good and most efficient spiritual growth. But eventually these covered up parts of self will resurface to be transformed once again into the next layer of change.

To Transmute Self is to become a completely different Being. The parts of self that no longer serve your highest good and most positive and efficient spiritual growth now no longer exist within your energy matrix grid once Transmutation has occurred.

This is where Snake Medicine can be of great value. For Snake teaches us of shedding layers that need to be removed for further growth. Time after time Snake sheds his old skin allowing for expansion and growth. His “venom”, poisonous to those do not know and understand its power and maintain the proper state of mind, holds the secrets of Alchemy; the Transmutation of low frequency matter into Spirit’s Golden form. So Snake teaches us how to move through the processes of transformation into a full Transmutation of Self.

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Butterfly Medicine also is very helpful in the process of Transmutation of Self, for just as the caterpillar becomes the Butterfly and what once was no longer exists, so too do you as you move through the stages of transformation into a full Transmutation of Self.

Mission_blue_butterfly_insect_male_icaricia_icarioides_missionensisKobern Patrick, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

When Butterfly has Transmuted its self from existence as a caterpillar, a new form of Spirit has emerged and now experience of existence is seen through the eyes of what it has become.

The “Medicine” or lesson Butterfly teaches us is that just as the caterpillar must crawl and see and experience the world from the perspective of being earthbound, once Transmuted into the Butterfly, its Spirit is able to soar free. Because it is no longer bound to earth seeing only a small portion of what exists, the Spirit of the Butterfly views existence from a completely different perspective than that of the caterpillar. Now Spirit is able to rise above the earth bound perspective and see a much larger vista of existence. Now Butterfly knows through his own personal experiences, not just those he is told of by others, that there is a reality that exists beyond what the caterpillar aspect of self would ever have been able to know. He has gone through a process of Metamorphosis, he has Transmuted his very Being into a fuller form of his complete true Self and Nature.

Unlike with transformation which is only surface-deep, once Transmutation has taken place there is no returning to what existed before. With transformation you still have an option to return to existing and experiencing reality through the eyes of the old perspectives, for they still exist within your energy matrix grid. But with Transmutation those parts of self no longer are held within your energy and you cannot simply uncover them and return.

Through Transmutation you, your reality, your perspective, and the whole world is changed forever.

May we All Transmute our selves into the fullest Spiritually Awakened form we can be.

Blessings from All Realms of Creation
Essence Ka tha’ras

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