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A few days ago I spent several long hours in the hospital. Not because there was anything wrong with me. I just had go for a yearly eye exam, and my doctor’s office is in a hospital.

I had to wait for the results of the various eye tests they did. (Everything was fine.) While I was waiting I could not help but overhear the other folks also waiting there. Virtually all of them were talking about everything that’s “wrong” with their bodies.

On top of that, the television in the waiting room was blaring out the usual negative news the mainstream media love to broadcast.

I haven’t had a television in over 25 years, and pay scant attention to the daily deluge of news, most of it “bad” news. I could not help hearing the blaring television set in the waiting room. Though I did my best to ignore it.

This is not a topic I often discuss in this blog—but one news item I did not ignore was the recent execution of a convicted murderer in Ohio. Apparently his death was a gruesome affair.

Some of the folks in the waiting room were cheering the news of the execution, particularly that it supposedly took the man 25 minutes to die. There was nothing quick or painless about it. One man in the waiting room said, “He deserved every agonizing second of his slow death—after all, look at the agony he inflicted on the family of the person he murdered.”

I could not help but ask myself, given the comments of the man in the waiting room, “What have we as a humanity gained over the centuries from all this? We’re still stuck in the ancient and brutal mentality of Hammurabi’s code—’An eye for an eye….’”

We’ve gained nothing—except more of the same.

Anyway, that was a long-winded way of getting to my point here today.

After a couple hours in the hospital I started feeling tense and drained. I used my usual technique of deep breathing. It helped some, but not a lot. I had a pounding headache, something I had not had in many years.

Since I’m normally upbeat, positive, and happy all this threw me for the proverbial loop. When I got home that night, after a long drive over a wintry mountain range, I realized what happened.

I’d spent over half a day in a highly charged, mostly negative environment. I know we all experience negativity occasionally—it’s part of the life we’ve chosen in this world. But if we’re on a spiritual path, as all of here today are, should we not be able to deal with negative energy without allowing it to bring us down, as I did that day?

So what could I have done differently? Here’s Spirit.


Where you put your attention is where you are. In John’s case, he was putting his attention, his focus on what he perceived were negative energies. We realize it can be challenging to take your focus off your immediate environment. But it can be done.

One of John’s favorite quotations is from Lao-tzu:
In order to eliminate the negative influences, simply ignore them.”

That sounds simple, too simple for many of you. But life can be much simpler than many humans make it out to be. It’s just that you’ve been trained to believe if something is simple and easy, it’s not valuable. Only if something requires “hard work” or struggle do you see it as valuable.

John said he did some deep breathing while in the hospital waiting room. But he did it for a short time only. If he’d done it a bit longer he would have begun to extract himself from what he considered negative energies.

By focusing on anyone or anything, you are matching your vibration to that person or thing. When you match your vibration to someone or something outside yourself in a lower vibration, you are inevitably going to feel that (lower) vibration.

But you have it within your power, even in the physical presence of someone or something negative, to remain completely apart from them.

You’ve all had experiences when something literally right there in front of your physical eyes was not visible to you. The reason it was not visible was you were not a vibrational match to it. Your focus, your attention were elsewhere. Therefore, you were oblivious to what was obvious to another observer.

In the hospital waiting room, if John had made a bit more effort to focus on something that made him feel good, he would not even have felt the negative energies—let alone get dragged down by them.

Again, it really is simple—take your attention from something and it ceases to exist for you. It will take practice if you’re not used to doing this. But it is entirely within your considerable power to put your focus only on what you want to experience. And then you will experience only that.

Another of John’s favorite quotations, this one from the legendary writer Richard Bach, is:
Your only obligation in this lifetime is to be true to yourself.”

That means, among other things, you have no obligation to buy into, or even pay any attention to, other people’s negativity. Stay in your own centered place of peace and power. Be true to yourself.

Then all is well.

Here’s Mooji, one of my favorite spiritual teachers, explaining the world’s negativity and destructive behavior.

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