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One of our favorite quotes from A Course In Miracles  is in Lesson 204: I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.

Do you believe those words are literally true? Or are they just a “figure of speech?”


Your bodies are what you might call a “mixed blessing.” The importance you, as humans, place on your bodies is often inappropriate, to put it mildly.

Why do we say this?

Because you often misperceive the real purpose of your bodies.

They are, obviously, necessary for you to navigate your way through the physical world. Therefore, you certainly need to care for your bodies in a loving, kind way. This is where you often stumble.

You have many instances, or examples, of these stumbles. Every single one is the result of your misperception of the true purpose of your body.

You’ve heard us say, often over the years, you did not come to planet Earth, to your physical existence, for no reason.

You came because, as an eternal being of light, you passionately wish to experience the lower, more dense energies of physical life.

Of course, you’re all familiar with the challenges, sadness, and joys, pleasures of physical life. Often, in your human eyes, this is all a mixed blessing.

As the divine creators you all are, you want to taste all the flavors of existence. Certainly the spiritual which is your very essence. But also the physical which is an equally important and valid part of the lives you have chosen.

There is nothing in your experience, whether you label it “physical” or “spiritual” that is not a critical part of your overall being, of who you truly are.

And who are you?

Well, for now you are God, Goddess embodied in human forms. Those forms are an important part of your journey, your spiritual journey.

God and Goddess have created themselves and their journey in the non-physical, and the physical, as part of their divine journey of exploration.

They want to explore every aspect of creation, physical and spiritual. All aspects of your journey are equally important. It is just as important for you to nurture and love your physical aspects as your spiritual aspects.

You must feed and love your spirits and your bodies. You cannot neglect one without neglecting the other.

Obviously, your bodies are temporary. But they are a vital part of your spiritual journey. Therefore, in fulfilling your duty to your soul, or spirit—your true self—you must give equal love and caring to your physical body.

You will depart from your physical body at some point. When it has served you on your spiritual journey, it will be time to release it with love. This is always in a time and manner of your choosing.

For you are now, and always have been, as God created you.

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In this short video, the great, albeit controversial, spiritual teacher Sadhguru gives us a fascinating perspective of our physical bodies.

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