We are the ones we have been waiting for! ~ Hopi Elders’ Prophecy

Three_Hopi_Indian_kachina_dolls,_ca.1900_(CHS-4047)Hopi Indian Kachina Dolls

Have you ever read the book by John Steinbeck about his travels with his dog Charley, in search of the true America? I did many years ago, and remembering this it somehow triggered me to one day travel to the U.S. with my wife. I was also in search of promising and overwhelming landscapes, of people, animals, and the way of living, as well as anything that would come our way. The main reason, though, was to enter on a spiritual journey to the New World. I’ve had a desire for many years to try and meet the Hopi Nation. Not as a tourist, but in an endeavor to get to the core of this fascinating people. Furthermore I wanted to visit Myriah Krista Walker of www.grassroots.com.

Here’s part one.


It sure is a long way from Amsterdam via Washington to Phoenix Arizona. I am not fond of flying; it always causes a knot in my stomach and my heart isn’t all too happy as well. At some point I have a conversation with Judith, our daughter, who lives at the other side of the veils. She cheers me up and helps me feel better, which is a great relief. And yes I looked for the proverbial angel flying with us on the wing, but no, that was not the case.

At long last the stewardess with the perpetual smile frozen on her face picks up the remains of the junk food meal. At the same time, the plane plunges at least 50 yards down an air pocket, suddenly giving me a view of a formation in the geology of the northern Arizona desert. While the captain apologizes and informs us that the landing procedure for Phoenix Airport has been initialized, I realize in a flash that I have just observed the special landmark of First Mesa in the Hopi Indian Reservation on which the ancient Hopi village of Walpi is located.

At least 50 years before I read about it in a book for boys. In the book a young Hopi boy, living in the pueblo village of Walpi, climbs to the highest point in the area, where he receives, while meditating, contact with the Great Spirit, the Supreme Being. Much later, long after this boy’s dream is long gone from my system, I again read about the Hopi people and the special place this tribe occupies in the conglomerate of nations who are sometimes collectively called “Native Americans.” Gradually a deep longing develops inside me to get in touch with these people; not as a tourist but on a deeper level. The Hopi have, as we know, a message for the world and I would very much like to have Running Fox become a vehicle for that. But what will be required to establish contact?

I know that the Hopi act rather aloof, and keep—understandably—prying eyes at bay. You and I would not like to sit in a cage like monkeys in a zoo to be observed, would you? In order to establish contact, a reader of mine from New Mexico advised me to visit Sedona, Arizona, and consult her soul mate, a certain Bob, the manager of Raven’s Nest, a Native American gift shop in that town.


The day after arriving in Phoenix, we stop at a roadside rest place and happen to have our first contact with Hopi people. A classroom in transit is there and for the first time we meet in the flesh with these special people. I have a conversation with a woman who says she knows me! Talking about spirituality, it turns out she is a reader of the Running Fox Papers! Speaking of coincidences.

Not much later we arrive in Sedona. We settle in at the Sky Ranch Lodge with a pretty view over the city and the famous red rocks. We meet Terry and Claudia, whom we met a year before in Delphi, Greece. While talking to them over there and asking them about their usual whereabouts, I got a  hunch they were from Sedona, which indeed is the case. Now tomorrow Terry will show us around Sedona and the surrounding environment, including Raven’s Nest, at the foot of the very hill we are staying.

Unfortunately Raven’s Nest is closed that day. Together with Terry, we drive to an art gallery where they sell silver Hopi goods. Terry had worked there some time ago and so he knew the saleswoman very well. The goods they sell are very beautiful, although dear. But we buy a silver “Running Fox” which always sits near the computer where the Running Fox website lives. Furthermore we visit some other art and gift shops where we have an aura reading by Zeffi Kefala, originally from Greece, of Ancient Healing.

A day later Raven’s Nest is open. Ponytailed owner Bob is a pleasant man, but to my question about the Hopi, he says with a smile that he unfortunately cannot help me. With a twinkle in his eye, however, he advises us to wait. We peruse around a bit and soon a Native man arrives who, after a pleasant chat, indeed is able to answer my big question. We would be well advised to proceed to the Hopi Museum on Second Mesa, at the Hopi Reservation. The female director there will undoubtedly be able to help us. To say I am extremely grateful is an understatement.

To be continued.

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Here’s a short video history of the Hopi people:

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