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Many spiritual teachers and spirit guides, including my own guides, talk about reincarnation—one lifetime after another, often spanning many centuries. They also talk about simultaneous time—where past, present, and future all exist in the present moment.

How do we reconcile these two seemingly contradictory concepts?


Linear time does not exist in the realms of spirit—there is only eternal time.

Being fully in each moment will make you, as you say, “lose track of time.” Time as you know it literally expands (or contracts). You’ve probably noticed when you immerse yourself in the task at hand you often get much more done than you normally would in the same amount of linear time. You’ve expanded time.

Your life is ruled by neither clock nor calendar. But if you believe it is, then so it will be for you.

When you say you don’t have enough time, that will be your experience. When you you say you have all the time in the world, that will be your experience. When you worry about time your body will age faster.

You generally perceive your “past” lives through the lens of linear time—obviously. Yet your past lives and your future lives exist now, in this present moment. They only seem to be past or future when you are in a physical body. When you leave your body, whether by physical death or in the dream state, time ceases to exist for you.

Perhaps a little example of this would help clarify the issue.

When you physically die, the only thing that dies is your body. You are eternal. You are consciousness and you live forever.

Let’s say you died now, in your calendar year 2013. As you emerge back into the world of spirit you could easily choose to reincarnate. Or not—it’s your choice.

But let’s say you choose to reincarnate. While you are in spirit, without a body, you have an array of choices. Among those choices is one allowing you to reincarnate into a life you lived in, say, 1000 BC—roughly 3,000 years ago in linear time.

That is entirely possible. You would immerse yourself in that era, thinking it was the “present.”

It’s all in your perspective. Past, present, and future all exist now. In spirit you clearly understand that. In a physical body, that clarity is not there.

Remember, since all you have is the present moment, all your power is now. You are not shackled by your past—the past of this lifetime or the past of other lifetimes. You are free—totally free. You are a divine, sovereign being. When you understand and accept that you will know a peace and a joy you never dreamt of.


In this video Seth, channelled by Jane Roberts, talks about reincarnation and simultaneous time

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