How Do We Reconcile Reincarnation and Simultaneous Time? by John Cali

Image by Paul McIlroy

Many spiritual teachers and spirit guides, including my own guides, talk about reincarnation—one lifetime after another, often spanning many centuries. They also talk about simultaneous time—where past, present, and future all exist in the present moment.

How do we reconcile these two seemingly contradictory concepts?


Linear time does not exist in the realms of spirit—there is only eternal time.

Being fully in each moment will make you, as you say, “lose track of time.” Time as you know it literally expands (or contracts).Read more

Are You Letting Your Past Define Who You Are Now? By John Cali

How often do you define yourself by your past—by who you were10 years ago or 10 lifetimes ago?

When I was younger I had no identity except for how I remembered myself in the past. And yet none of us are the same now as we were 10 years ago, 10 lifetimes ago—or even 10 minutes ago.

Here are some of Spirit’s thoughts:


  • You can live your lives only one moment at a time.
  • You drain all the pleasure and joy from your present moments by polluting them with guilt from past deeds done and worry about future deeds undone.

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