Does Life Scare You to Death? by John Cali

Fear is one of the biggest challenges we humans deal with every day of our lives. But is there really anything to be afraid of — anything at all?

Does life scare you to death? If it does, a change in perspective is in order.

Neale Donald Walsch talks about the emotion of fear in this delightful video.

Since I’m travelling away from home this week, we’re resurrecting an old article we published on fear. Appropriately, it’s titled “Fear.”


What fears do you deal with in your everyday experiences? How do you handle them? Please comment below.

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2 Responses

  1. Pat Haley

    Towards the beginning of the video Mr. Walsch recommended a book about death that sounded very interesting, but I couldn’t quite make out its title. Would you please tell me what that title is?

    • John Cali

      I think you’re talking about the book, Home with God, which Neale also wrote.


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