Events are not things that happen to you. They are materialized experiences formed by you, according to your expectations and beliefs. ~ Seth

Seth MaterialThe Seth Material
Copyright © 1970 by Jane Roberts

Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the death of Jane Roberts, the channel for Seth. I remember the day clearly, as my family and I were visiting my mother in New York State. Mom lived just a few miles from where Jane and her husband, Rob Butts, lived.

I was introduced to Seth by Tom, a good friend and a psychotherapist. We were having some family problems at the time, and Tom thought it would help if I read The Seth Material. So he gave me a copy. I read it cover-to-cover in just a few days–and I was hooked on Seth. I’m still hooked today.

That was long before I started channeling my spirit guides. I incorporated much of what I learned from Seth and Jane into my personal and spiritual lives–and also into my work with my spirit guides.

There are many lessons I learned from Seth and Jane. But these are the three main ones:

  • We create our own realities by what we focus mostly on. We are not the helpless victims of life. We are the creators of life.
  • All our power is in this present moment. In the world of spirit there is no linear time, no past and no future–only the present. We make ourselves victims when we live in the past of the future. Neither of those exist–they are only distortions of the present moment we create for ourselves.
  • Life is supposed to be fun. We, as spirits (before we chose to incarnate, or reincarnate, did not intend a lifetime of misery and sorrow. We intended to have fun. Yes, most of us chose some pretty hefty challenges. But even in the midst of those we intended to have fun.

P.S. For those of you who do not know, Tam Mossman was Jane’s longtime Prentice Hall editor for the Seth books. Tam and I were good friends for many years. He died this past May. Godspeed, Tam!


This video, Seth Speaks: Your Beliefs Form Reality, features Jane channeling Seth in 1972. Since this is such an old recording there are subtitles.


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