What Is God? by John Cali

Have you ever asked yourself that question? I have, many times.

I grew up in the Roman Catholic tradition. We were taught God was a loving father, and also a harsh judge. We had this confusing notion of a divine being whose love or wrath would engulf us, depending on whether we did his “will” or not.

Heaven was our reward and hell our punishment—not a pleasant way to live your life, never knowing where you were ultimately going to end up for all eternity.

Here’s Spirit:

God is not what many humans think. God certainly is not what John was taught by the Roman church. God is none of that.

In fact, God is not a person, an angel, or a single entity. God is energy—the energy of love, the most powerful force in the universe.

That divine love energy is the reason your planet and the entire universe can exist.

God neither condemns nor judges you. You do a pretty good job of that yourselves. God is simply energy, and you are free to use that energy any way you choose.

Some of you also refer to this energy as law of attraction. It’s an impersonal energy whose power you control. And with it you can create whatever you focus on.

It’s really that simple.

As we’ve said before, God is all that is. Every part of creation—humans, animals, plants, even so-called “inanimate” beings such as mountains—these are all God.

You are God. That’s the “bottom line,” if you will. And you have all the power and wisdom that go with being divine.

We see so many humans pretending to be weak, powerless pawns buffeted by the winds of fate. That’s not who you are.

It’s time to reclaim your power, and to know you are God.

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  1. Seeker

    Thank you, John! I feel flattered at being called young but I’m not. It’s not as if I haven’t said I was going to let it go, and for most of my life I haven’t thought about it. But I still remember when there are triggers like stories in my local news, and I become upset. I was wondering, if you say I agreed to this which I can’t believe, if you could help me channel my grandfather and ask him why he did what he did. I’ve been interested in channeling for some time, but I’ve never actually done it. People always tell me it’s a fraud, and I wouldn’t want to invest in something unless I absolutely knew it would work. So, do you have any thoughts? Thank you.

    • John Cali

      You’re welcome.

      I don’t teach channelling — it’s just not something I prefer to do. My spirit guides occasionally bring through “dead” people if the spirits want to talk with someone I know.

      If you’re interested in learning to channel, I’d suggest you read the book, Opening To Channel by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. It’s the book that got me started with channeling many years ago. They’ve updated it since that time. You can find it on Amazon.

      Also, you might be interested in a documentary film on channeling we made a few years ago. You can find it on YouTube, here:

      That might help you to get over your skepticism about the reality of channelling.

      Good luck!

  2. Doug Schwinn

    You don’t have to prove and reprove what is Truth; not even to Humans.

  3. Dan

    Thanks John and Spirit for taking on God – so to speak.

    I was brought up in what is known as reform Judaism. All the rituals are not necessary – one does not have to have a Bar Mitzvah or even fast on Yom Kippur but there are some principles which I still like:

    God is undefinable and Man is a co-creator.

    And though I understood it biblically – I was never crazy about the concept of being the chosen people. My experience in different Christian sects has also been about one way being the only true path.

    All religions have great qualities to them but they have always been a bit too divisive for me to ever want to be a part of a group that distinguished between us and them… since its all Us and all God.


  4. Chuck

    I have a question.
    According to law of attraction, if you believe something and focus on it, then it must become. Is that right? then if i believe that God is outside of me and is a person, then it will be true for me. Is’nt it? Is not that why so many millions even today believe in God as in a person? So many times i have heard people say they have a relationship with Jesus etc.

    While if rest of people believe God is energy that will be true for them?
    And then we have atheists who also believe there is no God and its really not easy to convince them that there is God, since they are absolutely certain in their own way.

    Now i know that people also believed Earth is flat too and it was not so. which means later some facts were introduced and people changed their minds.

    It almost seems like whatever you believe is true until you again change your mind based on some other discoveries.

    Its definitely a pretty hard subject and i feel no wonder people have struggled since 2000 yrs to not quite prove something beyond shadow of doubt.

    • John Cali

      Well, you cannot prove anything beyond a shadow of a doubt to those who refuse to believe, whatever their reasons. If we all create our own realities, then your reality is probably different from mine. And both perspectives are fine. In my view, the law of attraction works flawlessly — you get more of what you focus on.

  5. Jeanne White

    Of course I am god. There is nothing that is not god. God is, after all, All That Is.

    People can easily look at a majestic waterfall, a beautiful sunset or a mother gazing into the eyes of her newborn and say, “I can see god.” But can you look at a destructive hurricane, destroying life and property and see god? Can you step in a pile of dog poo and say, “Oops, I stepped in god.”? Some might be able to manage that.

    When you really understand god, you can look in the eyes of a child molester, lustfully eyeing a little girl and say, “I see god.” When you have gotten to the point that you Know there is no good nor evil, that each being absolutely makes their own reality and no one else’s and you can serenely accept everything you see and everything within yourself, then you will have some inkling of what god really is.

    The idea that we, or anyone, or anything, is separate from god is an illusion. It is often asked, “How are men different from animals?” and many answers have been offered in the past. Man is the only animal who laughs, or who is aware of his mortality, etc. Man is the only animal who is unaware of his connection with god, is unaware that he IS god. And that was good. The past several thousand years have been devoted to exploring the idea of separation. We incarnate and pretend not to know who we are. We did it on purpose to see what it was like. Now, the experiment is winding down, and it is time to reclaim who we are in all our godly glory, to bask in it, to love ourselves and every other being and to experience the pure joy that comes with acknowledging our own godhood.

      • Dan

        Nicely put, Jeanne – we have four dogs in our household (all of which seem to have a sense of humor) and I am always stepping in God.

        Sometimes I expletive sometimes I don’t – but it is never a big deal unless I make it one – talk about being powerful!

        I really like the distinction you make between man and animals – I hadn’t thought of it exactly like that – but found myself nodding in such agreement.

    • Seeker

      I don’t understand! I joined this site because I was molested by my grandfather as a child and looking to recover. And I see this, that God is a child molester? And that I could have done something to stop it? All my life I’ve been told it’s not my fault, and I don’t believe it is but I am still very upset and looking for answers. I’m trying to find what God is and how God could have let my own grandfather do this to me! I know I should be over it by now as I’m in my sixties as I think you are, but I’m still upset by the betrayal and he died before he could get justice. So, what is God? Not a child molester? Any advice please would be greatly appreciated! I love this site by the way, starting a spiritual journey myself is exactly what I need! So inspirational!

      • John Cali

        My spirit guides define God as “all that is.” That would, of course, include child molesters — and literally everything that exists. God did not “let” your grandfather do what he did. We all have free will. God neither makes our choices for us, nor prevents us from making “bad” choices.

        Having said that, however, I would urge you not to judge yourself or feel guilty for what your grandfather did. There is a purpose for every experience each of us has, whether we consider the experience “good” or “bad.”

        In your case, it could be that you and your grandfather, at the soul level, agreed to this experience so that you could learn forgiveness. I’m not saying that’s what happened. But it’s one possible scenario.

        Also, I would urge you, for your own sake, to let go of the resentment and anger. If you need to get professional help to do that, then get the help.

        Otherwise those feelings will drag you down — physically, mentally, and spiritually. Since you’re only in your 60s, that’s relatively young today. You could certainly have many good years ahead of you. So let go of your past baggage, and live in the present moment. Then you will free yourself to enjoy the coming years. Life was not meant to be a struggle.

        I hope that helps.

  6. Valerie

    Love this one, John. Thank you and Thank Spirit.

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