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People often ask me, particularly when we do private readings, what it feels like to channel Spirit.

Good question.

I had never given the question much thought till recently when, for whatever reason, more folks have been asking it.

People have told me, over the years, when I’m channelling Spirit’s energy is very different from my energy. They’ve also said my voice changes. It must be only a slight change, for I’ve never been able to hear any difference.

But I do feel the dramatic shift in the energy when I channel. Often, even it it’s a cold day, I’ll get very hot. I’m generally in a light trance, as are most of the channels I know personally. So I’m somewhat aware of what’s going on, but I usually forget most of it shortly after the session ends.

Many years ago I started out with the intention of channelling. But I know people who started spontaneously—their spirit guides initiated the contact.

Regardless of how anyone gets started it’s always a great feeling to bask in the energy of Spirit. That’s been my experience. I could channel for hours and never get tired. It’s just the opposite—I get energized.

But the biggest benefit for me personally is I get to see everyone and everything from Spirit’s perspective. That’s made huge positive difference in my life. Over the years I’ve found myself growing more patient, loving, and compassionate with others (and myself). I was not that way when I was younger.

I’ve also come to realize all is well, as my guides are fond of saying. No matter how our lives look to our human eyes and minds, Spirit (or God) is always there—guiding us, uplifting us, supporting us, loving us.

One other benefit of channelling for me has been I am able to communicate with family and friends who have died. That’s a great feeling.

P.S. People have also asked me who my spirit guides are. We’ll talk about that another time.


This video is an excerpt from the movie, Tuning In, by filmmaker David Thomas. The movie features six channels—Darryl Anka, Lee Carroll, Geoff Hoppe, Wendy Kennedy, Shawn Randall, and me.


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